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My Singer Legacy as well as the Legacy of Thousands and maybe even millions of other around the world. Parting with your first machine. It feels a lot like parting with your first car/truck or gun. Its bitter sweet. I was vary hard pressed to part with my machine, even though I needed something more substantial for my sewing needs. I made do with my basic sewing machine because it was my first love.
This was my first Singer Sewing Machine, I received it for Christmas one year in high school. My mother helped me pick it out.

A little history mind you first before I get into why I love this brand.
My quick short and sweet to the point version: In World War 2, during the great fight
against Hitlers forces, many manufacturing plants went out of service temporarily to aid the fight
against Hitlers Mass Genocide. Many corporate officials in the allied forces believed in this cause and 
helped to stop our enemies from winning. Singer one of many manufacturing plants during this time stopped 
their production of manufacture and home grade sewing machine to produce weapons for the war effort.

Not only does Singer make wonderful and durable sewing machine but they were entrusted to make military standard issue
pistols, which to this day are now rare and highly sought after, and you can bet they will cost you a fortune. It was with the combined effort of these companies the belief of our allies and our soldiers that we could succeed in taking down Hitlers forces, and we did. America's and Britain's greatest to this day.
The best and the brightest! This is why I will always buy a Singer Sewing Machine. You can't just be good, you have to be the Best! And have excellent standards with quality to make weapons for the military. In a time when things were made durable and lasted for years Singer has long lived up to its reputation. And to this day it still ranks among-st the highest in quality goods along side Image result for husqvarna and various other machine manufacturing plants!

And now with my piece said: Introducing my new machine the Singer Patchwork 7285Q

I am happy that I now have a new sewing machine and I look forward to using it for many years to come! Thank you Singer for all that you have done through the Century! Serving not only the world with wonderful products but SERVING OUR WORLD for basic Human Rights and Freedom! 
I'd also like to take a Moment to Thank our many Soldiers who have died in those battles. We as a world will not forget and we our honored for you sacrifice! To those who are still surviving, the few. Thank you for being there and fighting and sacrificing your time, and continuing to contribute to society ever after. We are honored to have true hero's. 

Anyway sorry I didn't get to finish this post. Its not almost an entire day later but here we are. I have been playing catch up around the house from Thanksgiving and Black Wednesday-Monday Madness at my work. 

So any way the Singer Machines I've used have always been easy to maintain, keep clean, and use. The best thing about my first machine the 1120 above the first image. That machine was the best machine I've ever used. It was my first OWNED machine but not my first used. I had used my mom's Kenmore, I've even used the high school's Brother's and Bernina's. I've used quite a few different machines. But for a starting machine the 1120, (however almost 6 or 8 years old I am not sure of the manufacturing date on it) It was the best choice I have ever made. I will remain a Singer user to my dying breath. I even have a Singer Serger. I would venture a guess that the repair on my old machine is cheap since it's only a timing issue but I decided it was in my best interest to finally upgrade since I've been needing a little more in the capability. What I do love about the 1120 was how many stitches it had for a basic machine, the button holer was easy to use, and the threading and tension was easy to understand and I never had tension issues. The machine is built in a simplistic fashion so that it is easy to oil and clean and do self-repairs on if you trust yourself. I learned how to maintain and clean my machine in high school so that I would have to pay to have it done. Timing how ever is something I would have a professional do since it is important and it runs the motor/drive-shaft and stitching consistency. 
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Submitted on
December 4, 2014