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Christmas Contest

  Hi, my name is Cecily most people know me as LadySeshiiria on here. I wanted to hold a small Christmas Contest for fun! I want you guys to DIY your own ornament for your tree this year. The skies the limit on this one. As long as its Christmas themed it can be anything you want. You can make it out of any materials you want as long as it's not one of those premade package fun boxes. Those are the only rules. Anybody who participates must have their entries in by December 25th! To make things fun, I will choose three winners and host them in a journal on my personal page and in my group :iconnetwork-with-us: ! You will be able to pick 5 pieces of artwork you would like me to feature in these journals, I will also post your ornament! First place winner will also be featured in the featured folder on Network-With-Us! It will be a great way to gain exposure! If you are curious as to how to enter your project just shoot me a pm with a link subject description Ornament!

  Good Luck and Have Fun!

  ETA: November 24th Need more exposure? Try this!

  Check out this contest, its easy and you have a chance of having favorites and features! You can potentially earn points too!

This Weeks Features:

:iconravencorona: :iconvirtuxa: :iconplanetrix: :iconbjbon14: :iconmariaenzianiakober: :icontsukom-hikaru:


  My Favorite of this week for sure! I'm so sorry Skyrim is a guilty pleasure and seeing such wonderful and detailed works of the dragons from the game just gave me the nerdgasms!
Watcher in the orange [CE] by RavenCorona  Love and joy by RavenCorona  METALCOCK by RavenCorona  Prophecy is a weak guide by RavenCorona  Never Dead Dragon by RavenCorona  The Terror Has Reignited by RavenCorona

  Another amazing artist this week! I love their landscape concept arts. Being a hardcore fantasy fan, I can totally appreciate the time and effort spent into making buildings and landscapes. They also have an amazing talent for portraits! Makes me kind of jelly!

Ship by Virtuxa  Cave by Virtuxa  Benjamin Marino by Virtuxa  Concept art tower 1 by Virtuxa  Concept art tower 2 by Virtuxa


  If I had the money I would totally commission this person to do the planets for my story artbook. By the way for you hardcore sci-fi lovers out there check this person out they have amazing work! They do planet adoptable as well! This would be good for fantasy as well!

Voyage by Planetrix  Treasure Planet (Collaboration) by Planetrix  [OPEN] Rocky Planet 003 by Planetrix  [OPEN] Terran Planet 005 -- Red/Brown by Planetrix  The Solar System Necklace by Planetrix


  Here is another planet creator artist! They have amazing stuff as well! They are open to requests and art trades as well! If you're interested in planets as a part of worldbuilding this person is another great option to consider!

Errah by bjbon14  Planet Types by bjbon14  New Siberia's glowing atmosphere by bjbon14  New Siberia (requested by elefalcon) by bjbon14


  A friend of mine that I just met recently! I actually started talking to her after I found the first image. I had questions as to how she did the work and she was eager to respond to me. Its hard to find such talented artists online that take the time to speak with their watchers and who are willing to share a bit of their success. Please check her out! She is multi-talented in subject matter and has a lot to offer!

Halloween 2017: Vampiress by MariaEnzianiaKober  Lady Snowflake: Colored by MariaEnzianiaKober  Symmetry with Pearls and Patterns (#1) by MariaEnzianiaKober  Ice Tea: Colored Lineart by MariaEnzianiaKober  Water Fairy Colored by MariaEnzianiaKober  Ivy Symmetry1 by MariaEnzianiaKober


  A friend I met a while back on a game I play. She is a talented artist as well she is good at blending multiple different mediums as well. Since I've started doing features I wanted to incorporate a few of her pieces! I really enjoy talking to her when I get the chance. I know I'm terrible at returning favors in game but I can do something here! 

Requested Mash Up - Gallomay by Tsukom-Hikaru  Bleach - Toshiro Hitsugaya by Tsukom-Hikaru  Tsukom Hikaru - Merry Christmas by Tsukom-Hikaru  Tamako Market by Tsukom-Hikaru  Black Rock Shooter by Tsukom-Hikaru

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  • Playing: Skyrim. When am I not.
 Before we get started. I just want to thank again whoever was kind and donated the three-month core account. It's mega appreciated and I feel loved! So, here's to my third featured journal! I've met some pretty amazing people over the last couple months. We have a strong community of artists looking to give and receive feedback that I hadn't been aware of. As I've been taking part in some groups and chats looking to help others and gain feedback on my own work, I've had the opportunity to run into some generous souls and talented artists! 

Garnet by OtakuAlice45  Girly Dreams by OtakuAlice45  Planets by OtakuAlice45  Zaia Coloring by OtakuAlice45

Stand Tall by cholie   3,2,1, Let's Party by cholie  Proud by cholie  Bilious Green Clouds by cholie

Hell Hound by KurGuardianz  Evil Angel by KurGuardianz  Kur's Aura Part 1During a very dark night at the Saturday home, Doc & Drew are doing some midnight sparing in the training room, Doyle is making a few adjustments to his Jet Pack in the living room, Komodo sneaks into the kitchen to get himself a snack & Zon is minding her own business in her nest outside. As for Zak, Lexi & Fiskerton, they are all sleeping in their separate beds in the bedroom. At first everything seemed okay, but suddenly, Komodo hears a shriek coming from Zon outside. He crawls outside as fast as he can to see if Zon what is wrong, but as soon as he arrives at Zon's nest, she is gone.
Komodo goes to the living room so he can try to warn Doyle about Zon's disappearance, but when Komodo makes it to the living room, Doyle is also gone. Then after a few seconds, Komodo hears huge thuds coming from the room that Doc & Drew are in. Komodo enters the training room, Doc & Drew are also gone, the room is filled with knockout gas. Komodo tries to keep himself awake after breathing in the
  Kur's Aura Part 2*17 Minutes Later*
After a long search, Zak & Lexi managed to find their tracking device that was confiscated by Doc about a month ago.
"Shouldn't we wake Fisk up before we leave?" Zak asked.
"I've tried waking him up while you were in the surveillance room, we're on our own" Lexi replied.
Lexi used her shape shifting ability to turn herself into a Thunderbird, a fast & large bird-like creature with a few lizard features. Zak climbed on Lexi's back with a worried look on his face before they both took off, leaving Fiskerton all alone in the Saturday home.
*29 Minutes Later*
Zak & Lexi found Van Rook after they tracked him in the ghost town of Switzerland, the same place where Van Rook & Piecemeal tried to kidnap Fiskerton.
"Where's our family metal head?" Lexi asked.
But Van Rook ignored Lexi's question and started throwing a few concussion grenades at her. Luckily, Lexi managed to conjure up a unbreakable ice shield in front of her before the grenades exploded. Zak charged at Van Rook

    :iconkenkrath: While he doesn't create the art for his RPG videos he does the scripts! Check out Atis's Gaze. He's looking for feedback and opinions on the dialogue, so please feel free to help out! Here's his youtube channel:… Map was created by Lustermx
Sprites created by LyxvenPanel inked by CarloGardePanel colored by DotslineshapeIntro character shot was done by PVproject, and Gif was created by Sang Hendrix
Narboz - The Herculean Artisan by KenKrath  Atis's Gaze - Episode 1 (Motion Novel) by KenKrath  The Five Faces of Agnar by KenKrath  The Parade - Episode 1 Scene of Atis's Gaze by KenKrath


Space Pup - Speed Art by BunnyBoots  Where Do We Go From Here - Speed Art by BunnyBoots  Portrait by BunnyBoots  Shrub | OTA | Offer Anything | CLOSED by BunnyBoots  RoseyWingedCat | AT by BunnyBoots

Under the Bridge by InkDragon86  Mandala 1 by InkDragon86   Mandala 2 by InkDragon86  Meta sentiero ciclamini by InkDragon86

    On another note please check out our group  :iconwritersresources: There are tons of resources already uploaded since its arrival one month ago! Please stop by and check it out! Whether your an aspiring writer or a skilled author we would appreciate your membership. We need writers willing to share their experiences and be an example to others! If I can get enough members I would like to eventually find some admins to help manage the group, greet newcomers, enforce rules, and provide assistance.

    I've started a trail folder for members who are interested in feedback. I would like to build a system to manage this if it takes off. I want to make it a critique trade folder for serious members. So if you are a member or plan on joining your thoughts and feedback would be appreciated. Since this is an Alpha test and it ends up not being successful, I'll be putting the idea aside for the time being and we will just solely focus on references and resources!
    I plan to upload more as soon as I can but I will be away for a few days. I had a crisis come up and I may not have a home unless I can somehow manage to pull $400.00 bucks out of thin air. With the holidays approaching things will naturally slow down anyway, but don't lose hope, I have tons more to add! So keep an eye out! Don't worry about me, I'll be fine, this sort of thing happens. 
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   * Thank you again to whoever sent me the core donation. I plan to use it to the best of my abilities. My plans are to be more helpful in the community and give back in some way! *

    I just want to take a moment to say thank you, for watching and staying in communication with me! I really enjoy our conversations together! It can be hard on DA sometimes for people to find others that they can chat with on a regular basis. Some don't respond at all, and that's okay too. Some artists are very popular and busy. For those of you who take the time to respond to comments and notes, this is for you!:

   Friends and Best Friends: (Mostly people I constantly talk to.) 
:iconsimdrew1993: :iconnyumon202: :iconjesusfreakblue: :iconjonwassing: :iconmariaenzianiakober: :iconavistella: :iconerzsabet: 

    New People I've Met Recently:
:iconscott-a-t-art: :iconthevexingfox: :iconjennyfeet84: :iconkaizenkitty: :iconkenkrath: :iconniotabunny: :iconanniecoleptic: :iconchaosfay:

   I'm also wanting to start pulling aspiring writers together. Please check out this group here :iconwritersresources: It's a group dedicated to tracking helpful and quality information down. Aside from this, I would like to start a folder for people who are interested in critique trades. We will hopefully be further developing this down the road. For now, it's in an alpha stage.

  Please take some time to check out :iconjonwassing: and :iconjesusfreakblue: writing. They are really good. You can expect to see them in group as well. 


Digital and Traditional Art:

Maydah Amoung the Ruins (by SirTiefling) by jonwassing Flightless Fantasy by SirTiefling by jonwassing Weapons 3 by jonwassing Agnes and Beocallum by 42Ly by jonwassing 

A Matter of Honour: The Nuisance
Somewhere in the Eastern wilds, The High Elven Empire.
506th year under the seal.
    The crude word sounded strange and foreign on the young girls' tongue, jarring William from his thoughts abruptly.
    Hey, enough of that. I've got enough on my mind right now without you cursing all the time.
    "Oh, Sorry."
    The girl shook her head, kicking idly at a rock as they wandered down the dirt path. Her dark blue-black skin shone a bit as the high afternoon sun beat down upon their heads, a trickle of sweat running it's way down her neck to soak into the filthy torn fabric that had once been a very expensive set of clothing. Now the tunic and trousers hung to her young frame like moss on a stone, torn and frayed all over.
    William panted as they marched on, the heat pressing down on his small furry body like an anvil. He paused and sniffed at the side of the road,
  A Matter of Honour: Vengeance
    Somewhere in the Westwatch Mountains, The Frozen North.
    210 Ait Siochanta (207th year under the seal)
    "Well," Xerix muttered to himself ruefully as he trudged doggedly through a snowbank "this is probably the quietest snowstorm I've ever been in."
    The giant fluffy flakes of snow gently floated downwards in nearly straight lines with no wind to disturb them, almost making the traveller feel as if he were walking through curtains of soft clouds whenever there was a break in the foliage overhead. The forest itself was eerily quiet; all sound was instantly muffled by the snowflakes in the air, making the Xerix feel like he was the only being in existence as he slowly crunched his way through the underbrush.
    However tranquil the storm was, Xerix still felt like cursing it. The men he had been tracking for almost six days had been exceptionally hard to follow before, but now he had absolu


Digital Art:

<da:thumb id="701511927"/> <da:thumb id="701512802"/> <da:thumb id="701513078"/> <da:thumb id="701511182"/> <da:thumb id="701512392"/>


<da:thumb id="676737741"/> <da:thumb id="690309622"/> <da:thumb id="671797176"/> <da:thumb id="655901578"/>


Some New Things From Me:

<da:thumb id="713812624"/> <da:thumb id="713958221"/> <da:thumb id="713959904"/> <da:thumb id="713952138"/> <da:thumb id="713953070"/>

Some Really Old Concept Artworks:


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  • Playing: Skyrim. When am I not.
    I have seen a lot of artwork since I've joined the art community way back in 2005. I've been here for about 12 years, and have two accounts. It hasn't been till recently that I decide to take the plunge and become more active in the community. I suffered from confidence issues and self-esteem problems. I think a lot of artists do at some point. Often I feel they are afraid to be labeled as hacks when they work so hard to promote themselves or become better at what they do. One day I would like to learn how to become better at digital art, myself. My larger focus seems to still hold true to traditional art: graphite and colored pencil. I focus a lot on physical mediums like fabrics for sewing costumes and cosplays, quilting or home decor. This year I plan to make my own ornaments for my tree. I often feel people would label me a hack for the lack of evidence on DA of my work when the simplest of issues are at work here. I lack a camera or a scanner, or in this case, I'm about to lose my last computer. I've been so poor for so long, and I tend to focus on keeping a roof over my head that my art or exposure suffers as a result of it.

    One thing I have been working on is improving my writing. Reading about grammar and writing, and working on my story manual while pulling my plot together on a timeline. I'm hoping to finally write and finish this idea for a story that I've had since I was in 6th grade. I know I have a long road ahead of me, I'm probably not going to post it here since I plan on publishing it later down the road. I will at one point need feedback so when I get to a certain point I may look for beta readers. On another hand, I am also working on updating character concept art and I want to finish mapping an area I'm currently working in out. I have a group named WritersResources where I have been posting articles and sites that have been helping me. I want to share it with others because for so long I wanted to write and had no confidence to do it, I hope to inspire others to keep plugging along and leave me as the cautionary tale of what not to do. 

    Many a family member and friends see my works and I am encouraged to sell things, commission work and expose myself more. I live in a really small community where everyone does this and hardly anyone makes money at it. I live in a community that "promotes small business" openly but in reality, does everything it can to stunt it. I've seen so many businesses fail out here because the local government did not want them. One example is a tattoo shop that was run out of town, the city forced them to move 5 times in the span of a year. He painted the side of his 1st building to advertise and at this point in time it was legal but the city council pushed a code/law out despite him so his business was taken from him later as a result. :/ Lame. Another one is a skate shop that has been bumped around since I was in high school, I've lost count on how many times they moved. 

    Despite all this, I still have hope that my local art community stays strong. I would like to one day join their ranks as a booth owner at the art and crafts fair. If anyone has advice on how to become a self-employed artisan I'm willing to listen and take it to heart. Suggestions are welcome from anyone. As for my issues with lacking digital resources, I'm not sure as to what to do at this point. I'm all ears for suggestions.

    So to switch gears a bit here are some of my artworks. My very best in my opinion. (Shameless self-promotion.)

Artisan Crafts:

<da:thumb id="465613116"/>  <da:thumb id="465616295"/>  <da:thumb id="465614451"/>  <da:thumb id="485837770"/>  
<da:thumb id="708327216"/>  <da:thumb id="468861346"/>  <da:thumb id="468862544"/>

Traditional Art: Graphite- Lineart Concept and Artworks


Digital Art: Buttons and Badges

<da:thumb id="337633808"/>   WritersResourceGIF by LadySeshiiria
<da:thumb id="340172972"/>  <da:thumb id="340173635"/>

Artists That Inspire Me:

The Wheel of Fortune by shizen1102  CM: Ri Nirka by shizen1102 
Sacrifice by wlop   Ruler by wlop  Guard by wlop
hades and persephone 1 by sandara  hades and persephone 2 by sandara
The marquise and marquis by TheBrassGlass  Art trade - Amatus by TheBrassGlass
Decorated shield close-up by CathleenTarawhiti  Little Church, Lake Tekapo, New Zealand by CathleenTarawhiti

Friends who inspire me with their hard work, whether it be writing, artwork, or crafts!

:iconjonwassing: :iconjesusfreakblue: :iconsimdrew1993: :iconavistella: :iconchaosfay:

  • Reading: Help! for Writers by Roy Peter Clark
  • Playing: Skyrim. When am I not.
  • Eating: Home-made chili
  • Drinking: Almond Milk
I am soooooo looking forward to this!!!! 

  • Reading: Help! for Writers by Roy Peter Clark
  • Playing: Skyrim. When am I not.
  • Eating: Home-made chili
  • Drinking: Almond Milk
Hey! :icondahub: will give you free Points if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some Points

So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)

So this group can be very handy. It has helped me gain exposure for art and critiques. It has also helped me meet other deviants. I think you guys should check this group out, at least for exposure purposes. If you participate in the points it can help you with future commissions you may want from other artists or even help you trade services other deviants offer. Maybe there is a beta reader out there who will exchange for points? Skys the limit on this groups usefulness. Take advantage of it and have fun!

    While working on writing my own series, I have been doing a lot of research. Everything from regular topics like character development to articles on better writing and how not to be a lazy writer. I decided to pull together some resources for writing that have helped me or are currently are helping me. Some are author or writer blogs, others may be suggested book reads.
My goal is to help other people like others have helped me, by starting at the information gathering stage. I hope to be able to change the way people look at their writing.

    If you have a suggestion please send me a pm. I would like to read through the material before posting.
The group is now open for members to join. I will be updating each category as soon as I can.

    ETA: Okay guys so sorry. For those of you who tried joining, I apparently had the wrong thing selected. Thank you for your patience! You should be able to freely join now!
Hey! :icondahub: will give you free Points if you watch, fav or give llamas to the users in his donation widget!

You can also be featured if you donate some Points

So go to dAhub now! :D (Big Grin)

So this group can be very handy. It has helped me gain exposure for art and critiques. It has also helped me meet other deviants. I think you guys should check this group out, at least for exposure purposes. If you participate in the points it can help you with future commissions you may want from other artists or even help you trade services other deviants offer. Maybe there is a beta reader out there who will exchange for points? Skys the limit on this groups usefulness. Take advantage of it and have fun!
   I'm thinking about starting a writers group. Like there isn't enough on here already, am I right? lol. So My goal is to list resources like articles and blogs from other writers and authors as well as link people to actual writers websites. I will also be posting books on writing that I've read and found helpful for those of you who wish to buy a book or check them out at a library. I could probably hammer out the resources really quick if I could get the initial out of the way.
   My problem is I've been looking around trying to get an idea of what names are already taken. I was going to try resources for writers or resources 4 writers but is already taken. The group is inactive and only has only 3 watchers. It's been up since 2009. I don't know what the etiquette is for naming groups. Any advice would be appreciated. If you have suggestions for a name please comment. 

    ETA: So just an update. I have created the group. I went into the DA chatrooms and talked with some people, and received ideas and help on name suggestions. I was looking for a more straight-forward name, which is very hard. Since most of the names I came up with were already taken I settled on a suggestion from :iconerzsabet: WritersResources. Thanks to her I can worry about posting articles and resources. I know it's not very original, but as she said a variation isn't going to hurt anyone. We're not entirely sure if some of these groups are still active.
    Right now I just want to focus on getting the page up and running so there isn't going to be much going on. I will update on it further when I decide to go live. For now, I've closed the group so no one can join, so I can just focus on building the groups platform.
    Sorry, this one is going to be short. Apparently, there are tools online to not only help you stop copyright infringement on written works but artworks as well. I'm going to list the tools below in a bit. (Mostly focusing on art here.) Although there are such tools out there, I would think this would only apply to people that have what others call "artworks worth stealing due to their profitability." I could be wrong, I've been doing a lot of research on copyrights lately, mostly because the subject is confusing and complicated. So, as I stated before, I could be wrong, by this I mean, I've had people I've followed on DA for years, on both of my accounts. You go to check on them to see if they're alive and get a few different reactions due to art theft. They leave with a professional journal or comment stating why they left, leave with a hateful rant, or they take everything down and leave the profile up and leave it inactive. The latter doesn't make sense unless they intend to use it for chat purposes only. Anyway onto the short list of tools.
    In an earlier journal post turned into an article, I posted tools for bettering your writing and protecting your work found here: Tools for Better Writing
    Well here is the short list. Let me know if any of these really work. I tested a few of my stuff, but my work isn't popular enough to show up anywhere but where it's supposed to.
Reverse Image Search
Article How To Use Google Search
    Here are a few good articles as well on what to do if you find out you are a victim of art theft.…………
    And don't forget to cross-reference with the real site on copyright! Sometimes not all info online is accurate. It's always nice to compare!
    Ever been curious when writing an article piece or a paper for school if you've properly cited your work or accidentally plagiarized? Well, teachers and professors use certain tools to check your work in order to pass or fail you. These are called plagiarism checkers. These tools can be beneficial for your use as well. Before you hand in your work or you publish something, give it a whirl and see if you need to fix your work! It's also a great tool for writers to check if others have infringed on their work, so if you're curious if someone out there may be reposting your work this is also a great tool. Since self-publishing on Amazon has become popular there has been a string of plagiarism accounts on there to generate money off other's hard work. Protect yourself and check yourself before you wreck yourself! XD

    If you don't believe me on the plagiarism epidemic on Amazon check out these articles here. 

    Each site has a set of instructions on how their tool works, be sure to carefully read them to get the best results. (Disclaimer on most sites: Everyone will have something here or there since there are common phrases or sayings.) *Hard to be original when there are only so many ways to say something.

Plagiarism Checker Tools:…  Free to use. Free 1st time. Account sign up with free services.…  Paid Service.

    Grammar is a great way to make it or break it in writing and in school. Its the difference between well written and an assignment marked up in red ink. To avoid having the teacher's pen bring wrath down on your paper, give some of these bad boys a try. I suggest Grammarly since it can also be installed into your internet browser. If you don't want it anymore it's easy to uninstall, simply remove it from the internet extensions. The program can help you become a better writer overall. For me, its helped me become more critical of errors I commonly make when I write. I also use this tool to help me write more professionally everywhere, from Facebook to forums. 

*Some options are free and others are a pay service.
Tools for grammar: Free and Pay.… Some free services. Autosave functions and better spell checker than most office programs!

I hope you guys give at least some of these tools a chance. Thanks for reading, and good luck writing! 
So I responded earlier this week to a newer friend of mine, while I've been trying to network in order to build a writers critique exchange group. Not an actual "group" group, but people that I can trade work with on a time to time basis, or pass them along to others (upon their request) who are serious trade critics. My friend had talked about the same problem I am too facing. We are writers who got off the bandwagon and let their talent erode. So In this journal post, I will be listing some of my more favorite articles I've been reading on writing. Some will be mechanical other will be more about story development.

By the way, if you are interested in series critique trades whether it be artwork, or writing, write me a note. I'll be out for a few days after this journal busy with life, but I'll definitely get back with you.

So without further ado here's a small list of my favorite writing articles:

Story Plot Enhancement:
Inciting Event
Bad Openings  *This one seems to be the general consensus. Even among publishers, this will get you slush piled.
Moving Your Plot
Heroes Journey

Editing Process:
Feedback and Critiques
Edit Your Own Writing

General Writing Advice:
Lazy Writing
Keeping Promises
Dark Fiction
Tense and POV
Developing Voice

Character Development
Bad Habits: Character Development

And if you want more and have a Pinterest account follow me at…
Feeling at a loss on research. The internet has failed me and the library where I live has failed me. How is it in the peek of information technology there is nothing to be found or had when you look for it. Everything seems confused and unrelated. 
My search for cultures and warpaint or tattooing has yielded me feminism, plays, and music. Nothing of true history or culture. The best I can find is Native American, but I want to compare all cultures on the subject. Too bad once again agenda gets injected in so far up the ass of the internet that one can't find their way out...
The internet is no longer good for true research it has become a cesspool of picture porn, social media, and politics. How have I not seen this for so long? Long gone are the days one can do a research paper in a week through online research.
I've decided to stay. I know I keep going back and forth on whether or not to stay, but I love DeviantArt to much. I've been here since the near beginning. I can't turn my back on a site I care about. I choose to stay faithful and loyal to this site. Despite its ups or downs. However, I'm still planning on expanding my online presence. I maybe considering numerous blogging sites for numerous reasons. If I'm to market a book I'm writing I'm going to need the online presence and tools to do so.

To Deviantart: I'll stay with you till your dying breath or mine. Whichever comes first. Loves.
Hello guys, I'm building a Patreon page. I will be focusing on my writing mostly but will also put up diy projects and artwork on there when I get this really going. I really, really need a scanner for my art though. If I had one I could upload some of my really cool stuff that is on huge poster paper. Most of them 18x22 size but hey whenever that happens not in a hurry. I'm working on my book currently, since this is my main project. I have a lot of art I have not posted on DA, all of which sits in my folders at home. I did this mostly to protect them, because of art theft fear. I think some of it has something to do with self esteem issues as well, but I need to take a plunge since a lot of my art ties into my story boards. I'd like to eventually make an art book available after I hammer out a few fantasy fiction releases.

Here's a few samples of my work to give you an idea of what to expect in the future on my patreon. :thumb472031896::thumb465616295::thumb468861346: 

Later down the road I would also like to make a poll on artwork covers for my books and maybe perhaps hire a digital artist. I haven't decided on the latter yet. Too preliminary still.  None of this is fan fiction its all cannon to my universe, if any of you are curious. I may later host fan fiction contests for my fandom if people are interested as well. 

Please help me pay my bills. T.T I can earn money from every invite I get. Thank you for considering me if you do.
I'm still establishing my page so it's not launched yet. I'm not totally comfortable launching until I have more up for rewards and such, but I can't do this until I have some kind of security net to rely on. Maybe if some of you are interested in following me I'll launch early. Post in the comments and please post what type of rewards sound interesting to you so I can get an idea.
I'm going to slowly transfer my things over to another site or blog or whatever. (Like what everyone else seems to be doing.) I have 2 accounts here, this one and MorbidChickOfDeath. If you wish to remain friends in contact please send me a a message and I will get back to you. I'll either send my personal email out or a make shift until I have my blog set up. You may also receive a message from me if I'm aware of your lack of presence on here. (Reserving latter for close friends, this will not be spam obviously.)

Before I go on I do want you to know I know that all art is subjective and can be controversial. I'm not dumb... These are just my personal feeling not offense is meant.

The reason(s) for my leaving deviantart:

Poor distinction between pornography and artistic nudes or mature art. 

(I don't want to hear the turn on your filter bit. I should be able to see and receive art from people I want to see that do make mature postings that aren't necessarily pornographic. I also don't want to hear well you draw mature artwork and such. Yes I do but I distinguish what I feel is appropriate as an artist to my audience and I have lines that I don't cross that I would expect to not be crossed with me. Sorry for continued rant: 1. Its all in the body language and position. 2. Genitals. (I maybe a woman and all and I'm not trying to play this card since I am pretty open minded to it, but breasts are okay I think where I disagree is with anything below the belt on a lot of things. I think because they stimulate sexualized feelings that tend to be stronger. Breasts tend to be a huge grey area as it is lets not complicate things more. 3. What is the artist is trying to accomplish with said art. (ei are you objectify the body or presenting a artistic point? Can be broken down into various questions: For example Selfies- Am I photographing myself for validation? Yes or No? What kind of validation? Cosplay, fashion, clothing, or desire for body attention. (Insert vapid reason here.) (Body attention leads to bad things. I notice a lot of underage females on here doing this.)

Enough with that lame old argument..

The site isn't and hasn't been giving me what I've wanted for a very long time.
I won't go into detail it doesn't matter. Point is the site is dying. 

Everyone is going to self branding I might as well.

Too easy to get lost in the void that is deviantart. Lets face it. The site is huge. No big deal am I right? Yeah and no. Its a great place to bounce idea's and meet people, bad place to show case art if your not a popular artist or have something everyone wants to see. EI Fanart Game Art Insert Disapline Here. No complaints. I've noticed you have to work at it to get attention, that's real life for you. Its a great lesson as well. But for someone like me who wants to improve and rarely receives views or critiques its a bad thing. So I have to switch tactics. (Don't take this as complaining for validation. Its just going to try a more practical approach. Staying within immediate community to start off with.)

Things that will suck about Leaving DA:

Meeting people and talking to people all over the world will be hugely missed.
Free storage and the amazing access to copyrights.
Pre-designed layouts. (I'm not computer tech.)
Participation in favorites and favorite storage on a cloud system.
I won't be able to follow my favorite artists in the same easy way.  (I'll have to build a list and link them from my blog with permissions.)

What I look forward to:

Having more control over content.
I don't have to see things I don't want to because people won't be able to recklessly post.
I can remove things at my discretion. (Refer to the first one. And I understand its hard to control a site this big.)

Future plans:

I'm looking to finish my books and I am trying to decide on method of publishing. If you are interested in seeing my books in the future I would suggest following my blog. For now I'm not releasing teasers or anything. 

Looking to get more established in my artwork (Learn Digital) so I can create an image concept and promo art book for my series. 

Looking to stay in contact with many great friends. I hope you will choose to email me.

I have not set a deadline yet. I have inspections coming up so after that is done I will post a more defined date. 

I hope everyone has an excellent day! Love you guys.
    So after over a decade maybe closer to 15 years, I'm finally trying to wrap up 3 of my series's novels, that are part of a much larger world of stories. I've barely uttered a word of this to anyone only a hand full of people know I've been working on these for years. It started in Jr. High School and has literally, through the years developed into a complete fleshed out universe, full of religions, histories, characters, artworks, mapping, everything. It follows multiple main characters, Villains and Hero's. I regret to say, it still has a long way to go, and if my works are to be done I feel I must be more serious, and buckle down to get things finished. I leave things vague still for I don't want to give away spoilers or idea's until I know I have completed the works and have them at least ready for publication... (If that ever happens, I hear publishing can be a bitch.) 
    So I write this in hopes to give myself the confidence that I desperately need. That and to hopefully light a much needed fire under my ass. Expedite to seen!
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Will be working on this little by little. More Pillows to come!
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My Singer Legacy as well as the Legacy of Thousands and maybe even millions of other around the world. Parting with your first machine. It feels a lot like parting with your first car/truck or gun. Its bitter sweet. I was vary hard pressed to part with my machine, even though I needed something more substantial for my sewing needs. I made do with my basic sewing machine because it was my first love.
This was my first Singer Sewing Machine, I received it for Christmas one year in high school. My mother helped me pick it out.

A little history mind you first before I get into why I love this brand.
My quick short and sweet to the point version: In World War 2, during the great fight
against Hitlers forces, many manufacturing plants went out of service temporarily to aid the fight
against Hitlers Mass Genocide. Many corporate officials in the allied forces believed in this cause and 
helped to stop our enemies from winning. Singer one of many manufacturing plants during this time stopped 
their production of manufacture and home grade sewing machine to produce weapons for the war effort.

Not only does Singer make wonderful and durable sewing machine but they were entrusted to make military standard issue
pistols, which to this day are now rare and highly sought after, and you can bet they will cost you a fortune. It was with the combined effort of these companies the belief of our allies and our soldiers that we could succeed in taking down Hitlers forces, and we did. America's and Britain's greatest to this day.
The best and the brightest! This is why I will always buy a Singer Sewing Machine. You can't just be good, you have to be the Best! And have excellent standards with quality to make weapons for the military. In a time when things were made durable and lasted for years Singer has long lived up to its reputation. And to this day it still ranks among-st the highest in quality goods along side Image result for husqvarna and various other machine manufacturing plants!

And now with my piece said: Introducing my new machine the Singer Patchwork 7285Q

I am happy that I now have a new sewing machine and I look forward to using it for many years to come! Thank you Singer for all that you have done through the Century! Serving not only the world with wonderful products but SERVING OUR WORLD for basic Human Rights and Freedom! 
I'd also like to take a Moment to Thank our many Soldiers who have died in those battles. We as a world will not forget and we our honored for you sacrifice! To those who are still surviving, the few. Thank you for being there and fighting and sacrificing your time, and continuing to contribute to society ever after. We are honored to have true hero's. 

Anyway sorry I didn't get to finish this post. Its not almost an entire day later but here we are. I have been playing catch up around the house from Thanksgiving and Black Wednesday-Monday Madness at my work. 

So any way the Singer Machines I've used have always been easy to maintain, keep clean, and use. The best thing about my first machine the 1120 above the first image. That machine was the best machine I've ever used. It was my first OWNED machine but not my first used. I had used my mom's Kenmore, I've even used the high school's Brother's and Bernina's. I've used quite a few different machines. But for a starting machine the 1120, (however almost 6 or 8 years old I am not sure of the manufacturing date on it) It was the best choice I have ever made. I will remain a Singer user to my dying breath. I even have a Singer Serger. I would venture a guess that the repair on my old machine is cheap since it's only a timing issue but I decided it was in my best interest to finally upgrade since I've been needing a little more in the capability. What I do love about the 1120 was how many stitches it had for a basic machine, the button holer was easy to use, and the threading and tension was easy to understand and I never had tension issues. The machine is built in a simplistic fashion so that it is easy to oil and clean and do self-repairs on if you trust yourself. I learned how to maintain and clean my machine in high school so that I would have to pay to have it done. Timing how ever is something I would have a professional do since it is important and it runs the motor/drive-shaft and stitching consistency. 
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My Answers:
1. Be yourself, don't lie to me, don't be a gossipy-back-bitey-drama-queen, know who you are and what you want, and be loyal because I will.
2. I hate stealing and thieves. It's pet-peeve of mine.
3. Don't have one anymore.
4. uh What?
5. Why? Why can't you like yourself for who you are and how God made you? Why are you so insecure?
6. Uh. Its music.
7. Steeling, liars, cheaters, fakers, and gossipers.
8. Nothing since Wednesday night around 3pm and its already 1:12am Friday now. I got bloated, eated to much.
9. Really important, otherwise you can flip my burgers at Mcdonald's for the rest of our lives. No insult intended I worked there.
10. Why, Its in another room and I'd rather not get up.
11. ugh.
12. My current boyfriend obviously. I don't know. I don't know anyone anymore. Fantasy: Link (who doesn't like him?)
13.I hate myself, I feel out of shape. I don't feel pretty. (I know hypocritical of my ex-boyfriend.)
14. My work uniform, underwear.... TMI
15. Snake and Gemini I'm not into this kind of thing. I guess it describes me some what. But Anyone can take a general statement and make it fill all. One size fit all? You believe what you will.
16. I never existed. Frequents my mind. Why I can't be a heroin in a video game.
17. My artwork, my clean house. I don't know...
18. Mod's not working in my game and making me CTD. I hate that.
19. Freedom, Self-reliance, Independence, Financial Freedom, Ability to have time to myself.
20. Spiders... definitely spiders, and needles.
21. See question 19.
22. There alright, I busted my butt but you can only do so much.
23. Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Drawing, Reading, Sewing....
24. uh.... I don't know I've never thought about it.
25. My life, my depression, my ability to pay rent.
26. I like 2 things about myself and they happen to be the only thing other people like about me consistently. 1. My Jay-Lo butt. 2. My Lips. Wait 3. My Neck and Collar Bones? (IDk everyone says they like them...) The rest of my I don't like. I hate my face the most. Secondly my small chest.
27. "I never said it would be easy. I only said it would be worth it." (Some of you will know where that comes from. Good for you if you do, and if you don't like me now because of where it comes from, or where you found out it comes from, your not worth my time anyway. Don't even bother making fun. You will be blocked.
28. I'd like to visit Germany one day. 
29. I guess this may be weird since I'm 25? I don't think so though. I like Barbies (I collect them) , I like rats and mice they are adorable, cartoons still, snakes, and Cosplay and Costuming- dress up LARP.
30. uh. I don't care. I don't know. Nothing right now. I guess...

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