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Getting To Know You

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2018, 1:50 PM
    I was tagged, I usually ignore these, but I saw a question on here that A LOT of people ask me all the time so I thought I'd do this one.

**What does your username mean?

    My username started off as a gamer profile/character profile. I play a lot of rpg and action adventure dungeon crawler games. It started out as Seshiri and slowly changed over time to Lady Seshiri and then to Lady Seshiiria. The name was chosen for a character I had created for my story series which I always liked throwing in video games to roleplay, she and another male I have done this with in my games. What it did was help me further develop them through out the years. It may sound weird but stepping outside of yourself and playing your characters on screen helps to define them in a more tangible way. (I will sometimes also sit in my room and dialogue with myself to create better and real dialogue.) With games like Skyrim, one can choose dialogue options and play how they choose. I always used these kinds of games as an opportunity to learn new ways to make characters behave, create new ones/personalities I hadn't thought to try, and better flesh ideas out. Like for instance I recently have been trying out the lady ***** bastard route. An arrogant character type. Its been fun stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing how new situations can play out. Its also given me an idea of how to make a character act in story. Though when it comes time to fix my manuscript for publishing, I will be tossing the name out for something that will fit to the world better.

How long have you been on Deviantart?

    Since 2005 in high school, I joined earlier than the site allowed. I didn't know this at the time though, and didn't understand the terms on policy well. I really strongly suggest following policy even if you have a parent permission.

Do you speak multiple languages?

    No. I tried to learn German in high school though. Its been too long to remember any of it though.

Where is your favorite place to hang out?

    I no longer have one since I have had a kid, I've sort of become a shut in. My day revolves around him, and long before I had him many of my friends moved or I cut ties with them for many reasons. One being drugs. Anyway when I had friends I actively hung out with, I would hang out at the park or their houses.

The person or place do you want to visit?

    I would like to go to Germany one day, but I would like to settle with having enough money to go fishing and camping again around the state.

Do you have any pets?

    Not any more. I live in an apartment that charges an extra $70.00 a month to have one. They no longer allow them too. Unless you already had one when they changed policy and can afford the new deposit on one. There is a really great reason why they did this though. We had a neighbor get kicked out for letting her dog shit all over the house and they never cleaned it up. It smelled bad and the health department got involved.

What is your favorite art medium to use?

    Graphite, and colored pencil. Though I am learning to do digital, and will be retrying watercolor and mixed mediums again.

What do you like about your art?

    Its not fanart. That its original and not something that already exists. I hope that doesn't sound pretentious. I like fanart, but I would rather expend energy creating my own stuff.

What do you dislike about it?

    I feel like I can't draw hands, feet, and facial features really well. I get told I do really well all the time. But deep down I feel like I'm not diversifying enough. Also my style, I feel like anime has influenced m art to a large degree, despite doing everything in my power to avoid that influence. I would much rather inject heavy metal fantasy influences into my artwork.

What inspires your art?

    Heavy Metal Fantasy. Um growing up my anger, depression, and boredom. I tried to create pretty things when I was frustrated angry or sad. Instead of dwelling on the negative and drawing negative things I felt inspired to recreate my fantasy worlds and characters.
    Heavy Metal Music, well any genre really.

What are your goals for the future?

    Learn to diversify in my art, both in terms of styles, and subjects, as well as mediums. Major goal is to learn digital art and learn to draw males.

Add your favorite piece from your gallery: 

    That's a hard one... Just one? :/

<da:thumb id="468861346"/> <da:thumb id="468862544"/>

    I hand drafted the pattern, remeasuring and testing to make sure it was perfect before using my materials. I spent about 2 weeks in designing, planning and drafting stages. Spent about $80.00 in material and spent another week sewing and hand beading this piece. I feel like its my greatest fashion accomplishment. If I had more money, I would have boned and lined it. Ran out of funds so I did what I could with what I had.

If we're talking art as in drawing: 

Pick someone else's deviation to feature: 

A Moment of Rest by FrerinHagsolb and  Beneath the Old Oak by FrerinHagsolb

Link a song: 
    A random one? :D Okay

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