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Where to obtain starters from other regions


Where to obtain starters from other regions

Here's where you can find the starters from other regions.This happens in the post-game of Retro Pink/Modern Grey/Futurisic Blue: Kanto/Johto/Hoenn/Sinnoh/Unova starters-transfer them from Pokemon Vault.You can only do this in the post-game. Kalos starters: In the science center located in Metrowood,you'll find Professor Sycamore visiting. The professor will then let you choose either Froakie,Chespin or Fenekin. Alola starters: Go to Boomerang Bay,and you'll find Lusamine from Alola. Lusamine will tell you that she's rescued several pokemon from the terrible disaster at Aether Foundation,and that she ha 3 pokemon who want a trainer. You'll
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From now on anyone spamming my Notes with useless crap like wanting me to join groups, look at their stuff they uploaded or join/look at websites WILL be added to my blocked list. I mean it! I like to look for that stuff on my own. I don't want anyone I don't even know sending me random requests. So, stop it!

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Danielle Steel, Luanne Rice, J.K Rowling, Stephenie Meyer, Stephen King, Marilyn Ross, Lara Parker, K.A Applegate, Rick Duffield, Mary Pope Osborne
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Kingdom Hearts, Inuyasha: Secret of the Cursed Mask, Pokemon, Naruto, Zelda, Metroid, Mario, Donkey Kong, Spyro the Dragon, Final Fantasy, Beyblade, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, Dragon Ball
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loves animals exspecially cats, and dolphins

Current Cartoon and Anime Plan

Current Cartoon and Anime Plan

Shows I will be watching in the order I will be watching them, trying to catch up: 1: <s>Pokemon</s> *Finished* 2: Spongebob Squarepants 3: Fruits Basket 2019 4: Cardcaptor Sakura Re-Dub 5: Yu-Gi-Oh! 6: Beyblade 7: Digimon 8: Naruto 9: One Piece 10: Avatar: The Last Airbender 11: Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 12: Bakugan 13: YuYu Hakusho 14: Ranma 1/2 15: Scooby-Doo 16: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 17: X-Men 18: Case Closed 19: Sonic the Hedgehog 20: Dragon Ball fandom 21: A Certain Scientific Railgun 22: Slayers 23: Tenchi Muyo 24: Shaman King There are actually more shows but all the others were animes that were very short and not that good so I am not adding them at this moment. Not sure if I’ll even go back to those animes. Edit: Anything with a strike through it means I’ve caught up with it. Edit again: Found out this site no longer lets you use different text formats in journals, or any text upload. This makes me so mad. How the heck am I supposed to mark off things I'm

My Little Pony: Finders Keepers Collection

My Little Pony: Finders Keepers Collection

Anyone know about those chocolate surprise eggs you can find in Walmart? It comes with a tiny hollow chocolate egg and a small pony figure at random. There are eight of them in the set. Just wish they put the toy inside the egg instead of in a plastic case next to it. That would of been fun for little kids, to break open a chocolate egg and find a toy inside it. Anyway, here’s the list, the ones in bold I have: Apple Jack Fluttershy Rainbow Dash Princess Cadence Princess Celestia Rarity Princess Twilight Sparkle Pinkie Pie

Please Help me Finish my Sword and Shield Pokedex

Please Help me Finish my Sword and Shield Pokedex

These are the Pokemon I still need to finish my Pokedex on Pokemon Sword and Shield. Please help me finish it. If it's a Pokemon you've rather not part with we can do a data only trade and I'll give it back to you. If you're not sure you can trust me to trade back all I have to do is trade you a Pokemon I can't bare to part with either. Then you'll know for sure you'll get it back. Though, I assure you I'd never cheat someone and keep a Pokemon they didn't want me to have. Not about to steal someone's Pokemon. Anyway, here's my list. Mostly listing the base forms only. Unlike others I like to work and evolve my Pokemon instead of getting the

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happy birthday

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To all users, I will be abandoning DA after I save all my stuff and using the website Hentai Foundry from now on. The reason being I dislike the new skin here. I can't figure out where anything is or how to do anything. Plus everything looks so huge and all piled up making the site look very junkie. I couldn't even figure out how to make a new journal post, which is why I'm posting my goodbye message here instead.

Lady1VenusHobbyist Writer
I've been looking at my fanfic with Minato/OC and it's hard to collab work when we all can not be on the same page. You have a lot of illness issues, which takes your concentration away. And while you're 'away' dealing with it, my story continues to remain on hold. And then when you're in the mood to want to work, I'm on hiatus on Naruto and then when I am, you're on hiatus. 

I wish to ask if you wouldn't mind if I pulled your OC out of the story? I could help you write your own version and even rp it with you sometime so you can get an idea of where you're going with it. I've already asked Amber if it was ok to pull hers and she doesn't mind at all. She too has trouble keeping focus. 
LadySesshyHobbyist Writer
Actually it's you not me with the trouble. It's not that I haven't been in the mood. I just didn't know you were.
Lady1VenusHobbyist Writer
I've been in the mood in the past couple weeks and you haven't been online