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Ultra Woman and Lady Liberty Gassed

As the room filled up with the green gas, the lights in the eyes of Ultra Woman and Lady Liberty dimmed and they slumped to the floor of the abandoned hospital. From the shadows stepped forth a sinister figure, dressed in his lab coat, his mutated green skin dull in the dim light. As he stood over the two superheroines, his own mutant body immune to the gas, he was already pondering the many experiments he would perform on the two beautiful, subdued Amazons lying helplessly and at his mercy...

Some evil fun things with help from my wonderful friend :iconsablemyst: The villain does like to clone his victims..hmm!! :)
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rms19's avatar
Love New Heroines.
ladytania's avatar
ala33's avatar
2 new ones to train and torture
With their legs and arms sort of entangled does it appear they may have been embracing each other before they passed out cold?
ladytania's avatar
Perhaps, always in the eye of the beholder... :)
Despite the situation they still look very gorgeous.
runswitharmour's avatar
hmmmmmmmmm now who will save these two helpless Heroines????????????
ladytania's avatar
They may be on their own :)
runswitharmour's avatar
Stunning situation lol

Will there be more?
ladytania's avatar
Thank you :) it was meant as a one shot kind of picture, and a gift for :iconsablemyst:
runswitharmour's avatar
well then its looks great as is and leaves teh imagination running
PaulPoser's avatar
uh-oh... where's the cavalry when you need it? :)
ladytania's avatar
White Venus I hope! :)
CuriaDD's avatar
wow, great pic and caption...!!
ladytania's avatar
Thank you. Evil mad scientists are the best ....or worst :)
gytalf2000's avatar
Fantastic pic and scenario!
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Knight3000's avatar
That NEVER sounds good when a mutant mad scientist wants to do TESTS and experiments!.
Even gassed Tania and Claire look great!
ladytania's avatar
No, never good at all...except for the reader :)
Knight3000's avatar
Of course!
Thats a definite for me!:D
Very fun. Great work!
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