I started this group to become an all encompassing group for female stock archiving.  Any kind of stock can find a home here.

I also created this group so that female stock creators of all kinds can come together and see what other stock artists are doing.  So that we can collaborate and challenge each other to further the quality of our creations and challenge each other to do so. Also so that we can learn from each other and teach each other what we know.

And last but definitely not least, I am creating this group so that artists who us female stock can find what they are looking for.

So here are the rules of the game!
This group is trying to archive the best of each stock shoot with unique props and costumes and people.  So to do this, here are the rules we should follow.
-Only submit one photo or other female stock image per unique prop/costume/model/makeip set that you create.
For Example:
You shoot "Mary" in the elf queen costume with and without a sword.  You then would submit the best image of Mary with a sword and the also the best image of Mary with out a sword.  If you then took stock photo's of someone else wearing the elf queen costume you would then submit using the same guidelines for submitting as you did for Mary.  One with the sword and one without.  Also if you put Mary in a different dress or makeup for the shoot submit one of each of those images as well.
I hope you get the picture ;)  If you have any questions or concerns post me below =)
-Also remember that as always you need to follow Terms of service and submitting that DA enforces.  But we do not have a problem with nudity or gore as long as it follows those regulations =).
-And of course female models only.  Though we will also accept drag in both directions.  Girls dressed as guys and guys dress as girls, they just need to go into sections according.

Here are a coupe of other things you should know about submitting.  We have 8 different submission sections and here are the guidelines for those sections.

Nude, Pose Stock, and Anatomy:  This section is supposed to be heaven for an artist looking for female body anatomy.  Because it is an anatomy section all models must be completely nude or wearing tight and minimal clothing to show off their figure.  Also because this is about female anatomy no male model stock can be submitted to it, even if they are in drag.

Pretty Dresses:  This is for all female (or male drag) stock showing off a beautiful dress.  It is for all of the the high formal or fantasy dress or dress like contraptions shown off in DA stock.  If it is a very normal everyday dress though that is being worn, please consider putting that stock in the modern girl stock section.  This must be full body shots, that means head to toe, side to side, full dress visible shots (If they aren't then the go in portrait).

Other Costumes: If it is not a dress and not everyday normal clothing being exhibited (gothic and scene types of clothing go in the modern girl section)  then it goes in this section.  This can include steam-punk, fantasy, pirates, historical ect.  This must be full body shots, that means head to toe, side to side, full clothing visible shots (If they aren't then the go in portrait).

Modern Girl Stock: Exactly what it means, this is all about the stock that shows girls off in everyday or modern trends, modern places and with modern props.  This must be full body shots, that means head to toe, side to side, full clothing visible shots (If they aren't then the go in portrait).

Portrait Shots and Non Full Body Shots:  This section is for shots that are either taken at portrait or do not show the full body and clothing of the individual.  It is not for nude shots though, if it is not a full body nude shot it still goes in the first section and will be recognized as anatomy.  This is for shots that include accessories and/or clothing.

Gore and Horror:  Just what it means anything with blood and terror imbued into it.  If you think your piece better fits this section than any other than put it here.  This includes close ups and full body shots.

Body Paint Focus:  This is for any that is focused mainly on the make-up or body paint of the model.

Other Female Stock:  For anything you feel doesn't fit into the categories above.

Well I think that covers it!  Feel free to say hello and ask questions, female stock creators, welcome to your new home!  Now get submitting, but follow the rules ;)


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