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I love you still
and it eats at me
I feel like I'm living
someone else's life
it's a great life but it
doesn't feel like mine.
It doesn't fit, like you did.
And I miss you!
Every time I
breathe out,
I bite my tongue
so your name doesn't escape.
It's been years dammit
why can't I have a reprieve?
I haven't even seen you in all this time
but it's like I've never left your side.
I'm happy but
A huge part of me is missing
and how can I ever be ok
without you?
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 5 0
Neverending Story by ladyshadowrage Neverending Story :iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 2 0
Too Old Too Play
I've pasted the age of willing to share
I've been the wife
the other woman
truthfully neither seemed real
I want to be the one and only
to know that never
will he stray
To say the words is easy
To put it into action
to no other will you have
an emotional nor physical attachment
it becomes not so easy to practice
you have to be faithful in more than
just your body but also with your actions
I don't want suspicion to turn into a habit
it's too easy for it to fester and breed
since when am I no longer all that you need
why did you piece my heart back together
if your goal was just to make it bleed
stop making me question my place in your life
will it still be this way once I'm your wife
I've watched you touch another
break promise after promise
lie too many times to keep track of
and you say my distrust is a problem
I wasn't very jealous until all this happened
this last year has brought about
the questioning of your actions
If you can't give all of you
to only me and no other
I'm not sur
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 2 5
In All Honesty by ladyshadowrage In All Honesty :iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 3 2
It's been so long
And I've been long gone
And a song comes on
And I'm in your arms
A tear falls down
A heartbreak sound
And it's still too soon
Since I saw you
And the month of June
It's an avalanche and I can't fight it
A dynamite blast and I can't hide it
An earthquake and a hurricane
Don't you see the rain?
I'm all shades of blue when I, think of you.
A lighter that's been around the world
A sappy soul in a frozen hearted girl
Mile 112 and highway 109
Memories and songs
They blend in time
My own brass knuckle lullaby
No more fights but
I still cry
It's an avalanche and I can't fight it
A dynamite blast and I can't hide it
An earthquake and a hurricane
Don't you see the rain?
I'm all shades of blue when I, think of you.
The roaring sheep and the rolling hills
Paintball stings and mistakes can kill
At the bottom desperate for a deal
I can't numb the pain or
Erase the echoes in my brain
our souls collide
Our hearts in tune
February I hate
Oh man am I missing June
It's an avalanche and
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 5 0
Set Me Free
I can't think
I can't sleep
got these feelings
moving round in me
Can't let it go
don't tell me so
everyone knows
I'm stuck on you
Please take this
badboy out of me
please take his ghost
and set me free
oh take this badboy out of me
Everywhere I go
memories come and go
where you and I
had the time of our lives
We fought and raged
rattled each cage
stopped and loved the same way
gave it everything we had
Please take this
badboy out of me
please take his ghost
and set me free
oh take this badboy out of me
I've made my peace
I've left you be
mostly and I'm
still drownin in you
I've moved on
oh yeah I'm long gone
but the hold of the past
is so strong and I'm pulled along
So please take this badboy
out of me oh please
erase him and set me free
I can't take a life split dually
so please, oh please
take this badboy out of me.
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 3 2
My eyes are dry
as the tears are internal
My mouth cocked open wide
but screams are deathly silent
How to make you see
when you cannot feel
oh to make you me
then this would be real
I dare you to continue
though the fight is gone
I'm done talking to you
when all I am is wrong
It's a struggle to toe the line
lost the pride in you being mine
leaving looks better than staying
when every action I'm the one paying
I give you all I have and
even the things I don't
I beg you just to try
but your eyes say you won't
I cannot lose me trying to keep us
I don't know if I even want to try
seems like it would be so much easier
if all I were to say is goodbye
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 3 1
Brave Warrior
Agony is your shadow
pain a dear friend
existing when it hurts
just to breathe
To frolic is a dream
hard to play with your child
when sitting is discomforting
Brave warrior I wish I could
say to thee be calm, be at peace
rest not for there's
no pain to ease
If I could take your troubles
If I could set you free
To see you run, to see you play
To erase your suffering
I'd give from my own life
hours or even days
In the mix of your own torment
you're a beacon for those struggling
you've helped so many and ask for nothing
You were there for me without knowing
I was lost within my darkest hours
You pulled me threw and never knew
I'd give anything to be able to say to you
Brave warrior be calm, be at peace
rest not for there's
no pain to ease
If I could take your troubles
If I could set you free
To see you run, to see you play
To erase your suffering
I'd give from my own life
hours or even days
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 7 3
Don't hide things or lie to me
it draws suspicion and angers me.
When you awake and rush to erase
when you've never before;
it sends off red flags and makes me
want to run for the door.
It's hard to know if I trust you anymore.
If you feel the need to hide what you do
or destroy the evidence then to me it's
quite obvious I should feel threatened.
On this course I feel disaster is imminent
and I'm not sure weather to try
once more to stop it or let it play
to the bitter end.
I feel so betrayed and can
only assume the worst.
That while I'm slaving away you're
setting up a pawn in the
cheating race.
Cause God knows I don't get it
when I want it anymore.
I'm not the type to sweep this
under the damn rug,
the distrust in my heart
must be undone!
Before it festers and taints
what I still love.
I'm crying out my worry,
my anger, my fear
and the sad part is I know
even if you read this you
won't truly hear!
And I'm afraid
so afraid of losing
what I hold most dear.
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 1 0
Distance- it sneaks between us and seeps through our souls.
The possibility of failure, of loss, poses the question why try?
The plans made, united we watch them burn, holding tight to the kerosene.
One finding the others flaws while staring at a nameless face.
One pondering the naivety of forever as the last thread of connection fades away.
Standing there holding on to air and the contentment of familiarity.
Distance- the desire killer.
Distance- the death of everything.
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 1 0
Quiet Confusion
The incessant anger beats at me
pulsing in increased fever
the mantra repetitive
'everything you do is wrong'
I want to break away
to cast off the chains of slavery
yet poverty stills my hand
once again I cave
I am unhealthy in emotion
death seductive in her black dress
I open my mouth to scream
even my voice refuses to obey me
I made the choices
I turned the key on the cage
I was deceived and now I know
not everything that glitters is gold
Four walls has never a prison cell made
I hand picked my jailer and
for me there will be no escape
love has ever been my crime
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 2 0
He sings my theme songs over
and over again in my head
though its been almost three years
since my ears have heard his voice
He's there with me through every
step of my day and even intimate moments
I cannot escape his not quite here presence
I cannot erase his memory from my mind
His smile still blinds me though
it has dimmed some in my memory
surprisingly I remember it so well
for my eyes haven't seen it in years
Where once I could recall every line
now his face has become slightly blurred
every time I feel it slipping away
I catch a fleeting glimpse of him
I feel the worst kind of fiance
as I share my life with another man
one who is in fact not dead at all
he is the one I let go
I guess I haven't fully let him go
or he would no longer haunt me
I try to strike him from me
still I can't banish his memories
I want him gone and to shed my guilt
if an exorcist could relieve my burden
I'd be the first in line and yet
I can't say I wouldn't be sad to see him go
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 2 1
Intro to my Life
My earliest memory isn’t a happy one and I’m eight years old in it, I have literally nothing in my memory banks for the years that came before. Have I blocked them out? I don’t know. What I can remember feeling since them is the desire for unconditional love and a real family. Oh I wasn’t an orphan or anything of the sort, I was the youngest of five in a blended family where neither of us shared the same two sets of parents. While we called them mom and dad to their face for fear of retaliation we used to refer to them to ourselves as Fear Me and Hate me. Love was seriously lacking in our household growing up and to make matters worse I was the troublemaker of the family. I just couldn’t let the status quo continue, I wanted more, I felt I deserved more than just merely existence. Oh we never actually starved or went without clothing, though we grew up well below the poverty limit. There were times when we ate creamed corn and bread for dinner for nights o
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 1 0
The river
Where the dew runs down the mountain
high atop the hillside foggy and unclear
somewhere nestled between the peaks
is a valley where a river runs with no fear
It's been there long before I was ever born
tales abound of women sworn to men they hate
finding escape in the river to be forever mourned
and parents of small children have been warned
The currents can be quite deadly but
danger has always held it's own beauty
the river will never age or slow
but stand strong with it's flowing medley
High atop the hillside foggy and unclear
is a valley where a river runs with no fear
it's been there long before I was ever born and
hundred years from now it will be flowing I forewarn
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 2 0
I Coulda Been
The years can't erase the feel of your skin
the taste of your breath or the love
trapped within this overworked chest.
Deep down inside the love hurts and it cries
denied of it's right to blossom with time.
Oh how I'm thrown back in time when
Joe West and John Prine come on my radio.
To me they mean you and what we went through
and I'm lost in the melodies of our lives.
I coulda been the one for you
even though we both know that it's not true.
I woulda spent the days of my life
making your world brighter.
I coulda been, I coulda been, I coulda been
the one for you.

The way that you smile, your laughter drives
me wild or the look in your eyes when you sin.
I'm surrounded by the ghost of you and
the memories that I want to be true and
I can't smell the scent of your skin.
You're here but you're really gone
I can almost touch but I must be moving on
and it hurts me to walk away again
I can't run from the enemy within.
I coulda been the one for you
even though we both know that i
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 2 3
Tempus Mancipium
I cannot seem to grasp it -
to hold tangible for mere minutes;
it's ceaseless desperation.
I remark how elusive it's become
watching it's face rapidly change;
as it slips farther and farther away.
I'm losing my mind, spinning in circles
just to see if the world will even
notice my complete and utter spiral,
reminiscing of a point where everything
used to come so effortlessly
and now
I can't help but think that the safest place
for me is tucked beneath a world with no clock
The fantasy-life on my own pace
neither dragging on or speeding by
a rewind to youth-forward to knowledge
sounds subliminally divine
and yet all this wishing is doing
is wasting the most precious essence
that I can never reclaim.
I wish I could go back to that place
where my inspiration flourished
and my soul was satiated, visions of
a world so much bigger than
my scope of view, where
my imagination was king and conquered
everything before it
Those flights of childhood fancy are gone
I'm grounded in the here and now
:iconladyshadowrage:ladyshadowrage 4 1

Random Favourites

it just looks great.... by goddessXofXlust it just looks great.... :icongoddessxofxlust:goddessXofXlust 9 7
Mature content
False Love :iconeatingmyownfears:EatingMyOwnFears 9 74
A new day breaks in the east.
Is it the sun that makes you tear up?
Watching it on your green hill,
arms wrapped around your legs.
I watch the sun, aye,
but tears flow not for the radiance.
Here on my hill, I think of days long gone,
when other feet marked the path I chose.

Those days when, long wandering,
I thought I had found myself a haven
after crossing through the dark woods,
seeing the end of a rainbow.
There be no sprites there, to count their gold,
no, there was naught but a sprinkling of coins.
But none can out shine the blue-eyed lass
sitting there upon the dewy hill.

I was there once upon a time ago.
I used to be that blue-eyed lass.
What happened to me that I'm stuck in this forest,
ever fighting my inner dragons?
Where is my knight with his armor of polished steel?
Upon his white steed he used to sit,
waiting to ride to my rescue.
Where is he when I need him most?
Mayhap He is upon his wooden pony,
streaked with the blood of sinners,
past, present, future
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 4 6
End of the Line
The night is fading,
Like the love we shared.
Embraced with hate,
Butterflies turn to despair.
All I see are broken dreams,
shattered on the bedroom floor.
When did our love crash and burn?
When did we drift apart?

My heart is weighted,
Dragging down to ocean depths.
I'd climb out of heartbreak,
If only I knew the steps.
Don't wanna feel this way anymore,
tired of love draggin' me around.
The pain of heartache is all I feel,
don't want your love bringin' me down.

Your love is like a splinter,
Deeply embedded and full of pain.
Hellish to remove but when it's gone,
You feel the sting of empty space.
But empty space, free of pain
is better than what I feel now.
So remove the pain and let me be,
I'll get by myself, some day, somehow.
:iconcaroncecilia:CaronCecilia 6 9
Together: Dead or Alive
Some people keep flowers in their yearbooks
I keep a lock of hair
Right next to our picture
I keep it there
Most likely to end up together
In heaven or hell
I had no idea it would be so soon
They predicted it well
The jar still sits on my windowsill
Where she left it that day
The last bits of you
Powdered and gray
I look out the window
Remembering your line
You said "I'll see you later."
The night that you died
They had to burn your body
It was too mutilated to collect
And when they took in your consumption level
The pieces were easy to connect
You told me, "I'll be fine"
As you got in the car
I kissed you goodbye
And went back in the bar
When I heard what had happened
I wasn't surprised
I was too hammered
To remember your eyes
If I had prepared
Before the night's start
I wouldn't be sitting here
Alone in the dark
With a knife in my hand
And a hole in my heart
In heaven or hell
We'll never be apart
I take my last sip from the bottle
And I let it drop to the floor
I'll die the way you d
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 4 19
These Voices
I didn't think dreams could come true…
Then I met you
I waved good-bye
Then started to walk to the door….
I still have lots of questions
No one could understand
I will always feel I'm in danger
And these are the voices
The voices
The voices
The voices
Can't you hear them shouting?
Hear themshouting
Hear themshouting
Hear themshouting
Negative thoughts
Are in the bullet holes
In My Mind
So don't try to cure me
Drugs could never
Help me
There is just NO escape
From these painful wounds
I didn't know you felt
The same way…
And these are the voices
The voices
The voices
The voices
Can't you hear them shouting?
Hear themshouting
Hear themshouting
Hear themshouting
No one is real here
I am the only one, standing alone
Remembering all those times
that you cried
Cause you found out that I had lied
If Only I could tell you I need you
Just why did it have to be me?
And these are the voices
The voic
:iconmischievous-eyes:Mischievous-Eyes 24 53
A Horrible Creation
i am what you don't want to hear
i am everything you fear
i make you want to disappear
because of me you don't fit in here
i seed you and i grow you
i eat you and i swallow you
i see you but do i know you?
i believe you will this throw you?
:iconthat-one-other-dude:That-one-other-dude 4 12
Looking back
On the past
So many things
Came from one decision
Lying awake at night
I’ve grown to regret
And to start
Dreaming of revision
For broken
We made all the pacts
Of our childhoods
Our webs separate
When together they
Once stood
So for once
I’ll let you know
What’s on my mind
I miss what we had
What we left behind
So much for arms
Wide open
Face the world alone
I had spoken
So much for not thinking
About you
Now everyday I live
Without you
So much for we’ll always
Be together
Because forever
Is never
Back to the place we both hold
So long ago
We both moved on
Split apart
Dawn to dawn
Because of my
I refused to break down
In front of you
I thought you would come
To your senses
And we would make up
Like we always did
I don’t think I’ve yet
Come to terms
That you’re
Never coming back
And you’ll never again
Be that girl
That I once knew
So much for arms
Wide open
Face the world alone
I had spoken
So much for not thin
:iconpoke-me-if-you-dare:Poke-Me-If-You-Dare 4 10
Different Shades Of the Dark
here's to all the things
all the things i'd given up
all the things i'd thrown away
things that never mattered much
they're all catching up with me
they will come to set me free
new day
different shades of the dark
different colors of snow
those feelings i didn't know
those places i didn't go
unlocking feelings unknown
but this time i'm not alone
new day
looking back
i have new things to fear
look at that
i'm still glad to be here
still glad for forgiving
still glad to be living
new day
new day
:iconthat-one-other-dude:That-one-other-dude 5 33
I Am the Enemy
You don't,
Seem to understand
Just who,
I really am
So let,
Me show you now,
Just because I can
I am not as weak,
As you'd hoped to think
I am stronger than you are,
Because I believe
So take this moment,
Look through my eyes and see...
I am the fear you hide,
I am the pain inside,
I am the enemy
I am what makes you break,
I am more than you can take,
Cause I am the enemy
I am what you want to be,
But no matter how hard you try,
You will never be me
Get up,
Off your knees,
Cause I hate,
To see you plead
You are,
So false and fake,
But you wonder why no-one grieves
You're always wanting more,
Than you really need
You look my way and say,
That I make you bleed
So take this moment,
And look through your greed...
I am the fear you hide,
I am the pain inside,
I am the enemy
I am what makes you break,
I am more than you can take,
Cause I am the enemy
I am what you want to be,
But no matter how hard you try,
You will never be me
Don't run away so fast
Your lies...they...
:iconthesekrimzonflames:TheseKrimzonFlames 112 162
Nasty Truth
Dear You,
I am appalled.
You took me down and thrust me out, pitched far with the rest of the unwanted garbage.
In my anger, words escape me.
I know there are more decorative descriptions of being cast out but all that comes to mind is your hurtful unrepentant arrogance.
There were a billions ways to let me go but throwing me forcibly to the curb while performing an elaborate victory dance was both tactless and cruel.
I hate you.
I gave you everything yet still I was not good enough.
Obviously I was less than that.
You gleaned the best parts, threaded me along then tossed me aside like a deflated orange.
The worst part, unfortunately, is yet to come.
I need to crawl out of this shameful plastic bin, clean myself off and learn how to continue on.  I must find a way to expunge you from my life and my mind.   The latter will be the hardest.  You are all I ever knew and now I know nothing but the deep staining shadows of what you left.  I cannot
:iconeatingmyownfears:EatingMyOwnFears 17 31
Stolen Words
My mind was filled
With regret and apologies.
So much to say
But no words were left.
Because you said you were leaving.
You ripped each thought
And tore it apart.
But they never left;
No, they just stung even more.
You didn't even tell me why
And I didn't have the gut to ask.
You're right beside me now,
Facing the other way.
Because you said you were leaving.
You ripped each thought
And tore it apart.
But they never left;
No, they just stung even more.
You'll do anything to avoid me,
But you won't talk to me either.
Maybe I took your words too.
You ripped each thought
And tore it apart.
But they never left;
No, they just stung even more.
:iconguitargirl94:guitargirl94 6 4
Last Words
Before the last sun
is slayed by the sword
of almighty horizon
'n the dusky sky is stained
in red 'n crimson
before the nightfall
'n the last leaf of this year's calendar
is ripped off your wall
before more ashes are flushed away
in the timeless river of oblivion
'n the moments we've been waiting for
are already gone
before 'æon' ... makes love like a shameless whore
to its new lover
on the corpse of its previous one
before I lose sense of what my tongue has uttered
'n my meaningless thoughts get more absurd
'n you divert your attention
to someone else's words
must I say my dear,
'happy new year!'
:iconmelanch0lic:Melanch0lic 3 11
Alice and a beast by yalex Alice and a beast :iconyalex:yalex 707 38 Fireflies by Novawuff Fireflies :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 3,927 279 one way by rami777 one way :iconrami777:rami777 945 225




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Corissa Neil
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States

Corissa Neil
Artist | Professional | Literature
United States

I'm Native American, over half Blackfoot with some Cherokee also mixed in. I carry pen and paper everywhere for I always have ideas when I'm out and about. I have five children, three I gave birth too and two I might as well have. :D I'm blessed to have found my soul mate after many many failures. I love music, there's not a single day that passes without me listening to at least three hours of music. I have had my poetry published multiple times in books, magazines and on the internet but my single most claim to fame is that I have a book published It's called Ziron, my webcam image on the left side shows it's cover. I'm pretty badass at Call of Duty for Xbox! I'm covered in tattoos and I plan on getting more. I'm an amateur tattoo artist.

Around dA I run LyricsRus

Current Residence: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Favourite genre of music: Country, R&B, Blues
Shell of choice: The one I reside in
Skin of choice: The skin I wear
Favourite cartoon character: Calvin and Hobbs
Personal Quote: ~Be Water~

I'm not okay,
Everything is not alright,
There's nothing else to add
Words can't express the pain.



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