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The Elven Princess

The Elven Princess

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Even Heroines Hate Mondays

"This is first century, right?" Harper asked for the eighth time. Tania sighed, taking a sip of truly insipid coffee, decaf from the lack of effect it gave her. She have to talk to Riley again about making sure there was fresh, real coffee everyday. Riley was the newest and possible least impressive intern that Tania had ever worked with. "Professor Harper. As I've told you before, it's too early to tell. Let's wait till the item is clean. That should only take 20 minutes. After that, I can tell you for sure." She replied. Tania stiffened as the archeologist stepped behind her as she sat in her comfortable office chair, placed his hands on he


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The Art Exhibit

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2013 Swimsuit Issue

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The Ruby Skull

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The Planet of the Super Apes

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