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My Singer 1120 has had some minor problems that I've been fixing up here and there for the last few years. Granted that my machine is how old now? Like 7 or 8 years old. Laughing; I really love it. It is a basic machine and has been great for when I first started learning how to sew in 2005-2006. It has been wonderful to me as I grew in experience and has a great simple layout that has made working with it fast. Its ability to sew light to medium weight fabrics is great. But its okay with heavy. Has a lot of good functions for the experienced sewer and seems to not really lack a whole lot. Overall I was really happy with my machine.
It was a couple years back about 2009-2010 that I really noticed it having some problems. I think the timing was off. The tension was wonky were re-threading and adjusting the tension knob would not work. The bobbin and shuttle seem fine but the needle doesn't seem to stay on its correct movement path and from time to time hits the shuttle, cuts the thread and skips stitches. It may be as easy as replacing the lower assembly or it may not. I've taken excellent care of the machine. I oil it when it's needed dust it and wash the plate and covers. I don't know how long it will be out of commission for repairs. We may have to take it in.
I will not have a machine for a while so any projects I'm working on may not be completed on time for Halloween. But we will see my boyfriend is excellent with mechanics. I works with a lot of computers and has rebuilt a car before. Even though he's never worked with a machine like this he has confidence that he can fix it. This prospect looks really good, since cars and sewing machines have a lot of similarities from what I, myself can tell.
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Submitted on
October 28, 2012