Do you like Jenna Moreci's Advice on Writing?
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Published: November 10, 2017
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Undecided, I've yet to check them out. I'll keep you posted on what I think. By the way, which video was the one that gave you bad vibes? I'm curious about it.
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LadySeshiiriaStudent General Artist
I think it was either this… or this… I can't remember. In general, I'm looking at the entire vlog. I'm looking for everyone's opinions so that I can gain a better perspective that isn't so narrow-minded.
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:nod: I understand. I just wanted it for reference. I can see how they could have given you a bad vibe.

I watched parts of the videos you linked and part of her Beta Reader Process video. It seems like she does give decent advice though. She's not flaming, she's critiquing. She's blunt and straightforward, but she also does back up her critiques.
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LadySeshiiriaStudent General Artist
Thanks for your opinion! It will be put to consideration! 
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KaizenKittyProfessional Writer
;P so you did pick up on my embedding her vids in recent journals?

Although I find sometimes she makes too much self advertisement in her vids, she does provide some pretty decent insight on writing :D that, and her vids are funny (I find them funny, they make me laugh... so :shrug: ).
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