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Adding Hair to a Wig

By ladythesta
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*falls over* Never done a tutorial before...But I thought someone might find this useful since it took me a couple of days of blundering without a clue as to what I was doing before a lightbulb went on in my head and I realized I was WAY over complicating something that I knew perfectly well was going to be pretty simple.

Anyways, if you use my tutorial please send me a link to the finished product? I'd love to see!!! And credit would be nice, but not required. ^^

All photographs in this photo (except where I'm modeling the wig) were taken by me.
The photo where I'm modeling the wig was taken by :iconspiritualnivana: and she helped me style it too. :heart:
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hopefully this will help conceal parts of my wig that show *^*
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I dnt understand the wire attachment What looped or where?
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The wire is just an easier way of threading the fibers between the wefts to get that clean loop knot. The wire won't actually be attached to the wig in any way
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<font><font>תןדה מראש</font></font>
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Very helpful! Thank you :heart:
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thats fucking brilliance 
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Wow, this tutorial is so helpful! :D I'll try to reattach the hair I pulled off my wig while trying to de-tangle. I think I pulled a fifth off the back D:
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Good luck! Show me pictures when you are done ok?
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Thank you! Yep, I will show you when I do :) I need to get a model head first. The reason why it got so tangled was because I didn't use a model, then put it onto a bear's head... D:
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Add artificial hair on your head is an amazing idea. Nowadays, people like to opt wig for pretty simple look or some for different stylish look. Thanks for sharing nice post !!!!
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Very helpful tips for BJD wigs.
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Informative and Helpful tutorial....... Thanks for sharing it!!!
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You are very welcome. ^^
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I am happy i stumbled onto this tutorial now I know how to smarted up one of my everyday wigs =)

That Cherry Black wigs looks great want :3
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The color of the wig is AMAZING! It's the exact color that I want to dye my hair. If my day job would let me. X3
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THANK YOU!! i needed a method for attaching hair to my jack sparrow wig for the braid in back :D
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OOOOOOOOOOH!!! I wanna see!!!
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Exactly what i'm looking for *w*

The 2nd hand Uni wig i bought, was kinda thin and bald on the top @_@ with this. i hope i can safe it .
Sankyuu ~!
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You're very welcome! Would love to see pictures when you are done. ^^
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but hmm :( on 2nd thought, i think it's not really possible. since the top of the wig, has this fake skin strand thing D8
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oh yes 1 question. adding glue to the knot will stable it ?
even if you wash it in the future D8 ?

and what type of glue to use?
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its a very good tutorial but i dont entirely understand how you attached the hair to the wig. i read it but it just isnt makeing sence to me. ^^

would you be able to explain it to me?
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