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Christmas Wishlist

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 9:00 PM
I know some of these aren't even going to be feasible with our money situation, but here it goes.

Books on Writing:
Creating Characters The Complete Guide To Populating Your Fiction…
Help! For Writers…

A new computer my desktop crapped out on us, and this laptop sounds awful, I'm expecting it to die soon as well.
A scanner for scanning artwork.

Money for fabric to start my next project.
Eyelets and Boning
Pinking shears
Self-Healing Mat
Rotary Cutter
Another Dressform Regular to Plus (Currently I have a petite sized one. Sizes 84/33 to 39.5/100 I'm no longer petite since I had a kid. If I got another one I could have to work with and would have a larger range of sizes to work with.)

What I'd like to do is build this cosplay I've been slowly gathering materials for, but I'm still missing a lot. I was going to create an Aela the Huntress but getting the materials has proven to be rather expensive. Most of these tools will be great investments in other projects.

Materials: **What I still need
Faux Fur 1 yard
Wonderflex 3 yards to be safe
AMACO Friendly Plastic Pellets
Craft Foam
12 Gauge Wire
Muslin (Practice Prototype)
Spray Foam (The Can Kind, the one that grows and is used for insulation.)
PVC Pipes and Joints (Making a rig for painting)
PVC Glue

Materials: *What I have so far
Faux Leather Suede Light Brown
Micro Suede Green

Notions: **What I still need
Brown Thread
Green Thread

Notions: *What I have so far
Suede Craft Leather Lace Toast Color
D rings
Tube Beads
15mm Turquoise Round Flat Beads
18mm Turquoise Round Flat Beads

Tools: **What I still need
Trauma Scissors
Sanding Sponges
Clay Sculpting Tools
Heat Gun (Paint Stripper Gun)
X-acto Knives Kit
Eye Protection
Alligator Clips
Marking Pencils
Marking Pens
French Curves (Stencils) *Missing a few
Bucks and Forms
Spray Paint Hammered Iron
Spray Paint Iron Base
Acrylic Rusts (Detail)
Acrylic Irons (Detail)
Testers Rust Colors (Detail)
Clear Coat

Tools: *What I have so far
Leather Needles
Leather Punch
Metal Awl
Long Screw Driver
French Curves

Fashion Project:
Lining fabrics
Lace by the yard 10
Corset Findings

Maybe I'll post up my fashion sketch of what I'm planning on doing. I have all the beads I need for it. Its gonna be like really elegant and over the top. I'm also planning on a variant a simple lace.

So obviously that's probably asking too much. So here's a lite duty list. 

Points for future core, watchers, favorites, llamas, points for super group, points for contests, and artworks.

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