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This group will focus on creating an organized collection of the best images from every female stock shoot done on deviantart. It will also be a hangout location for artists who create female stock. The club will hold contests and other community events as well focused around woman stock. It will be a great resource for artists looking for female stock resources.
Guy stock artists welcome as well as long as they create female stock. =)
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Morgaine 20 by Kuoma-stock
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Duffy - I Love to Dance stock 39 by Rembrandt2007

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Duffy - I Love to Dance stock 38 by Rembrandt2007

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Stock:  Angie, sheer black lingerie, implied nude by ArtReferenceSource
Pretty Dresses

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Stock:  Liz Ashley slips out of a black dress by ArtReferenceSource

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Stock:  Shelby slips off her gown by ArtReferenceSource

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Stock:  Katie fashion and beauty by ArtReferenceSource
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Stock:  Alyx has an attitude by ArtReferenceSource
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Stock:  Portrait of Katie by ArtReferenceSource
Stock -965- After Thunderstorm by Eledhwen-Stock
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Stock -963- by Eledhwen-Stock
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Decay Stock by MysteriaViolentStock
Jason Girl by NikyArgento

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Stock -862- Hungry Vampire Stock - 47 PHOTOS PACK by Eledhwen-Stock
Stock -861- Sugar Skull PACK STOCK by Eledhwen-Stock
Wounded Angel by THEKONSEPT
Rainy Days by THEKONSEPT
Stock -879- by Eledhwen-Stock
Stock -891- by Eledhwen-Stock
Lormet-renaissance-0034M-a3sml by Lormet-Images
The blouse from Bucovina 3 by simonamoonstock
Regency stock 2 by DanielleFiore
Lormet-Renaissance-0112H2-sml by Lormet-Images
Military and Uniform
Stock:  Savannah pinup retro sailor costume by ArtReferenceSource
Stock: Cassandra in Retro Swimsuit by ArtReferenceSource
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New Model Savannah in Millitary Pinup Poses by ArtReferenceSource
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Stock:  Sofia, disrobing princess and nudes by ArtReferenceSource
Body Paint and tattoo Focus
Lormet-Renaissance-1389G-sml by Lormet-Images
Drag accepts males in female costume
Princess 5 by Panopticon-Stock

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This collection does not have any deviations yet!

THIS CONTEST IS OVER! But feel free to still do the challenge if you want. :D


It's been a long time since we've had a drawing challenge around here, so let's do something that will test your skills AND help the general drawing community!

As many of you probably know, finding references for multiple people can be tough. It's also a good exercise to compose multiple figures into one image! This challenge aims to both help you practice your multi-figure skills AND help the community have more resources for this type of composition!

How To Enter!

  1. Create a line art drawing with 5 or more full body figures together using SenshiStock images as the reference.
  2. Submit your composition under the Resources & Stock Images -> Line-art & Character Templates section, OR the appropriate pixel base section, with a Creative Commons license. In the Artist's Comments, link to the SenshiStock poses that you used so people can go back to check them for additional information if they want to use your composition.
  3. The contest portion of this challenge is over, but you can still do it for fun and you'll be helping other artists, too!

Additional Notes

  • Submitting to Creative Commons means you will allow people to use your submissions for their art. This means your work may be traced, vectored, referenced, pixeled, copied, redistributed, etc. (but it should always be with credit!). If you are not willing to allow people to use your work in this manner, please do not enter the contest.  You choose the CC license near the bottom of your submission in the section called "Publishing Options."
  • You can modify the poses somewhat to fit the composition as long as you started with something inspired by SenshiStock for each pose.
  • "Together" means there should be some overlap in the poses so they work as a cohesive group. Some parts of the poses might be obscured for compositional purposes, but they should generally be full body.
  • Any medium is okay, so long as the figure's outlines are clear. You can have additional form definition like cross contour or shading if you want, but it's not required. Don't add on any hair or outfits that obscure the form.


Prizes will be awarded randomly to eligible participants. I will give out as many prizes as I can! Each token counts as an entry so you increase your odds of winning by doing additional figures. Prizes include, but are not limited to:
For physical items, shipping is free worldwide. If you have any questions, please ask me. HAPPY DRAWING! :happybounce:
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:bulletpink:This group will focus on creating an organized collection of the best images from every female stock shoot done on deviantart.
It will also be a hangout location for artists who create female stock.

:bulletblack:The club will hold contests and other community events as well focused around woman stock.It will be a great resource for artists looking for female stock resources.:heart:
Guy stock artists welcome as well as long as they create female stock.

:devart:Some things you should know before joining:

:bulletpink:We accept all kinds of female stock but only one piece from each original shoot/model/make-up and hair style/costume/prop set. So pick your best.

:bulletred:We would like you to categorize your stock into the different categories we have made. If we think they should be in a different category we will move them for you. Please don't put them in the featured gallery section though, it makes it harder for us if we have to categorize them for you. You can find some general guidelines for the stock categories here: ladystock-archives.deviantart.…:heart:

:bulletpink:As usual, follow DA TOS so we don't get in trouble, and have crap loads of fun!







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I would like to put in a request to the Stock community. And some assistance getting this message out to those who do such a wonderful job providing the current stock.

As the 3D community grows, more people are starting to model their own characters. Unfortunately, there isn't a lot of stock created specifically for the 3D artist. I would like to give the stock community an idea of what these artists need and how 3D figure models are created.

Below are some ideas of the poses needed (I hard a hard time finding examples on deviatART so there are some external links). Models do not need to be nude. Lingerie, swimsuits, or costumes work extremely well for modeling. A mixture of full figure and close-up shots in these poses help the modeler create fine detail 3D meshes.

Modeling Technique Youtube Videos:

If you are currently aware of resources that already exist, feel free to point them out! If you create some, let me know where they can be found.
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Mr. Ranum is a fantastic stocker and photographer and has several interviews and several tutorials (some are journal posts) about stocking, and photography that are very helpful and informative :) I'm very happy they let us link to the interview here-if there are any more I will be sure to do the same.
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Thank you so much for accepting my stock :D
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