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Hello guys, I'm building a Patreon page. I will be focusing on my writing mostly but will also put up diy projects and artwork on there when I get this really going. I really, really need a scanner for my art though. If I had one I could upload some of my really cool stuff that is on huge poster paper. Most of them 18x22 size but hey whenever that happens not in a hurry. I'm working on my book currently, since this is my main project. I have a lot of art I have not posted on DA, all of which sits in my folders at home. I did this mostly to protect them, because of art theft fear. I think some of it has something to do with self esteem issues as well, but I need to take a plunge since a lot of my art ties into my story boards. I'd like to eventually make an art book available after I hammer out a few fantasy fiction releases.

Here's a few samples of my work to give you an idea of what to expect in the future on my patreon. :thumb472031896::thumb465616295::thumb468861346: 

Later down the road I would also like to make a poll on artwork covers for my books and maybe perhaps hire a digital artist. I haven't decided on the latter yet. Too preliminary still.  None of this is fan fiction its all cannon to my universe, if any of you are curious. I may later host fan fiction contests for my fandom if people are interested as well. 

Please help me pay my bills. T.T I can earn money from every invite I get. Thank you for considering me if you do.
I'm still establishing my page so it's not launched yet. I'm not totally comfortable launching until I have more up for rewards and such, but I can't do this until I have some kind of security net to rely on. Maybe if some of you are interested in following me I'll launch early. Post in the comments and please post what type of rewards sound interesting to you so I can get an idea.
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Submitted on
July 10, 2017