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My Boyfriend made a successful fix on my singer machine. He even tuned it up. It is running like a dream!
I must say I'm very happy, also happy to have him around because he is so talented! He was happy with the experience too.
He said thank you for letting him at least try, because he was able to learn so much form a new machine he had no experience with.
He was very excited to add sewing machines to his list of know-how-to-fix!
He also had said that he was impressed with how wonderfully made the machine was, and was also impressed with how long it had lasted and how well I'd taken care of it!
It means I'm doing something right! Whats even more exciting is now I'm finally the proud owner of a singer serger! Finally!!!
I've used them a lot over the year but never had one of my own!
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Submitted on
October 29, 2012