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Been having a sudden resurgence of Spidey love and feels lately.  *looks sideways at Infinity War*

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This Spidey Art is Spectacular.
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This is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Aww thank you!  :)
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Can you please create more of those? I love that style, the colors, everything. It's so refreshing and cool.
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Thanks very much!  I'm glad you like them.  :)  I'm definitely hoping to do more for Spidey for sure.
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Nice art work you did.
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Excellent work! It's like the Spider-Man from the upcoming video game.
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Thanks!  And yeah it is.  :)  I wasn't crazy about his suit design at first, with all the white, but it's grown on me.
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Awesome Work, one of best Spiderman drawings I’ve ever had the pleasure of seeing!Clap 
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Whoa what an awesome compliment!  Thank you so much!  :)
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Your very welcome, keep up the awesome work:)
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Beautiful art.

He's always been my top favorite Marvel hero.
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Thank you! 

And same, he's my absolute favorite superhero.  Heart 
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That cliffhanger though °-°
I still hold out hope that they'll be back somehow! (I mean there are two more parts to it so.....)
Anywho beautiful work as always, I always love the pallet you use, your style is so fabulous and unique :)
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Oh, they're gonna be back, but it still hurt like a punch to the stomach (especially Spidey, I mean wow).  The one(s) I'm not sure of though are Loki and Gamora.  *ponders*

And thanks for the nice comments on my art!  :)  I always enjoy doing these pieces, glad you like it.
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Wow, great job!
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