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My Bio
I have a love of feline and scaly anthros, but i dont post much art. When i do, it's an Original Character, not a fan-art or something. I CAN make fan arts, but they'd be for me.
Anything I draw I try not to make from someone else's characters+etc., but if I mess up PLEASE tell me what I did so I can try and A: fix it B: take it down C: give you, the original artist, credit in the description... And D: Beg you very, very nicely for permission even though I posted it before I got permission or knew I needed it. Monetary fees for character usage are a no-no, I'm sorry. I'm not here to spend OR make money, I just like drawing. If its totally unacceptable to keep the image in question up, I'll delete it and hunt down any copies I may have posted elsewhere. Ok?

Favourite Visual Artist
If you can draw ANYTHING better than me, I love you. ANYTHING, in ANY style, with ANY media. I have plenty of admiration to distribute, and it's not difficult to draw SOMETHING better. I have a zillion friends who can, as an artist-magnet.
Favourite Movies
Romantic/Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy. I will watch it, and watch it again, even if its just for the visuals.
Favourite TV Shows
Ditto, same as Favorite Movies. I only have this to add; vampires BURN. That's what makes them hot ;)
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Alternative, Rock, Metal, Industrial, Techno, Instrumental, and combos. I'm a fan, not a critic.
Favourite Books
If I've read it all the way through, I'll read it again if i can get it. My dreams smell like a library. :)
Favourite Writers
Tamara Pierce, J.K. Rowling, Nora Roberts, Anne McCaffrey. My imagination grew under the light of their books. I haven't read EVERYTHING, not even close, but I love their work. :)
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda anything. Mario Kart: Double Dash, Spyro enter the dragonfly. My selection is very limited, I'm not a gamer T.T
Favourite Gaming Platform
I've only played on two consoles: GameCube, and Wii. Otherwise I played on my PC YEARS ago, and now my iOS apps are the stuff I kill time with.
Tools of the Trade
Pencil and Paper, hopefully with spare pencils. If I can shape it, use it, or influence it in an artistic manner with my hands, I'll try it out.
Other Interests
I love drawing vampires, demons, aliens, elves, dragons, mutant monsters, and anything with pointy ears/teeth/claws, or a tail. I just need help with PEOPLE proportions.

Random Shiznip

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DONT WORRY IF THIS DOESNT MAKE SENSE ITLL BE DELETED LATER its just ref, plz ignore . G: Irregular Blob-Spiral SS L: Outer Arm SS S:2; K0, G1 SS P: 17; 4 T, 5 G, 8 I P M: 3 P S: 2 P C: 9; 3M, 6m P R: 20+; Hu, El, Or, Dw, Go, Ct, Va, Un, Og, Av, In, Ar, Be, Me, ...+ P G: 60+ (!!!) P OR: 4 P IR: >?+++ (!!!) P C: 46 ... P B: 83+ (!!!) P O: 11; 3M, 8m
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   I'm starting to wonder why I bothered to post ANYTHING about my OCs despite knowing how much I change my mind, change them, then change my mind again.   ^^; it's getting really really crazy, I haven't even been keeping track of changes all that long, but since doing so I've already changed the whole Atrii species body plan upwards of twelve times :/   The only things that seem to be holding firm are their blueness, 3 eyes, the glowing, and their hands.   Yeah, the creepy nomnom-palm ones with the triangular mouth in the palm, the extra thumb, the bilateral symmetry between finger 2 and finger 3, and the webbing.   The extra bone and jo
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On Wraith

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It's been a little over a year and I've gotten far enough to figure out I want Wraith to be a beautiful damn language completely distinct from Atrii in as many ways as I can manage. My opinion of beautiful apparently includes Sith and Black Speech, which is fitting because Wraith were partially inspired by Nazghul and Sith... (Also Drow and Dementors and Quarians and the Middle East and India and Africa, in big messy swaths of eyegasm that I can't list here completely) The lack of LEGITIMATE BLACK ELVES in the fic I read is also a big factor. So naturally I began searching for sound lists and mashing them. I haven't gotten very far on either
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Thanks for the watch! Keep up the hard work yourself!
Thanks for the Fave on "Work-Study, Episode 138: Kavat Climber Caveat"!
Yw! It gave me a chuckle, I can totally imagine my cat (and my kavats) doing exactly that :lol:
thank for the watch ! ^^
Thanks you very much for the faves :D