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I'm going to slowly transfer my things over to another site or blog or whatever. (Like what everyone else seems to be doing.) I have 2 accounts here, this one and MorbidChickOfDeath. If you wish to remain friends in contact please send me a a message and I will get back to you. I'll either send my personal email out or a make shift until I have my blog set up. You may also receive a message from me if I'm aware of your lack of presence on here. (Reserving latter for close friends, this will not be spam obviously.)

Before I go on I do want you to know I know that all art is subjective and can be controversial. I'm not dumb... These are just my personal feeling not offense is meant.

The reason(s) for my leaving deviantart:

Poor distinction between pornography and artistic nudes or mature art. 

(I don't want to hear the turn on your filter bit. I should be able to see and receive art from people I want to see that do make mature postings that aren't necessarily pornographic. I also don't want to hear well you draw mature artwork and such. Yes I do but I distinguish what I feel is appropriate as an artist to my audience and I have lines that I don't cross that I would expect to not be crossed with me. Sorry for continued rant: 1. Its all in the body language and position. 2. Genitals. (I maybe a woman and all and I'm not trying to play this card since I am pretty open minded to it, but breasts are okay I think where I disagree is with anything below the belt on a lot of things. I think because they stimulate sexualized feelings that tend to be stronger. Breasts tend to be a huge grey area as it is lets not complicate things more. 3. What is the artist is trying to accomplish with said art. (ei are you objectify the body or presenting a artistic point? Can be broken down into various questions: For example Selfies- Am I photographing myself for validation? Yes or No? What kind of validation? Cosplay, fashion, clothing, or desire for body attention. (Insert vapid reason here.) (Body attention leads to bad things. I notice a lot of underage females on here doing this.)

Enough with that lame old argument..

The site isn't and hasn't been giving me what I've wanted for a very long time.
I won't go into detail it doesn't matter. Point is the site is dying. 

Everyone is going to self branding I might as well.

Too easy to get lost in the void that is deviantart. Lets face it. The site is huge. No big deal am I right? Yeah and no. Its a great place to bounce idea's and meet people, bad place to show case art if your not a popular artist or have something everyone wants to see. EI Fanart Game Art Insert Disapline Here. No complaints. I've noticed you have to work at it to get attention, that's real life for you. Its a great lesson as well. But for someone like me who wants to improve and rarely receives views or critiques its a bad thing. So I have to switch tactics. (Don't take this as complaining for validation. Its just going to try a more practical approach. Staying within immediate community to start off with.)

Things that will suck about Leaving DA:

Meeting people and talking to people all over the world will be hugely missed.
Free storage and the amazing access to copyrights.
Pre-designed layouts. (I'm not computer tech.)
Participation in favorites and favorite storage on a cloud system.
I won't be able to follow my favorite artists in the same easy way.  (I'll have to build a list and link them from my blog with permissions.)

What I look forward to:

Having more control over content.
I don't have to see things I don't want to because people won't be able to recklessly post.
I can remove things at my discretion. (Refer to the first one. And I understand its hard to control a site this big.)

Future plans:

I'm looking to finish my books and I am trying to decide on method of publishing. If you are interested in seeing my books in the future I would suggest following my blog. For now I'm not releasing teasers or anything. 

Looking to get more established in my artwork (Learn Digital) so I can create an image concept and promo art book for my series. 

Looking to stay in contact with many great friends. I hope you will choose to email me.

I have not set a deadline yet. I have inspections coming up so after that is done I will post a more defined date. 

I hope everyone has an excellent day! Love you guys.
KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017   Writer
Just curious -- would you consider my art (erotic scifi comic 'Unsex Me' ~ it's on my page if you're interested) to be one example of such tasteless pornography?
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Sep 26, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
There's not really much there that is explicit, in nature or distasteful. I mostly pointed that at photography. I have my line as well I draw nudes. I was having a bad week where I was sick of selfie nudes popping up in browse. You know is she a teen and why is she doing that it looks questionable. Why are we teaching youth to be self-conscious of their bodies, and exploit themselves for attention?
KaizenKitty Featured By Owner Sep 27, 2017   Writer
Ah, okay. Thanks ^^
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Submitted on
May 23, 2017