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    Sorry, this one is going to be short. Apparently, there are tools online to not only help you stop copyright infringement on written works but artworks as well. I'm going to list the tools below in a bit. (Mostly focusing on art here.) Although there are such tools out there, I would think this would only apply to people that have what others call "artworks worth stealing due to their profitability." I could be wrong, I've been doing a lot of research on copyrights lately, mostly because the subject is confusing and complicated. So, as I stated before, I could be wrong, by this I mean, I've had people I've followed on DA for years, on both of my accounts. You go to check on them to see if they're alive and get a few different reactions due to art theft. They leave with a professional journal or comment stating why they left, leave with a hateful rant, or they take everything down and leave the profile up and leave it inactive. The latter doesn't make sense unless they intend to use it for chat purposes only. Anyway onto the short list of tools.
    In an earlier journal post turned into an article, I posted tools for bettering your writing and protecting your work found here: Tools for Better Writing
    Well here is the short list. Let me know if any of these really work. I tested a few of my stuff, but my work isn't popular enough to show up anywhere but where it's supposed to.
Reverse Image Search
Article How To Use Google Search
    Here are a few good articles as well on what to do if you find out you are a victim of art theft.…………
    And don't forget to cross-reference with the real site on copyright! Sometimes not all info online is accurate. It's always nice to compare!
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October 5, 2017


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