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Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda :navi: Commissions Trades and Requests :navi: Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 

Please read the full information before noting me. Application is at the bottom.


What I can do:

Please take a look at my traditional art gallery to get an idea of what I do.

Fashion Sketches

Female Character Concept Art

Some Designs and Logos

Graphite Black and White Detailed Pictures

Colored Pencil Pictures

Basic Poses

I will do OC’s. References preferred but not required, if you do not have a character reference to work from a detailed explanation with human reference trait images will help. (Face claim or whatever they call it.)


What I can’t do or working to rectify:

I am rusty or not yet skilled to accomplish.

Animals and Creatures (Not skilled enough.

Group Pictures (Rusty check back later)

Realistic Self-Portraits (Way too rusty.)

***Male Character Concept Art (I need some work before I feel comfortable enough to do commissions on this.)

***Digital Art (I’m not skilled enough to accomplish this at this time.)


What I absolutely won’t do:

Sexually Explicit or Pornographic Artworks

Fetish Artwork:
Bondage, Furry, S and M, BDSM, ABSD, Exploitation of Children or Adults in any manner, BBW or SBBW Artwork for Fetish.

Shipping Artworks

Nudes (This area of artwork can easily cross the line into NSFW)

Write your stories for you, but I can provide feedback or critiques.


Sizes, Types, and Prices:

    **Prices are set according to digital file prices. Shipping and handling and physical copy prices are yet be added.

Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. *Prices may vary on paper sizes. Sizes may vary according to manufacturing/brand tolerances. Sizing chart was made to give you a base idea.

Small: Standard A4 or 8” by 10” $1.00

Medium: A3 11” by 16” or 18” by 12” $3.00

Large: A2 16.5” by 23.4” or 18” by 23” $5.00 *Currently Unavailable


Media: Graphite, and Colored Pencil.

    ·         (Busts) Sketch Portrait - Lineart $25.00

    ·         (Busts) Detailed Portrait - Lineart Simple Shading $30.00 or B&W $40.00, Flat Color $40.00, and Shaded Color $50.00

    ·         Character Half Body W/O Background - Lineart $25.00, Lineart Simple Shade $30.00, B&W $35.00, Flat Color $40.00, Shaded Color $45.00

    ·         Character Half Body With Simple Background - Lineart $35.00, Lineart Simple Shade $40.00, B&W $50.00, Flat Color $45.00, Shaded Color $60.00

    ·         Character Full Body W/O Background - Lineart $35.00, Lineart Simple Shade $40.00, B&W $50.00, Flat Color $45.00, and Shaded Color $60.00

    ·         Character Full Body With Simple Background - Lineart $40.00, Lineart Simple Shade $45.00, B&W $80.00, Flat Color $90.00, Shaded Color $100.00

    ·         Logos or Tattoo’s - Lineart $25.00 Lineart Simple Shade $35.00 Flat Color $45.00 Shaded Color $60.00 *Higher Detail or Complex Images may require re-negotiation.

    ·         *Fashion Adopts (Currently Unavailable - Waiting on Digital Improvement.)
    ·         *Commissions with complex backgrounds will require negotiation more than likely resulting in a higher fee.

*I reserve the right to refuse a commission without an explanation. Please respect this.


Licenses: Private and Commercial

*Work in progress…

For now I am only accepting personal private use requests. All work shall be credited to the creator. I do not own your ideas, characters, or designs. I however take credit for my work. You may credit me by linking to my profile here: or :iconladyseshiiria:

Commission Approval and Payment Agreement

  1. By sending Payment for a Commission, you agree to the terms of this policy and you will follow the Code of Conduct in regards of payment, refunds and handling of commissions.
  2. You must digitally sign the application below showing that you understand the Terms of Service and the refund policy before I will consider the commission.
  3. There are no refunds. Except under special circumstances. Continue reading below to find out.
  4. Half payment will be required upfront, half of this will be non-refundable deposit. The last of the payment will be required upon the basic sketch approval stage. This is to ensure that the buyer is serious and to prevent any scams on either part of the business transaction.
  5. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstance after the the basic sketch approval phase.
  6. DA FAQ: "Artists should always consider issuing a refund in the case of a Buyer who is unhappy, however artists are not required to provide a refund. Upon receiving a refund, the buyer should return the digital file or provide the artist with confirmation that the file has been destroyed." Because I cannot verify that a file has been destroyed once the commission is near completion or completed, there will be no refunds.  
  7. Refunds will be permitted during the basic sketch phase. If you are at all unsatisfied with the results of the basic sketch phase and until after we have exhausted all options, you may ask for a refund minus the deposit. Please understand that artists work hard to please their clients. This is why there is a non-refundable deposit.
  8. I ask that you do not send points or money before the approval stage. I will consider them a donation. I am doing this to prevent people from assuming, harassing me, pushing me, or bribing me into a commission. If you send points or money before I agree to do a commission and before we agree on what you are looking for. I will consider this ass hole tax. Sorry.
  9. Please respect my way of conducting business. I will not tolerate harassment of any kind. I ask that you remain professional and if you have a dispute I expect you to handle it like an adult. In other words politely message me. Anyone who harasses me, threatens me, bullies me, tries to scam me, sends friends to bully me, or uses call out journals will be reported and blocked as well as anyone who helps them. I abide by DA policy and I do use the reporting system. If harassment continues, I will press the point further. Cyber-bullying is a federal crime. This means the police and FBI will be involved.
  10. I will not accept paid commissions from minors (under 18) for safety reasons. Please understand this is not because I don't want your business but because I want to protect you. There have been issues on DA recently where minors have paid for things without their parents permission and with their parents money. Refunds have been demanded and it hurts the artist. I would ask that you take advantage of the raffles, and free art requests when they are available, they will be your best chance. Plus its free, and no one gets hurt.
  11. I reserve the right to refuse a commission without an explanation. Please respect this.
  12. Terms of Service and prices are subject to change.
  13. If you want to give a no-stings attached donation please either donate points to my widget or my Ko-fi account here:        

What do I receive? *WIP*

  1. Digital copy information
  2. Physical copy information and shipping info.

Commission Application:

A separate one needs to be filled out for every new/separate commission.

    1.      Type of commission: Example: Character Full Body W/O Background - Lineart $35.00


    2.      Logo or Tattoo: Description of what you would like. References are really appreciated! (Leave blank if not pursuing this type of commission.)


    3.      Pose: Static or Dynamic (References are welcome and appreciated.)


    4.      Character: A short appearance description (References are welcome and mega appreciated.)


    5.      Outfit: Description of the designs and elements of the clothing. (References are welcome and mega appreciated.)


    6.      Background: If you chose a background, a simple design or gradient background is included. If not leave this area blank.


    7.      Paper Sizes: Please check out what is available.


    8.      Preferred Deadline: If none, you will get a small discount, but finishing the commission may take longer. Please also be reasonable I have a young child to take care of.


    9.      Additional important information and suggestions: Examples: Colors, mood, expression etc.


    10.    License: Leave Blank *WIP Only Private Personal Use is Available Currently.

    ·        Private or commercial use? Please state clearly what the intended purpose of the requested image will be. If it will be used commercially please be aware there will be an additional fee. If you are part of a company, then the fee will be a percentage and contract.

  • I understand the refund policy and agree to the Terms of Service.
    Digital Signature: 

Terms of Service. This was a pain in the butt to write. I had to carefully plan this out over the coarse of a few months. Hopefully it is understandable. Its a WIP if you have suggestions I would love to here them!

I have yet to decide if I will be selling physical copies because of address and personal information. There have been a lot of scams and problems online recently that make safe business practices harder. I have yet to research prices on shipping and handling and company.
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