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Update on Projects

Sun Mar 4, 2018, 9:44 PM
   I used to speed through drawings a lot growing up. I'm trying to break some habits, slow down, and learn to work on things over a coarse of time instead of having an OCD it needs to be done on the day I start it. I have to say I really like how this request is coming along. I have been methodical and I am taking my time on it. It is starting to really look good. I have done one side of this character design concept in a dynamic pose and the other side will be a bit simpler. I think it will be a good good fashion piece. I am still crafting the poses and I am in lineart phase as we speak. I will be trying to determine if I want to color it traditionally or digitally. I haven't decided yet. If I do it digitally it can be split into to different images like I did with my fashion dress.
  Please be patient with me. I am finding myself rather rusty on traditional art so the practice is very much welcomed. So if I find myself getting stuck I switch to another image. This has been a good experience for me as a confidence booster.
    This request was made before I opened request so it isn't or won't be a surprise. Img 20180304 225921

  Digital Art:
  Candyland is taking a backseat for a bit. I am feeling how shall I say... My heart isn't in it any more. I will finish it though. I am sad, I really want to see Candyland finished and realized but I feel like I am not doing it the justice it deserves. If it doesn't turn out right, it will still be a good learning experience for me and I can always do it over again later. I had envisioned a really colorful piece, and I had also envisioned a monochromatic piece. I saw so many ways in my head of how it could be colored and how it could be executed lighting and texture wise. It would seem it could be a very dynamic piece. I think my problem with this piece while I am trying not to overthink it... I am. I feel I am struggling to realize the composition of the piece and the correct values.

  Traditional Art and Story:
  As for my current traditional work in progress, I am slowing myself down as well and being methodical about design. Mother of Charity will be one piece of many that will be designed for a church or temple for a religion in my story series. I welcome any input on the background design. Right now this is just a concept I am looking at later it will probably scan it in and make a stained glass version of it. To keep with theme though I would like to see a stained glass background, if not a window border for the basic shape. As I am looking at this piece I see myself embodying the popular color scheme of Mary in many paintings. The blue shawl on white dress theme. The inspiration for this piece came as I was working on the mechanics of one of my religions. I had wondered as I was free writing to describe a scene with a character entering said church or temple and seeing its beauty, the design work; the world building so to speak.
  I found myself doing research on renaissance and church paintings as well as stained glass in general. Upon my research I found sculptures I liked and paintings that helped me better visualize what I wanted, The one I was most inspired by is called Daughters of Danaus

  Take a look at how it is coming along. It is skewed a bit from the camera on my phone so I do apologize. Like I said feel free to pitch in ideas for the stained glass background.

Skin by illiyah
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