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Tutorial: Forehead Protector

My first tutorial! How to do: forehead protector from Naruto!


Original concept: M. Kishimoto

Specjalne podziękowania dla Pauliny za użyczenie mi pinezek! xD

I dla drugiej Pauliny też, mimo, że jej pinezek niestety nie wykorzystałam!
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Where can I buy drawing pins? Also, could you explain step 7 in more detail to me? Sorry to be a bother.
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This Halloween IM SASUKE UCHIHA MWAHAHAHA lol im weird
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You have given me so many ideas! Thank you!
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My pleasure ^ ^
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Um.... ^^' instead of using a can you can just use flexable plastic.... and hot glue
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It will works for sure! But I wanted to show the easiest way ^ ^'
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yea and it is very easy, I just don't think it's 'safe' you can get cut from both the tact's and the can.
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It's true so we just must be careful.
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Thanks for this awesome tutorial. :) I'm going to cosplay TenTen, so I need a forehead protector, and I have been searching from internet for a way to do it, and this is the best way. I'm going to make it now. Thank you for this. :)
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That's my pleasure! Good luck with your cosplay!
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i was just about to ask:'what does this accomplish?its a coke can and its bottom and lid...' then i realised that it was for naruto cosplay xDDD
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Oh's my forehead protector tutorial. Only..with better pictures than I ever had.
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I'm afraid I haven't seen your tutorial ever o:
AuroraMaryte's avatar
It's okay, no worries. Yours has better photos, so it should help people more than mine could have.
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