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Wed Jan 31, 2018, 3:26 PM
    I really want to start commissions and such but I can't seem to decide on what I want to do for certain tool. I also still do not have the funds. I have been told to do commissions to earn money for scanners but no one wants a crap image quality from a phone. Since having a kid and being a stay at home mom I have lost my local connections which I feel I'm going to need to re-establish at some point.

    So If I get a scanner I don't want it to be cheap and crap out on me like my last one, but I don't want to go too expensive either. What are some of you guys using out there in terms of scanners? Also what do you think of these two? I kind of need a printer too to a degree so a  combo one would be ideal, but I am told they break down easier and my last one didn't last long.……

    I'm also looking for ways to better display my art or store it. I have those carry brown protectors but I only store big stuff in them. I've used clear binders and inserts over the years, but I'm not sure I'm liking that. I may stick with it though. What are your thoughts? How do some of you protect your art? Or portfolio if?

    When it comes to commissions and ideas of what people want I've posted  several polls to get ideas. I posted a poll on what people wanted to see from me more this year, what people watch me for and such. I even posted a poll to see how many people would be interested. I have nine potential interested watchers. I guess even aside the polls I'd like to hear from you guys comments wise what you would want if you were commissioning me, to gain an idea on how to tailor my ToS. If I'm going to be setting this up this year I need to make sure I'm fully ready with a scanner, a ToS, and a Commissions Price Guide. I want to be sure all of my eggs are in a basket. 

    I also have questions for online commission money handling. If I use ko-fi then they take a percentage for running the site and then from there if I transfer it to paypal they also take a percentage. So is it better to ko-fi to paypal or go straight to paypal? Points to paypal? Should I do points? I recently I found out that you can convert them. Is there a rate for which I need to watch out for on points converting to money and vise-versa? It would seem that 10 points equals less than ten cents? In real life things of this nature are easier, building a contract and receiving payment and such are smoother. When handling money and clients I've thought about making it an 18 or older so that parents do not get upset at their kids for such interactions, I know some parents that don't want that kind of information being passed around and I completely agree with and understand internet safety. In paypal when people transfer money I can see their name and email address, so this is sensitive information and I wish to keep my clients safe! Is it best to do 18 or older clients online for safety precautions?

    Just some things I have been thinking about, feel free to pitch in if you commission or are interested in commissions and what topics/subject you would like to commission. Knowing is half the battle! Thank you for reading and stopping by to give your input!

    Edit: I apologize for scaring anyone I was up way too late last night working on Candyland, reading tutorials, and writing this out. I myself do not have a business paypal but a personal one so I do not see your home addresses. I am doing some research into the differences between the personal and business paypals. For now I am set to personal because I am not sure how successful commissions will be and will probably not need a w2. In the US w2's will be needed for business or jobs for tax purposes and if you come under a certain amount it is not required to file from my understanding. Though I always have and its beneficial to file even if you come under because you can get tax credits and returns. I think if you donated straight to my paypal and not through the third part site you can actually see my information, because I use google, I will have to look more into it. It is why I haven't selected the option to do direct paypal donation but the use of a third party site. 

    *I have changed the paragraph to reflect email address instead of address.* All though if I do handle commissions where I ship the original pieces I will be using addresses so this is why I have talked about safety and security. I may or may not offer original pieces based on my research on here. For yours and my safety. If I decide on not shipping originals I will provide a high resolution file for prints. Prices will obviously be reflected in that for fairness. Please forgive me and be patient with me. Online is a new learning experience for me, and this is why I am not rushing into online commissions as fast as possible. I am taking my time so I can protect myself and you from fraud and harm! 

    If anyone else has questions on internet safety, fraud prevention, and commissions, I will be sharing what I know either sometime today or later this week in a well written document for your enjoyment. I will also be uploading them to WritersResources and Network-With-Us for multiple platform access.

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MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018   General Artist
I'm not an expert with scanners, but the second one looks quite good. Especially for that price. That scanner seems to have a high resolution, and can scan up to A4.
I personally have some Epson printer-scanner, and it has lasted more than 5 years now :). And it's still scanning and printing without any problems. The only "drawback": the original (Epson) ink carriages are quite expensive. Their price is about the price of the printer itself :/. So - I try to avoid using them, there are quite some alternatives on the market... and with my printer-age there is no "loosing warranty" or something similar ^^.

How do I protect my art... to be honest - I have some problems with the correct english terms here ^^. I have some kind of folder I put them in.

Um - you see the address of a person when paying? Um - other question.... does the artist/store/receiver see my address when I pay? Does the payer/buyer see my address as receiver? I'm not sure I would want any of that to be displayed...
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you for this. This will help with my decision making process for sure.

Like those manila brown carry all's?

lol I'm sorry if I scared you on that, I just realized when I typed that I misspoke. (I will fix that.) I was up late last night. I meant email address. I think however though if you have a business paypal they may handle that information. I contemplated doing a business one for tax purposes, but their is no way to know for sure how successful it will be and in the US if you come under a minimum amount made in a fiscal year I believe you don't have to file. If you do you will always get reimbursements though. I think you can still file taxes on a personal paypal and not need a w2 but its a bit harder, not much though. Your safe all I see if your name and email address which I won't be sharing that information or abusing it in anyway. I agree as well, I will look into it a bit more as well so that you have more information to go on. I've been trying to read up on paypal. I will pass on whatever I learn kk.
MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018   General Artist
You're welcome (:

Um... no idea - language problems ^^. I mean something like this: malereihbksaar.files.wordpress…

Oh - yes, I did see your PayPal-email when sending you a coffee. But I think that's okay - as you can also send money directly to that PayPal-account through knowing the email-address.
Thank you very much for sharing that information, and intending to do so with the other things you find about PayPal :). So, it's good to know you only see my mail address, and that you won't share it anywhere! Thanks for that :)

And - last one side-note on words in different languages (fun-fact like ^^): The german address is spelled Adresse - with only one "d". One day I recognized I'm confused of how to write it in German. And some day, later, I recognized I'm confused because the english word is written with two "d" - and I did the same in German ^^. Since that day, I know how to write each one of those...
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Awesome. Yeah that's what I thought you were talking about. I just wish I had more storage space, I live in a small apartment. Well its bigger than most peoples living spaces in other parts of the world but considerably small for a standard out here. I live in a two bedroom lol. So relativity speaking with my tools and supplies they are in totes stacked and I have to pull what I use at the time out and put it away so I have space.

No problem. Big on safety.

I vaguely remember that in school as well. I can see that happening. I think its cool how some words sound exactly what they mean in English/German. Like hot and cold, or music for example: Heiss (Don't have a key for double esset.) Kalt, Musik or like eat which if I remember is esse or essen. :/ Let me see if I can flex so brain old atrophies brain muscle here and show a little what I have left. 
Ich bin Cecilia. Ich komme aus Utah. Ich mochte lernen Duetsch und Art. Wow um basic poorly constructed sorry. I have my books I should go through them again. Ever since I go tout of high school I was working like 3 jobs at one time and now i have a kid so it hasn't been priority :( I like mochte because you essentially take three English words and slam it into one. A word in your language as phrase in ours. Its simple and clean. English can be a pain becuase one word can mean so many things. Sorry if this is immature to show, I like how this comedy piece nails the English language. Even english speakers get confused and can't write their own language well out here.…
MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Feb 4, 2018   General Artist
Yes, it is cool :). Though that stops when there are words sounding/being written (almost) the same, and having a completely different meaning XD. Or a slightly different... I don't have an example at hand, but I know I did come across such words.
Yes, "eat" is "essen" - "esse" doesn't exist ;).
Hey - don't worry about the quality. At least you kept some of it :D. And, as you say - you had enough other stuff to care about!
Your first two sentences are fully correct ;). The third one is "Ich möchte Deutsch und Kunst lernen" - so just change the position of "lernen". Oh - and "art" is "Kunst" ^^.
Hm, that's interesting... and somewhat true. An english word can mean several german words... and, unfortunately, some german words can mean various english words - but they all have another "touch" or "frame" to them ^^. Sometimes hard when trying to translate something, and I don't know the exact meaning/difference of some english words -.-
I just had a look at the video - it's funny :D
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for the clarification! :)
I'm glad you liked the video!
MariaEnzianiaKober Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2018   General Artist
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