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 Before we get started. I just want to thank again whoever was kind and donated the three-month core account. It's mega appreciated and I feel loved! So, here's to my third featured journal! I've met some pretty amazing people over the last couple months. We have a strong community of artists looking to give and receive feedback that I hadn't been aware of. As I've been taking part in some groups and chats looking to help others and gain feedback on my own work, I've had the opportunity to run into some generous souls and talented artists! 

Garnet by OtakuAlice45  Girly Dreams by OtakuAlice45  Planets by OtakuAlice45  Zaia Coloring by OtakuAlice45

Stand Tall by cholie   3,2,1, Let's Party by cholie  Proud by cholie  Bilious Green Clouds by cholie

Hell Hound by KurGuardianz  Evil Angel by KurGuardianz  Kur's Aura Part 1During a very dark night at the Saturday home, Doc & Drew are doing some midnight sparing in the training room, Doyle is making a few adjustments to his Jet Pack in the living room, Komodo sneaks into the kitchen to get himself a snack & Zon is minding her own business in her nest outside. As for Zak, Lexi & Fiskerton, they are all sleeping in their separate beds in the bedroom. At first everything seemed okay, but suddenly, Komodo hears a shriek coming from Zon outside. He crawls outside as fast as he can to see if Zon what is wrong, but as soon as he arrives at Zon's nest, she is gone.
Komodo goes to the living room so he can try to warn Doyle about Zon's disappearance, but when Komodo makes it to the living room, Doyle is also gone. Then after a few seconds, Komodo hears huge thuds coming from the room that Doc & Drew are in. Komodo enters the training room, Doc & Drew are also gone, the room is filled with knockout gas. Komodo tries to keep himself awake after breathing in the
  Kur's Aura Part 2*17 Minutes Later*
After a long search, Zak & Lexi managed to find their tracking device that was confiscated by Doc about a month ago.
"Shouldn't we wake Fisk up before we leave?" Zak asked.
"I've tried waking him up while you were in the surveillance room, we're on our own" Lexi replied.
Lexi used her shape shifting ability to turn herself into a Thunderbird, a fast & large bird-like creature with a few lizard features. Zak climbed on Lexi's back with a worried look on his face before they both took off, leaving Fiskerton all alone in the Saturday home.
*29 Minutes Later*
Zak & Lexi found Van Rook after they tracked him in the ghost town of Switzerland, the same place where Van Rook & Piecemeal tried to kidnap Fiskerton.
"Where's our family metal head?" Lexi asked.
But Van Rook ignored Lexi's question and started throwing a few concussion grenades at her. Luckily, Lexi managed to conjure up a unbreakable ice shield in front of her before the grenades exploded. Zak charged at Van Rook

    :iconkenkrath: While he doesn't create the art for his RPG videos he does the scripts! Check out Atis's Gaze. He's looking for feedback and opinions on the dialogue, so please feel free to help out! Here's his youtube channel:… Map was created by Lustermx
Sprites created by LyxvenPanel inked by CarloGardePanel colored by DotslineshapeIntro character shot was done by PVproject, and Gif was created by Sang Hendrix
Narboz - The Herculean Artisan by KenKrath  Atis's Gaze - Episode 1 (Motion Novel) by KenKrath  The Five Faces of Agnar by KenKrath  The Parade - Episode 1 Scene of Atis's Gaze by KenKrath


Space Pup - Speed Art by BunnyBoots  Where Do We Go From Here - Speed Art by BunnyBoots  Portrait by BunnyBoots  Shrub | OTA | Offer Anything | CLOSED by BunnyBoots  RoseyWingedCat | AT by BunnyBoots

Under the Bridge by InkDragon86  Mandala 1 by InkDragon86   Mandala 2 by InkDragon86  Meta sentiero ciclamini by InkDragon86

    On another note please check out our group  :iconwritersresources: There are tons of resources already uploaded since its arrival one month ago! Please stop by and check it out! Whether your an aspiring writer or a skilled author we would appreciate your membership. We need writers willing to share their experiences and be an example to others! If I can get enough members I would like to eventually find some admins to help manage the group, greet newcomers, enforce rules, and provide assistance.

    I've started a trail folder for members who are interested in feedback. I would like to build a system to manage this if it takes off. I want to make it a critique trade folder for serious members. So if you are a member or plan on joining your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. Since this is an Alpha test and it ends up not being successful, I'll be putting the idea aside for the time being and we will just solely focus on references and resources!
    I plan to upload more as soon as I can but I will be away for a few days. I had a crisis come up and I may not have a home unless I can somehow manage to pull $400.00 bucks out of thin air. With the holidays approaching things will naturally slow down anyway, but don't lose hope, I have tons more to add! So keep an eye out! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, this sort of thing happens. 
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Ayyy I agree with you! OtakuAlice45 has been one of my best friends on here since 2013 and has helped me so much! Thank you so much for featuring her and everyone else :heart: :heart: It's so kind of you to do a feature :)
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem!
OtakuAlice45 Featured By Owner Nov 17, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much for the feature :D :heart:
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You're Welcome! Thank you for your support!
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