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   I'm thinking about starting a writers group. Like there isn't enough on here already, am I right? lol. So My goal is to list resources like articles and blogs from other writers and authors as well as link people to actual writers websites. I will also be posting books on writing that I've read and found helpful for those of you who wish to buy a book or check them out at a library. I could probably hammer out the resources really quick if I could get the initial out of the way.
   My problem is I've been looking around trying to get an idea of what names are already taken. I was going to try resources for writers or resources 4 writers but is already taken. The group is inactive and only has only 3 watchers. It's been up since 2009. I don't know what the etiquette is for naming groups. Any advice would be appreciated. If you have suggestions for a name please comment. 

    ETA: So just an update. I have created the group. I went into the DA chatrooms and talked with some people, and received ideas and help on name suggestions. I was looking for a more straight-forward name, which is very hard. Since most of the names I came up with were already taken I settled on a suggestion from :iconerzsabet: WritersResources. Thanks to her I can worry about posting articles and resources. I know it's not very original, but as she said a variation isn't going to hurt anyone. We're not entirely sure if some of these groups are still active.
    Right now I just want to focus on getting the page up and running so there isn't going to be much going on. I will update on it further when I decide to go live. For now, I've closed the group so no one can join, so I can just focus on building the groups platform.
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October 7, 2017


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