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Gamer and artist-in-training, married, and ready to win the lottery!

Favourite Visual Artist
George Perez / Georges Bougereau
Favourite Games
D&D now playing fifth edition weekly
Favourite Gaming Platform
Pencil and dice!
Tools of the Trade
Keyboards, monitors, ink pens, dice, Poser, Photoshop
Other Interests
Writing, art, hiking, biking, games!
I am sorry for not being more active here, and not replying or commenting to notes or things. or acknowledging things on which people that have tagged me, or have made some really great art that deserves attention. There is a reason for that. Some of you know Doc and I, some more than others, especially the older folks that have been around the net for a while. After a lot of years (lots and lots), we are going our own way. I don't mean to advertise a bunch of personal drama on DA of all places or go all facebook here, but I wanted to explain why I've not been around and why I haven't replied or commented. It's a really hard time now and I am really not in the mindset for art. I will probably be away from DA and similar places while working through things and going down this new path. I hope you all keep creating and being so wonderful. Thank you all.
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I am sorry that I have not written people back or commented on so many amazing pieces of art that have been put on there on DA by so many talented people. I am taking a little break to deal with some things here. I will be away until after the first of the year, I think, at least. Thank you to everyone that keeps on making amazing art that they share for free so we can all enjoy it! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and Happy New Year to you all.
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Amazing art by the talented Spacebabes of Ultra Woman in battle, which I absolutely love! If you like it, please give him some love!
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samsa23 created a cover shot for the 4 heroines, 4 perils story.

Happy Birthday, Birthday Buddy!!!

Ok, the stage is set, 4 heroines, White Owl, Amazon Arrow, Ultra Woman, Katie-D, 4 Perils. Witches, Goblins, Pirates, Dwarfs, Orcs, Drow… All will be their foes! Each will be taken, tested, stretched, tormented in ways they have never imagined, twisted in body and mind! And the question is: can they endure and win out in the end? Hopefully we’ll find out in the first chapter in a month or so (less if I don’t have overtime next month).

You're watching ME????


Come say hi on discord sometime. :) I love She-Ra!

Friend request sent.. I think. 🤔

Sent you a note, if you'd like to chat privately.

I'm thinking of pitting you and a few others against goblin slavers in a new story. Can I use you?