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Writers Resources Chat Rules

Tue Jan 16, 2018, 10:50 PM
    Hello fellow writer, and thank you for stopping by to read this. We are big believers in following the rules of this website to the best of our abilities, and we definitely promote DA policy. Our rules will essentially be no different from DA's. So I have listed some quick links if you would like to quickly get acquainted or refreshed on them. We want to provide a safe and fun atmosphere, so please help us to do this! 

What rules apply to the Chat Network? FAQ #287: What rules apply to the Chat Network?

DA's Etiquette Policy: Etiquette

WritersResources Chat Rules

    Since this is a writers chat and people come from all genres and walks of life. I ask that you respect their choice and not belittle them for it. Respect your fellow artists and writers and I would ask that you please conduct yourselves responsibly. 

Pencil Keep Discussion Clean
Please keep discussions as clean as possible. We can have mature discussions but please refrain from overuse of strong language and sexual content. Keep it about pg-13 if you can help it.

Pencil Sharing Personal Info & Staying Safe Online
Please be remember that this is the internet, and we can't truly know who we are talking with. Use common sense when talking with others. Share personal information at your own risk. I do not promote it, but I can't stop you. If you want to learn more about protecting yourself online read 
Beware What Information You Share With Others.

Pencil No Spamming or Flooding
No spamming or flooding the chat. This is just no fun for any of us and we can't be productive this way. So I ask you to please not spam.

Pencil No Callouts or Harassment

Please do not use the chatroom for callouts, or harassment. We will not tolerate this and take appropriate action.

Pencil Advertisement
You are allowed to advertise commissions and collaborations. Ask for requests, or advertise contests, and raffles as long as you do not flood the network. I would ask that you put a 10-minute timer on it.

Pencil Discussion of Your Own Work
You are allowed to get together with others and discuss your works in chat. 

Pencil Artwork Sharing and Feedback Requests
You are allowed to share your artwork here as well as long as it pertains to your literature or stories. We want to foster creativity and encourage you to develop your worlds completely. You may ask for feedback on it as well, although please remember this chat is devoted to literature.

Pencil Mature Deviations
You can share any literature here. I ask that you follow DA policy. If you are asking for critiques on material that fall under mature audiences, please warn people ahead of time. On mature deviations when asking for feedback that we remain professional and not let the discussions become inappropriate. In fact, I encourage feedback for sexual themes to be done in the comments of the actual work rather than in the chat. So that we protect our minors and avoid offending someone. If this becomes a problem, I may disallow these pieces to be brought up in the chatroom. I don't know how DA handles romance or erotica works, but I would suggest possibly handling feedback outside the chat.

Pencil Political Pieces
If you have a political piece and want feedback for a college or school assignment. You are welcome to share it. I ask that if someone shares this, that instead of turning it into a political debate we make it an exercise like in the colleges and just critique the paper, give feedback, and help the person write a stronger argument. (I've done this for people of opposing views. If I can remain objective in writing, I can expect you to learn how to do so as well.) Let's keep it civil. If it becomes a problem in the future. I will disallow political pieces or school work assignments.

Pencil Providing Feedback and Critiquing
When providing feedback, please respect the individual and provide a positive and healthy atmosphere. We all want to grow and thrive, not wilt and die. It is your responsibility to own your feelings. If you aren't ready for detailed feedback and critiques or are easily discouraged and hurt I would ask that you ask for soft critiques or feedback. Let people know your warming up to this still.

    Like always if you have problems, suggestions, or feedback please let a moderator know via note. Note Us
    Thank you again for participating in WritersResources we appreciate you taking the time to read this.
    - Cecily R. Founder Writing emoticon 

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MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018   General Artist
A good summery, though I recognized some spelling mistake (I forget where, unfortunately...)
Just one thing that is not clear to me: What is pg-13?
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist…
Its a term for keeping it more towards cleaner conversation swearing at a minimum, topics that may be considered mature probably should be watered down, since there are minors. Pg pg-13 nc17 R M that kind of thing, its to put a potential stop gap on romance material so that it doesn't make someone uncomfortable. I can re-fix that, if there is a language barrier but not anyone system is recognized world wide.
MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018   General Artist
I would put it down - or add a link to the Wikipedia description above :). We do have another system here, called FSK, and I just had a look: it seems that about every country has a (slightly) different version of restricting age-appropriate contents ^^
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Jan 18, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Makes sense I just wonder if there will be a better recognizable world-wide description that's better. So I will do some more research tonight. There has to be something.
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