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The Valentine Angle by CaptainZammo
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Gamer and artist-in-training, married, and ready to win the lottery! :)

Trillian ID: ladytania - say hi sometime!

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Wonder Woman, Season Four: The Crypt!
What is the sinister secret of the Crypt of the Dark Commander!?

This is based on a classic comic book cover that I had been wanting to try to homage for what seems like forever.  A wonderful internet friend I've known from before DA existed (I think!) asked for this and, I'm sorry G, but I finally got to it even if it isn't the heroine you originally wanted.  Bonus points if you know the cover. :)

Wonder Woman, Season Four: The Hook!
A mysterious force is at work in the dark; can Wonder Woman stop The Hook, or will she join his collection of beauties?

A dark little Wonder Woman adventure today!
The Elven Princess
This is a fantasy heroine I keep wanting to do more with, but never get around to doing. I had a few pictures of her, kind of in her pre-heroine state. I have made some art showing her still innocent and naive. Like these:
Lauriel and Mikanin by ladytania and The Temple 1 by ladytania. So I wanted to show her after leaving the Vale and going into the world of Man.  I wanted her to look tougher and more capable, so hopefully I've done that. :)

Also, I know the outfit she's wearing is utterly impractical.  And maybe a little silly; she's got on armored boots but wearing that outfit. :)  There's a lot of Wonder Woman in that outfit and in her background as well, which is kind of fun in a way.  So, the outfit is impractical, but still fun and fantastic.  Magic allows for most anything, including that outfit staying on. :)

So here comes a rant that's probably overdue.

Most people here are quite nice, but it's the frustrating few that keep me away.  I post a fun little picture today, and 40% of the responses were nitpicking irritations/complaints or stupid Reddit-level jokes. Ugh. That's only the second picture in the last month that I've shared here, and I'm so aggravated that I deleted it.

My art is free and for fun.  I have never had a Patreon and I have never asked for money. I don't do art jams or contests or any of that stuff.   Doc and I have always made everything free to anyone who might enjoy it. I try my best not to be negative; I've bitten my tongue more than a few times here, because I just want to share some art and stories and enjoy what other people create. I get very inspired here and, although I'm not perfect, I try to give credit for my inspiration. Not everything is for everyone, and that's very true for me, but if I see something, I either say something positive or I simply move on.  I can't understand why others only post a comment to say something nitpicking and/or negative.  One person that almost never comments just had to comment to make a snide complaint today, and that's what sent me over the edge. No comments on the other 20 things from this year, but today needs to point something out.

So I post a fun new picture, and I get someone telling me that the picture had the wrong version of Wonder Woman, another complaining about the content...and anyway, I'm about sick of DA.  I want to come here as a refuge from the boring, mundane world and idle away some time with art and stories and other things that tickle my fancy.  Instead DA is now:
1. Trolls trying to get people banned and artwork deleted.
2. People sharing political opinions (and acting shocked when it sparks an argument). I come here to get away from that stupid stuff.  I remember when people came here to share art, not spew their rhetoric. 
3. A few truly awful people that Doc and I have ran into in the past, and having to see others that are unaware of these past evil actions saying these nice things about them.  One person that arrived here in the last year or so in particular, that truly was evil to Doc and myself. No, I'm not naming this person; see #2, I'm not here for arguments about assholes.
4. People that literally see something I do, and within a day or two post an almost identical picture and act like it was their own original idea (and yes, I know, welcome to the internet),
5. Requests for free art from people I've never heard of, who have never left a comments or said anything, but sure, I'll make you a picture of Wonder Woman shrunken or Ultra Woman in a diaper (and again, welcome to the internet).
6. "That's the wrong shade/character/item/pose" nerd-splaining. I don't care. If I want to mix 1970s Wonder Woman with new52 Superman, I will dammit. So there.

So that all being said, there are a lot of people here that I absolutely love and appreciate.  We've shared art for each others' characters over the years, and there are many wonderful people that are always positive and encouraging and leave comments making me want to keep sharing art here. Maybe I will take a break away again and come back after my irritation is gone.  I love sharing my art and seeing what others can create.  After all of this negativity I just threw out there, I have to say again that so many here are wonderfully supportive, they are like me and just want to see and share art and want to be positive and inspire others.  To you, the majority thank you.

 I love you all.


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It's a shame people are such assholes. They are the loud ones and its sad that you take abuse for the awesome stuff you post, free of charge, that most of us enjoy without comment. Your art is fantastic and I wish more humans would reserve their negativity and be grateful that people like you create such cool content.They should move on if they don't like it. The internet is a sewer and you, Ladytania, make it worth sifting through the garbage. Don't let the trolls get to you. Express yourself and know that there are many semi-normal folks like myself who think its cool as fuck...
ladytania Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Things here are a little better, especially after I've kind of drawn back and avoided a lot of the nonsense..but that does not prevent all of it.  That's life on the internet though...
tammuzi Featured By Owner Jan 8, 2019  New Deviant
Sorry to find out why you disabled comments. I love your work, and am commenting anyways, on your beautiful rendering of Di and Dru, about to get jumped. The girls look gorgeous, I love the unusual point of view, and especially love seeing someone get "Winger" Wondergirl's legs, just right. 🤗
Great fun beautiful work, and it's much appreciated. Thanks so much, for sharing some of your talented work here.
ladytania Featured By Owner Jan 12, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much!  I do enjoy my art, but the pains of DA get to me now and then.. Thank you for the sweet compliment and encouragement!
LETMESEEBEUTY Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2018
Hello how are you doing 
Rebertha Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2018
Once more vocal with the oohs and ahs, I'm part of the silent majority now. Quality artists keep getting nit-picked, on the way up or in bloom of popularity. The internet changed some things ... but not that. YOU are a quality artist! 
ladytania Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much.  I still love to do my art, but this is becoming a frustrating place.  Thank you again. :)
bluemax2 Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2018
Are you posting anywhere else?  do you have full comics?
ladytania Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a few things sprinkled around, but not very much.  Most of my art is here...and some are unfinished, and some stories here are finished...
amazon211 Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2018
Hey, did you remove the majority of the comic pages featuring Goldenfist? 
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