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The Idol

By ladytania
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This is a little homage to Justice League 166 from the 80s. I loved those old awesome. You can see it at this [link]

It was an idea that came from :iconwhite0wlsuperheroine: who did her own awesome picture at [link]

We added some hints for our own little world, like the idol people might recognize it :)
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This has so much potential...
Curia-DD's avatar
I missed out on all the fun!
Eros is going to be having a lot of fun! I suspect to gorgeous heroines are too!
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I don't suppose it's an . . . American Idol? Awe, forget it. Just had to say that.
ala33's avatar
4 slaves at once
papalabas's avatar
Oh she is really a Favorite of the Villains in the Lair of the HypnotizedHeroines.
White0wlsuperheroine's avatar
Three Amazons and a Goddess' herald...I think we could be in deep trouble...
ladytania's avatar
I originally made this afternoon you did one too like this :)
x-from-x's avatar
innovative and well drawn :)
It's great to see a few gorgeous heroines being over come at the same time. Considering what Eros is these ladies could be in for an interesting time.
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He is pretty naughty...he means well, but he's a god and all...
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I was looking at this again and it would great to see Eros unleash his passion on these beauties and them surrendering to unearthly, overwhelming pleasure. I wish I could make this a favorite again. It's that good.
ladytania's avatar
Wow, thank you very much! I can see him enjoying all the pleasure of any woman he wants...gods of love and lust kind of have that power :)
purpleh2o's avatar
Great idea to see these lovlies defeated by an idol that puts them under a love spell. Who ever owns/controls the idol is going to have a really great time!
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Thanks :) The villain behind is it Eros, whose picture is also around here somewhere...
ryanwolf06's avatar
Just like Wonder Woman on that cover...Tania is the only one to have her legs *ahem* spread.
ladytania's avatar
Yes, just like the original comic cover! Suspicious right? :)
EvilUnicorn's avatar
Knowing the figure on the statue, I'm sure more will.. ;)
Shulkie's avatar
Beautiful pic and love their poses. Gotta love Ultra and her gal pals:heart:
ladytania's avatar
Thank you! I know...I love having the whole gang around! I wish it was easier to use in poser though, but awesome to have them too :)
I have no idea what cover folks are referring to but anytime you can get these many sexy super heroines together in the same picture is a winner with me. Ahem.... Ultra Woman's position is a little suggestive.
ladytania's avatar
Yes it is! I always thought that old comic cover was should look at the link on this picture and find that cover. The heroes are all standing...Wonder Woman is on the floor with her legs spread, go figure!
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