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I never thought losing a roof over your head and having been split apart from my family could have been the biggest blessing in my life.
Its true we've been poor for 80% of my life, but its not so bad. It never has been that bad. I have a great appreciation for what I have and
I make every day the best that I can. Its true I'm depressed often but I'm willing to go forth and try hard to change the circumstances in my life.
After growing up and watch my family struggle and even with money management, I've learned a great many things. One of which is If I don't have the money I won't by it.
Its better to be square than in debt or owe someone. I often wonder though how I'm going to be able to break the cycle of poverty though.
I've found that in life in order to make money you must have the money to invest. This goes hand in hand and does not exclude education.
Sure there are grants and financial aid out there if your willing to look hard and work for them but it can also be hard to pay for school even then.
You can't put a price on education but we obviously have to as a society in order for those taking the time out of there day to teach us to make their money to feed their families.
Education is for a life time and no one can tell you how to think or what you believe,
they may control what comes from your mouth if you live in a country where you may be killed for vocalizing a thought, but they can't take away whats in your heart or head.
And for this I am grateful...
This whole experience just keeps adding to the way I feel about education.
I am very sad though that I'm having a difficult time meeting my needs as an individual being out of a job and almost on the street but only I can change that.
This road has proven to be tough. And I guess All that I can pray for and aspire to do can happen with diligence and time.
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Submitted on
March 19, 2013