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What to Expect!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 1, 2018, 2:22 PM
Okay everyone heads up! I'm going to be super busy with the opening of the new year. I have tons of plans for both my groups and some features I plan to open the new year up with. I posted on the forums two separate threads. One for people to post their friends work and another comparison art thread to help people feel better about their progression. (Promoting healthy thinking in 2018)

So here is a list of to-do's for me and I apologize if I slack on responses. 


- Planning on having two interviews coming up. One in January and one in February.
- Will be looking for active contributors to upload theirs and others works. And help monitor folders and help improve the group.
- Will be looking to affiliate with more groups or people to promote new and undiscovered deviants. 


- Possible chat room coming up. *WIP*
- Possible member folder for feedback.
- Will be looking for admins. Refer to the journal:  Group News Update Group Journal is now updated to seeking admins and contributors.
- More affiliations with other groups that help writers or exposure.
- Come back from Hiatus and start posting more resources from my bookmarks and Pinterest.

Here's my personal list of things to do here. I'm feeling kind of behind and discouraged but I'll pull out of it.

My List:

- Backup and Wipe and Reload Laptop to see if I can nurse it along. I'll be doing this very soon so expect a blackout period.
- Take down my Christmas Tree. I always leave it up until the new year.
- Finish unfinished Christmas Presents for the family. Send them out late. T.T *sniffle* I couldn't get the space I needed to work on my quilts.
- I have a to-do list on my page full of projects like stocking, designing a dress and such. Finish those even if they are out of season.
- Work on traditional and digital art skills.
- Come back from Hiatus and work on my series. Set down 2 hours a day for writing, research, and such.
- Start redoing some of my concept artworks.
- Finish working on a commission page inquiry: rules, guidelines, prices and such. *Still researching* May open commissions in the coming months keep an eye out for it.
- Find a way to obtain a new computer and a scanner. :/ Stuff is dying. If you want to donate to my fund I would very much appreciate it!
- Find a camera or a webcam or figure out how to use this onboard cam in a way that will better suit possible tutorials. *Tutorial research. If I can't get what I need I may just find a way to load or redirect people to good resources.*

Iunya Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Good luck!! :hug:
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
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