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They say there are two sides to every coin,
The yin and the yang,
The warm and the cold,
The light and the dark,
The happy and the sad.
I can’t seem to master that other half.
That bright, warm, orderly happy side;
Not being able to become happy,
Not because I don’t want to be happy,
But because I just can’t.
“Why don’t you be happy?” They’ll ask.
“Why are you always so sad?”
“What do you have to be so sad about?”
“Get over it,”
“Quit acting so damn sad.”
And so on, and so on to the point
Where it just becomes an ear bleeding white noise.
A white noise that tears and scrapes
At me from the inside out,
Yet no matter how hard I try
No matter how hard I may plea,
I cannot seem to find the will nor strength to care;
Trapped in this numbing nightmare
That chains and drag me lower and lower to the floor.
They try and suggest methods from giving self-love,
Thinking more positively, yoga, meditation,
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 2 5
Darling Depression
I know there’s no real getting rid of you,
You dark, malicious figures
Forged from the wastelands my mind,
Each one of you with a name and purpose of your own;
Ms. Anxiety and Mrs. Self-loathing,
Along with the twins, Misters Insecurity and Learned Helpless.
And then last but certainly not least,
There’s You,
My Dear Darling Depression,
The cold and hollow sloth of a ring leader,
Who always sees that the shows
Of pretend and make-believe always go on without fail.  
You always seem to be there,
Even when you’re not necessarily seen;
I know all too well that you’re very much there,
Whispering and chattering away in my ears,
Spitting out cackling hisses and chattering snickers,
Filling me up with the hollow emptiness
From what life and happiness, you fiendish gluttons,
All dragged away and devoured by yourselves.
I try to drown out your words of mockery and doubt,
Silently praying with each passing day
They’d eventually grow numb with time;
But they nev
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 2 0
Hall of Memories
Do you remember how things were way back when
Things were so much easier that remembering was a joy?
Do you remember how we used to play and laugh as kids;
Sometimes staying up for hours with the radio on, trying to recall the words
As Bon Jovi plays on, each song having their own share to tell;
Wanting nothing more than to “Make a Memory.”
There are some who can magically summon back every last detail of a day;
Those who can’t recall the last five seconds,
And then there are the others, who wish to not remember the past at all.
I can't seem to forget all those things from way back then,
Recalling every little joke, song, debate and argument shared between us;
From the snowball fights to the hot cocoa marks stained into the couch,
That and the occasional clumsy burn of flashlights left
From midnight pillow forts;
Only wanting to keep the shadows at bay;
Wanting to only remember the good
And forget the bad that lies just outside.
The memories line themselves along the
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 3 16
Through the Open Door
Through deafening darkness I now tread,
Blankets of blistering frost bite at my heels
As bitter winter’s breath grazes its frigid iron talons across my skin,
Leaving behind crimson teardrops whispering tales of dread.
Once fragile frozen petals now cut like scattered razor blades
As silent screams of agony claw and drag themselves out from within,
Knowing what trails behind, I force them back and continue ahead,
Lest I allow myself to be caught and dragged to Hades.
Faltering, fumbling, falling, I go through the door again,
Opening my eyes to see the scene has changed,
Cold, callous skeletal bricks forge the path with little light to show the way
While silence wraps its noose around all that was once sane.  
Fumbling, tumbling, lumbering, I trudge through the following door,
Finding colorful carnival world of masks and painted faces,
What was once silence turns to music and shrill voices loud and blaring
As hands both large and small reach out and pull me to the floor. 
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 2 3
Shadow and Light
Selene’s silent silver light sets the stage tonight
As orphan leaves take to the open sky
And nature’s orchestra readies its midnight tunes, 
For tonight is the dance of Shadow and Light. 
Lithe as a feather and fairer than all of Eden,
With eyes like onyx and a gown of smoldering silver,
There she gently sways upon the gleaming waves,
Singing sweetly with a voice that was neither matched nor beaten.
And then there is he, a man of a much taller, darker form,
More often feared than loved unlike his shining counterpart, 
With silver almond sockets that sit alone amongst the dark void.
He is the midnight shadow and silent brooding storm. 
Forever moving in rhythm within their partner’s embrace,
Neither dares to try and devour the other,
Instead only exchanging chaste kisses and stares of longing,
Carefully using each moment wisely without a single second out of place.
Yet despite the differences that they may share,
Neither one would dare see the othe
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 4 9
The Overseers
Strange times these are where
A councilman will lurk
Behind closed doors. Even now
They Whisper with masks that snicker and lie
Oh how times have changed
From the once average political slush
To the now dark halls of once righteous soke.
Even now, they make great haste for to quickly hush.
No one must know what happens there,
Hidden within shadow with glogg in hand,
Glaring from above with frigid winter stares.
They are the Overseers of this land.
Come hell or high water,
All shall go according to plan.  
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 3 0
Ballet Shoes and Open Arms
Listen to as you read:
    Swift movements and gentle grace, that’s what it takes to land your place upon this dance floor, but one must make sure to do so with a just and even pace. That’s the rule in this university for every dancer involved; their legs rising into the air as they bend their will to reach the pinnacle of perfection in the art of ballet. If one is not careful with even the slightest adjustment to their balance or pace, they will surely fall behind the rest and be left with an uneven, distorted mess. “Bend those legs,” proud lady instructor Magdalen called from the side of the mirrored room, watching each of the girls closely and carefully with daggers for eyes, patiently waiting for the first of the group to make the slip. “Reach your arms higher,” she yelled again; the sound of her heels clicking against the floor filling the air with an almost chilling tenseness. Each of t
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 1 0
Wayward Son
They try and chase you down in the dead of night,
Hunting you like dogs by day.
You run and run, my wayward son,
Laughing and grinning in their faces once given the chance,
Not once ever giving up the fight.
Carry on for me, dear wayward son,
Take the path less traveled by
Play whatever game you please
Always watch your back and never
Let them say when all is done.
Go off in search of far off lands
We all long and dream to see.
Don’t let them tell you what path to take
Or idea to blindly follow and think
Be the one of us to take fate into your own hands.
Carry on for me, dear wayward son,
Hold on to what you stride for,
Hold on tightly to what it is you fight for.
Lead them to the dawn one path at a time.
Never let the others be in the way of your games and fun.
Close your eyes,
Open your wings,
Don’t let them hold you down,
Instead take the leap,
And soar for the wayward skies.
Carry on, carry on wayward son,
Soar off through the winds and open skies
Break free from your i
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 1 0
Where the Sparrows Go
“Hush dear child,
Close thine sleepy eyes,
Don’t be afraid,
Open your wings,
“There is a place
Far away
Where the sparrows go
And sing all day.
Free from the city’s smog,
And skies of gray.
“Fly now
To where the sparrows go
Far from this desolate world,
A forest where lilies grow,
And crystal waters flow.
“A world beyond this place
Both safe and warm.
Here the willows hide you
From every harm.
"Come my child,
Don't be afraid.
There's a world out there
Waiting to be seen,
Where the sparrows go,
And freedom ever reigns.
"Come dear child and you shall see,
A forest of brilliant blues and green,
A bright new world
Waiting to be seen,
A world made for you
And me..."
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 1 2
I'm a sick man...I'm a spiteful man
    I’m a sick man...I’m a spiteful man.
    I know my sins and all of the things I’ve done, the good, the bad and the in between. In fact, it’s hard not to forget them seeing as how they come rushing back to me the moment I open my eyes again. I’ve tried drowning them out bottle after bottle; drowning my sorrows one glass at a time while Old Bones plays at that baby grand piano of his while his brother works the bar. Some folks tell me I should see a shrink or even a damn priest about my situation. Me, on the other hand, hah...well, I look at them and suggest a nice, dark place where they can stick their advice and leave an old sinner to quietly rot in peace.  
    I usually don’t bother with most folks, not unless I want something from them, but even then, it’s never much. I wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve been kicked in the head by a mule. I’ve been feeling that way for a
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 2 0
Falling, falling,
That’s all I ever been.
Falling, falling,
It’s all I’ve ever seen.
Down, down,
That’s where we go,
Down, down
Only the white rabbits know.
Spinning around and around,
Where am I now?
Spinning around and around,
The spinning tops know how.
I close my eyes and hear the sound,
Calling out to me out with voices tiny and shrill.
Around me china cups and playing cards fall,
All the while my heart beats in time with the rush and thrill
And the voices cease to call.
“Alice! Alice!”
That’s what they cry,
“Alice! Alice!”
I run and yet they continue to try!
“Alice! Alice!”
The dodo birds quickly turn to fly.
“Alice! Alice!”
They yell from the sky,
“Off with her head!”
Here among the painted flowers
Is where the Red Queen rises
And the light soon dies.
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 4 2
Clockword Songbird
You cry out in the dark of night,
Calling out through the ashes,
Smoke and gloom,
Against winter’s wicked spite.
And yet I hear you now clear as day,
Your gentle midnight melody
Both a bitter cold and comforting warmth.
All the while surrounded by iron bars and bricked walls of clay.
Sing your sweet midnight tune,
Clockwork songbird.
Sing your songs of courage and truth,
Look to the west where day shall dawn soon.
Even in your iron cage behind ashen halls
You silently wait for the day to come.
Singing your songs of wisdom and hope
The dawning in the west softly calls.
Sing us your sweet midnight tune,
Clockwork songbird.
The ticking of the clock ever quickens
As the dawning of the revolution arrives soon.
Don’t fear the serpent’s grip on thee
No matter how hard he may bite,
Or by how sharp his fangs are long,
Or how cold his eyes may be.
Listen now and gather near, my friends,
To what the songbird has told me
Join together, hand in hand, in the dead of night
For when
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 2 0
Do You Wanna Kill Some Darkspawn?
Do You Wanna Kill Some DarkSpawn?
(Dragon Age: Origins x Frozen Parody)
*knock knock knock knock*
Do you wanna kill some darkspawn?
Come on let’s kill some now!
I never see you anymore!
Come out the door!
It’s like you’ve gone away!
We used to be warden buddies!
And now we’re not...
I wish you would tell me why...!
Do you wanna kill some dark spawn?
It doesn’t have to be just darkspawn!
(Alistair: Go away, Warden!)
Okay, bye....
*knock knock knock knock*
Do you wanna kill some darkspawn!
Or maybe kill some demons too!
I think some company is overdue!
I’ve started talking my hot new assassin friend!
(Hey, Zev!)
It gets a little lonely--
Well, yes, I have the others, too--
But I still want you at my side!  
*slash! swipe! shoot! stab! screech!*
*knock knock knock*
Please are you there?
The others are asking where you’ve been.
I know that Duncan’s dead,
Loghain’s in Denerim,
And the
:iconladyspade7777:LadySpade7777 1 3


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Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade 

1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
About 1 year. 

2. What does your username mean? 
LadySpade7777 was originally just "Lady Spade", my first major persona and fictional character that I often used for role-play. I chose Spade 'cause you know, Ace of Spades trumps all (A bit cliche, I know, so sue me). Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade   As for the 7s....I like the number 7, that is all. And the Lady part, I liked how it sounded. I'm simple and occasionally humble minded like that. Nothing all that special and/or deep.
Don't question it. 

3. Describe yourself in 3 words. 
Sarcastic, creative, relaxed. 

4. Are you right or left handed? 
Right handed

5. What was your first deviation? 
Do You Wanna Kill Some Darkspawn Parody

6. What is your favorite type of art to create? 
Parodies, short stories and fanfiction.  

7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
Drawing Digital Art. 

What was your first favorite?
The Phantom of Hetalia: Germany

What type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
X Readers

Who is your all-time favorite deviant artist?
Just one? I love too many of them for just one. Otherwise we'd be here all day, ain't nobody got time for that. 

If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
Any of them are cool. 

How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
I've felt more inspired with new ideas and inspiration for writing more. 

What are your preferred tools to create art?
Microsoft Word and Google Docs. 

14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
My bedroom/my office. 

What is your favorite DeviantArt memory?
Okay, so this is gonna be cheesy as hell and kinda lame, but I'd have to say publishing my first deviant and finding the guts to get some of my work out there. I write a lot as a writer and want to become a published author one day. DeviantArt is kinda like that first step for me in getting my work out there for other people to see and share their opinions while doing so with other people and exchanging feedback. DeviantArt has helped me grow as an artist with being opened up to new ideas and helping create inspiration for my own work. 

Too many goddamn fanfics Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade 
Watching: Cry Plays: Clock Tower 3 
Eating: shortbread cookies
Drinking: Fruit Punch
Feeling: Sassy Fab U. Lus Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade Happy Jumping Spade 
Playing: Dragon Age Inquisition 


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United States


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