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    Ever been curious when writing an article piece or a paper for school if you've properly cited your work or accidentally plagiarized? Well, teachers and professors use certain tools to check your work in order to pass or fail you. These are called plagiarism checkers. These tools can be beneficial for your use as well. Before you hand in your work or you publish something, give it a whirl and see if you need to fix your work! It's also a great tool for writers to check if others have infringed on their work, so if you're curious if someone out there may be reposting your work this is also a great tool. Since self-publishing on Amazon has become popular there has been a string of plagiarism accounts on there to generate money off other's hard work. Protect yourself and check yourself before you wreck yourself! XD

    If you don't believe me on the plagiarism epidemic on Amazon check out these articles here. 

    Each site has a set of instructions on how their tool works, be sure to carefully read them to get the best results. (Disclaimer on most sites: Everyone will have something here or there since there are common phrases or sayings.) *Hard to be original when there are only so many ways to say something.

Plagiarism Checker Tools:…  Free to use. Free 1st time. Account sign up with free services.…  Paid Service.

    Grammar is a great way to make it or break it in writing and in school. Its the difference between well written and an assignment marked up in red ink. To avoid having the teacher's pen bring wrath down on your paper, give some of these bad boys a try. I suggest Grammarly since it can also be installed into your internet browser. If you don't want it anymore it's easy to uninstall, simply remove it from the internet extensions. The program can help you become a better writer overall. For me, its helped me become more critical of errors I commonly make when I write. I also use this tool to help me write more professionally everywhere, from Facebook to forums. 

*Some options are free and others are a pay service.
Tools for grammar: Free and Pay.… Some free services. Autosave functions and better spell checker than most office programs!

I hope you guys give at least some of these tools a chance. Thanks for reading, and good luck writing! 
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Submitted on
October 2, 2017