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ok. you all know how much i love clusters!!!

suggested that I make a cluster -montage- of these dudes to save on sticker paper...
you can copy this file and print it on sticker paper. if you need a better quality, note me
spread the love!
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Huhu :dance:
Awesome !
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Oh now that is just awesome!
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be careful of false idols...
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this effing rules! ha! :):horns:
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I like it, toxic cool aid cluster fuck... ;)
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how very cool., wiill watch =)
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hehe, wonderful idea with the clustering - these icejug babies are just teh smexx!
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Hahah yes premade cluster that is so awesome haha. Great idea LSB!
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thanks jimmy jims
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Haha I love the Koolaid man
Dane Cook had some funny stuff to say about that somewhere on his site.
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hahaha hilarious.. i cnat find anyting about the koolaid guy.. help me out!
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