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So Lame *Face Palm*

Tue Jan 9, 2018, 7:35 PM
    So I was talking to a friend of mine on here. She had made a drawing on her phone. Which then for some reason I don't know why I forgot till then, that we lost our phone to the tub. Probably becuase my husband is a phone hog... Its covered under warrenty so I just have to make a call and have a new one approved. I don't know when we will be getting a new phone, but till then... Now I really have no way to upload any artwork. So... Sorry guys. :/ I barely have a computer, no phone now, and no scanner. Wow I kind of feel like its impossible to replace stuff. How does anyone afford to live. We barely scape by. We don't use credit cards, we only use what money we have on our bills and food and its toast. Poof gone. I have to ask for assistance from our church for diapers. How do you guys manage? I guess most of you probably are still in high school and live at home though. Any of you out on your own?

Update: I have a phone but limited internet access at the moment. Something bad happened to my computer while fixing it. I may be a week or so. No worries I be back as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

Skin by illiyah

Ringing In The New Year With Art!

Thu Jan 4, 2018, 8:10 PM
   So I had a brilliant idea and posted up a comparison thread in the forums. Found here:… I wanted to inspire people to not beat themselves up about their art. If your one of those people who do this, cheer up! Everyone starts somewhere. Everybody who posted to this thread also wants to cheer you on! We all want to change the way people think! Everyone is at different stages of their artistic journey, and whether or not you are a professional or just starting out if you are making progress however small it is, it's still progress. It's a perspective thing! (Juicy Art Pun. I totally went there.) Before we can go any further, if any of you have anything negative to say, I please ask you to remove yourself. Thank you.

   This is from me to you. Just look how embarrassing it is! lol Anyway, I'm still proud of it. That was me in 98 verses 08. Sorry I had a bit of dyslexia on the image. I put 89 but I was born in 89. Doesn't makes sense huh. lol
 <da:thumb id="719996587"/>
Here it is, this is what people shared!

Before And After - Winter day by Cranash64  Before And After2 by Cranash64  Before And After - Rain by Cranash64  Draw this again: Ray`s proposal by Cranash64
Angered Young Pirate by RasheruSuzie  The Young Captain's Quarters by RasheruSuzie
A Girl in The Far away by chinchongcha  2B by chinchongcha
Stone Bench by Devine-Escapes  Stone Bench in Glenmoore Pennsylvania by Devine-Escapes
Microscopic reflection  by Theeartistkid  Cherubim City by Theeartistkid
Improvement Meme by Ocetee
AngelKite-191344-Request for CoolK by AngelKite  suit up by AngelKite and  Rarno by AngelKite  reine [c] by AngelKite
My  first human drawing by Virus-Tormentor  Irina Meier final version by Virus-Tormentor
737846 543644058988886 1652366634 O by Kainatarma  Improvement Meme by Kainatarma  Mountain Range under the Sky by Kainatarma
Bejeweled by orchidkitty  How To Catch A Girlfriend by orchidkitty
Me and Ash by sunfirefirewolf  Colouring Test - Autumn Knight by SassyCess  Wanna Battle? by SassyCess
An offer. And a warning. by May-May-Meow  Velvet - Tales of Berseria by May-May-Meow  Velvet Crowe - the rosy cheeked demon by May-May-Meow  [COMM] Velvet and Eizen as Xayah and Rakan by May-May-Meow
Kawaii desuuuu by NicoleDaney  K D Redraw by NicoleDaney
10982927 10204367024912314 8896265299627158879 N by used-rugs  2006-2013 Art (Improvement) Meme by used-rugs  Silence. by used-rugs  nickdiaz1di by used rugs WIP1 by used-rugs  Mpd Wip2 by used-rugs
Nepeta :3 by K3NMA  some chill iitodo by K3NMAand  Its Me Pixelfied by K3NMA [P] Kokichi by K3NMA
Promise Me by RipfangDragon 

Mature Content

014: Promises by RipfangDragon

:iconmorbidfedus: He kind of reminds me of Jim Pavelec.
FEAR by MorbidFedus  Unyielding Totem by MorbidFedus  Callous by MorbidFedus
Wonder Woman fighting above the doomed Olympus by ElieBongrand  Superman by ElieBongrand  His Name Is Mr Li by ElieBongrand  Aquaman by ElieBongrand Newest: Arkham Asylum (The Comedian's Taboo) by ElieBongrand

I tryed by WeldenNone  ShenLight pre-01 by WeldenNone
Sporty Alien by simplyvictoriax  sunflower by simplyvictoriax
May the 4th be with you by OMIT-Story  Chapter 5: Forty past nine by OMIT-Story
No Name by Destotim  Mimikyu's love by Destotim
JACKIE AND CALEB: Invasive Insight by MartenFerret  Apples and Pears by MartenFerret
Blade by CalebPerkins  Troll [colours] by CalebPerkins
Fire by AverPerson  Fire V2 by AverPerson  Lightning by AverPerson  Lightning [Revised] by AverPerson 
Black Thunder - by Volraknil  ::KAAL VOLRAKNIL:: by Volraknil  A Fire-Breathing Gruff by Volraknil  ::Dragon Nova:: by Volraknil  ::KRIIFIR / VOLRAKNIL:: by Volraknil
Drifiting Obelisk by josegoncalo  Drifting Obelisks Final by josegoncalo  Drifting Obelisks IV by josegoncalo
Trials of Elysstia - Kyra Kensley 2016 (Updated) by Zigholtul88  Kyra Lysan Kensley 2017 Profile (Update) by Zigholtul88 Kyra Lysan Kensley Portrait by Zigholtul88  Kyra Lysan Kensley Concept Update by Zigholtul88 and  Trials of Elysstia - Nastlia Kensley 2016 by Zigholtul88  Nastia Marie Kensley 2017 Profile (Update) by Zigholtul88  Nastlia Marie Kensley Portrait by Zigholtul88 Nastlia Marie Kensley Concept Update by Zigholtul88
What are you looking at? by ArtOfRivana  Shinji Makai by ArtOfRivana  The Dark Battlehawk by ArtOfRivana  Happy Valentine's Day 2017 by ArtOfRivana  The Hunter by ArtOfRivana
Fire and Ice by Jelly27  Tradition by Jelly27  Soul Stone Crystal by Jelly27  Little by Jelly27
Eleven by katsudo1  Lynn by katsudo1  Queen Amidala Redraw by katsudo1  As Time Goes By  by katsudo1  Howl's Moving Castle Acrylic Painting by katsudo1
Katla by IanMacDougall  Amber Fields by IanMacDougall  Spacer -Concept- by IanMacDougall
Fate by DiV4Online 

Mature Content

Ishal by DiV4Online
  Sand knight by DiV4Online  Embrace by DiV4Online
Kanda Yuu by DariaKoumori  Lina and Gourry by DariaKoumori Desolation by DariaKoumori
Centaurbot by BurgeredCrocodile  Sunstronaut by BurgeredCrocodile  Aloy by BurgeredCrocodile
Draw this again (june) by LilacMel  Draw this again (december) by LilacMel
Before and After | Sleep by BrambleBeee  Happy Christmas 2012! by Furana  Christmas | 2016 !! by BrambleBeee  Happy Christmas! | 2017 by BrambleBeee
Problem...No eyes.. by zackosletacos  merry christmas 2017 and happy new year 2018 by zackosletacos
Toon by Joey12304  redrawing my very first Toon fanart by Joey12304
Welcome! by ZeroshuuSena   Joker by Crovius
Before and After by SuperArtNinja
To the Skies of Horizon by sphelon8565  Battle Rehime| To the Skies of Horizon by sphelon8565  Lux X Timbersaw by sphelon8565  Lux and Timbersaw | Interaction Hug and Affection by sphelon8565  Battle RehimeFillers|WIP01|To Kill or Not To  Kill by sphelon8565  BR Fillers | To Kill or Not To Kill by sphelon8565
Ahmuur/Eden Beyond 2.0 by j1ms1xeven
Fall Mascot by nrrork  Fall Mascot Revisited by nrrork  Celes - Amano Design by nrrork  Celes (Amano Design) by nrrork
Some great advice from our next artist. Using your tool box to effectively create your vision.
:iconoliverink: "My fiance was kind enough to introduce me to several artistic effects and other things which I now focus on when doing things such as shadowing, specifically to make things pop off the page and not keep a cut and paste look.
I also like to take my time adjusting colors and hues, as well as mainly try to come up with a variety of aspect combinations that compliment what imagination has brought to mind."
Being Hephaestus by OliverInk   Proteus Star by OliverInk
King Kong - Disney Style by Philizius  King Kong and Ann - Jungle by Philizius
stars by AsmodeusARTSTUDIO  space by AsmodeusARTSTUDIO  Coltar by AsmodeusARTSTUDIO  Venom - 5 by AsmodeusARTSTUDIO
Ducky and Trollie with a Snowman by qrst319
Nekomiya Splash art by Siegeharth  Nega GX  by Siegeharth <da:thumb id="721720677"/>  Siedrra Splash art by Siegeharth 

   Thank you again, everyone, for sharing! We appreciate your bravery and you're helping others feel special! It's this kind of attitude in our community I wish to promote. The love and the encouragement others give. I hope you guys will pay it forward to someone who has inspired you. And don't forget to give these guys a watch!

Skin by illiyah

What to Expect!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 1, 2018, 2:22 PM
Okay everyone heads up! I'm going to be super busy with the opening of the new year. I have tons of plans for both my groups and some features I plan to open the new year up with. I posted on the forums two separate threads. One for people to post their friends work and another comparison art thread to help people feel better about their progression. (Promoting healthy thinking in 2018)

So here is a list of to-do's for me and I apologize if I slack on responses. 


- Planning on having two interviews coming up. One in January and one in February.
- Will be looking for active contributors to upload theirs and others works. And help monitor folders and help improve the group.
- Will be looking to affiliate with more groups or people to promote new and undiscovered deviants. 


- Possible chat room coming up. *WIP*
- Possible member folder for feedback.
- Will be looking for admins. Refer to the journal:  Group News Update Group Journal is now updated to seeking admins and contributors.
- More affiliations with other groups that help writers or exposure.
- Come back from Hiatus and start posting more resources from my bookmarks and Pinterest.

Here's my personal list of things to do here. I'm feeling kind of behind and discouraged but I'll pull out of it.

My List:

- Backup and Wipe and Reload Laptop to see if I can nurse it along. I'll be doing this very soon so expect a blackout period.
- Take down my Christmas Tree. I always leave it up until the new year.
- Finish unfinished Christmas Presents for the family. Send them out late. T.T *sniffle* I couldn't get the space I needed to work on my quilts.
- I have a to-do list on my page full of projects like stocking, designing a dress and such. Finish those even if they are out of season.
- Work on traditional and digital art skills.
- Come back from Hiatus and work on my series. Set down 2 hours a day for writing, research, and such.
- Start redoing some of my concept artworks.
- Finish working on a commission page inquiry: rules, guidelines, prices and such. *Still researching* May open commissions in the coming months keep an eye out for it.
- Find a way to obtain a new computer and a scanner. :/ Stuff is dying. If you want to donate to my fund I would very much appreciate it!
- Find a camera or a webcam or figure out how to use this onboard cam in a way that will better suit possible tutorials. *Tutorial research. If I can't get what I need I may just find a way to load or redirect people to good resources.*

Raffle Winner Feature!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 27, 2017, 5:22 PM
    Sorry, this is late! I've been having... issues with the computer. Super slow.

   Anyway, congrats to our winner! :iconrainbow640: She wone 10 points, a 1-month feature in my widget, I stuck her in early but I'll start counting it in the new year. And this wonderful journal feature!

    These are the two pieces she wishes to display!

My Minibit, Zinnia by Rainbow640  Patch and Zinnia by Rainbow640

    Haha and surprise these are my picks!

MYO Bubble Kitten Entry by Rainbow640  Pointillism Tree by Rainbow640


    Here is a wishlist! I hope someone will be nice and make her day!

Please check her out, I see a lot of potential for growth! She will be fun to watch as she develops over time. I also think you will come to love her, she is a great friend and a nice person! 

Congratulations! All the Best Wishes and Good Luck in the New Year!

Contest Winner!

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 26, 2017, 9:20 PM
    Hello guys! We only had six entrants! That's okay though! So I used to calculate who won, and I didn't pass out numbers since I based this off of the favorites list.

Link to Raffle:
Teaser Feature and Points Contest

Favorites List:
Contest Entry Number 2 by LadySeshiiria Generated Number:
Contest Entry Number by LadySeshiiria

    Congrats to :iconrainbow640: for the win! You will be awarded 10 points, a feature in my widget and upcoming journal! Please comment here that you have received the points! I will do the features first thing in the morning! 
    Thank you to all who participated! I appreciate your support and I hope you had a Merry Christmas! Please have a bang-up awesome exit of a year!

Good Night Everyone!

Digital Art and Art Goals

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 22, 2017, 10:35 PM
  So I feel like I totally suck at digital art lol. And the only way I will ever be able to get good is to spend time and practice. If I could choose a style that I want to go after it would be any of these guys. Of course, I want my own distinct style but this is the quality I want. I'm going to try to make it a habit to sit down at least once a week and work on this, for next year. I'm starting now though... 

Character Styles:

1. :iconshizen1102:    Death of a Guardian by shizen1102
2. :iconwlop:    Guard by wlop
3. :iconcellar-fcp:    two prostitutes by cellar-fcp
4. :iconguweiz:    Hood by GUWEIZ

New Inspirations:
:iconaenaluck:      Carlnes on horseback by aenaluck
:iconanniecoleptic:      Jael Mina collab - lines by anniecoleptic
:iconfrerinhagsolb:      Fili Sketches by FrerinHagsolb

Creatures Styles:

1. :iconarvalis:    -T. rex vs Triceratops- by arvalis

Landscape Styles:
1. :iconandreasrocha:  Evolving Wilds by andreasrocha
2. :icongrosnez:    Landscape by Grosnez

Mapping Styles:

1. :iconsarithus:    Map of Clichea by Sarithus
2. :iconsaarl:    Flying Island Map II by Saarl
3. :iconmaximeplasse:    The Free Cities of Denmar by MaximePLASSE

Merry Christmas!!!

Journal Entry: Thu Dec 21, 2017, 4:33 PM
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I just want to thank all of you for an amazing end of the year finish! As a reminder if you want to join my contest here  Teaser Feature and Points ContestOkay, so do you remember this journal post here: Break Out The Champagne I wanted to celebrate but I couldn't get enough people to answer back on the poll to make a clear decision. So I decided instead to make the decision to share a small work in progress from my writing. Which can be found here: Chapter 1 Teaser Don't be too harsh on it, it's like crazy unpolished and basic. It's pre-first draft. Though critiques would be very appreciated. Enjoy!
Pixel: Christmas Holly Pixel: Christmas Holly Pixel: Christmas Holly 
I just want to thank you all again for all of your wonderful support! I also want to remind you of my feature contest from the journal prior mentioned. All you have to do is be one of my watchers, fav this journal, and comment with two pieces of your best work! That'
 the deadline is the 25th. Be a watcher, fav the journal, and comment with two of your best pieces! Points and Feature are the rewards!

    Anyway, I have some plans for Writers Resources. If your a member watch out in the new year for them. I have new things to add and well as others I need to finish uploading!

    If I owe you a gift or feature please know I am getting to you. Features are waiting for information or timing to be done!

    Thank you for your support and patience!

Bad News

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 20, 2017, 8:39 PM
    I've got some bad news everyone. Sorry to be a Debbie Downer here.  I'm not sure how long my computer is going to last me. I have been telling people it's on its last leg. Well, I started noticing some serious problems with it this afternoon while looking up recipes in my bookmarks. My computer is locking up really bad.
    So the thing is this computer sounds awful, it's loud. I know for a fact it's over heating as well.  I will admit this is my fault. I usually take excellent care of my electronics. So the reason my computer is in rough shape is because of me, but not without good cause. You see a year ago I dropped it. My son was getting into something he shouldn't have. I won't bore you with the details. The thing is as a responsible parent you choose your kids over your possessions. Possessions are replaceable and children are not.
    So anyway, I had my laptop in bed with me and it ended up on the floor. Not much of a drop but enough to crack the case and bend the fan housing. Well over time shutting or opening the laptop has yielded more damage and eventually I had to stop closing it altogether to maintain some integrity. So fast forward to now. I'm starting to see some serious side effects. Things that can't be fixed with a simple wipe and reload or replacement of parts. So as a heads up if I'm not responding as fast or as usual this is why. Even still if I end up disappearing for a bit this will ultimately be the cause. So I'm sorry ahead of time! I have a phone but I share it with my husband so I definitely won't be as active when this kicks the bucket.

Watcher and Friend Appreciation

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 19, 2017, 2:40 PM
    Hey guys I just want to let you know how grateful I am for all of your support, comments, and faves! I've noticed a trend on here of ingratitude which makes me sad. Very Sad! I want to let you know if you thank me for faves, llamas,  or comments, I will never be mad at you. I am grateful that you spent the time to comment on my page.
    I'm not doing this to call anyone out or make them feel bad if they do, do this to keep the clutter down on their pages. I understand, it can be hard to respond to everyone and that may be why people have opted for it, But I have seen some downright rude things people post on here trying to keep their pages clean. Like threats of blocking and even rude comments about how people are dumb and can't read. The truth is, how many of us spend the time to read others comments on someone's page? We are more concerned usually about returning the love and support the individual.

    Anyway, I want to let people know, I don't condone it or support it. If I see people while searching around who have poor behavior as described above, I don't see them earning my support, no matter how good their artwork is.

    As for me, I'll set an example and say this. It's very hard to comment and respond to everyone, and I want you to know if I don't get back to you always, I'm not ignoring you! I appreciate your comments and support. I will try to always make it a priority to respond to comments bearing discussions or questions. Though if I don't always respond to comments like Nice! or Great Job! I want you to know that I have read them and I do appreciate them. I'll make it more of a habit to state thanks in journals.

    On another note, for multiple people on here who support me and constantly fav artworks. I'm sorry if I don't always say thank you in your comments section! With the magnitude of faves from certain individuals, I have found it easier to say thanks from time to time so that I don't spam the crap out of them! Know that I love you and appreciate you! All of you! Everyone! The best I can do to support my watchers and friends is to try my best to stay in communication with them, support your works, and run my groups to the best of my abilities! Always know if you have questions or need help I will do my best to assist you in any way I can.

Teaser Feature and Points Contest

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 10, 2017, 5:29 PM
Okay, so do you remember this journal post here: Break Out The Champagne I wanted to celebrate but I couldn't get enough people to answer back on the poll to make a clear decision. So I decided instead to make the decision to share a small work in progress from my writing. Which can be found here: Chapter 1 Teaser Don't be too harsh on it, it's like crazy unpolished and basic. It's pre-first draft. Though critiques would be very appreciated. Enjoy!

Pixel: Christmas Holly Pixel: Christmas Holly Pixel: Christmas Holly 

I just want to thank you all again for all of your wonderful support! I also want to remind you of my feature contest from the journal prior mentioned. All you have to do is be one of my watchers, fav this journal, and comment with two pieces of your best work! That's it! If you are a new watcher you are welcome to join, but please don't unwatch me after, that's kind of rude to just join for possible points and leave. I will do a random draw from whoever sends me their art and the winner will be featured in a journal as well as on my donation widget! Yes, I said donation widget! Which I'll leave you in for a month! I changed the game, didn't I? Christmas La Awesome huh? Anyway, to make this contest even juicier I will award the random winner 10 points!

Pixel: Christmas Holly So to recap! Pixel: Christmas Holly 

The rules are to be a watcher, fav this journal, and comment with two pieces of your best art.

Rewards: Journal Feature, Donation Widget Feature for a month, and 10 points!

You have until December 25th! I will announce the winner at the beginning of the new year!

Good Luck!

    ETA: The winner has been announced here, Contest Winner! Thank you for your participation!

Features 2

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 9, 2017, 2:30 PM
    So I have a few more to share with you, some pretty neat people I've met! I also have a surprise one coming up soon. Shhh... I won't tell you who it is. You'll have to guess. :D

    Anyway, I met another new person on here a few days ago! They have some pretty cool stuff, and they are looking to make friends with people here, so pop on over introduce yourself and have some fun! 
Meet ConnorParker :iconconnorparker: Here are some pieces from his gallery!

Pennywise by connorparker  Remmie by connorparker  Beastboy by connorparker  Aang by connorparker
Green Lantern by connorparker  Veemon Reimagining by connorparker

    Check out LauraMegara :iconlauramegara: If you haven't joined her raffle there is one day left to do so! So hurry! Here are a few pieces and she also does commissions! Personally, I'm a huge fan of here landscapes and stills.

[OPEN 1 day left !] Art and Points Raffle (MINE)   Wonderful Christmas by LauraMegara
Still life #5 Fall harvest by LauraMegara  Fall by LauraMegara  Paysage (updated) by LauraMegara  Still Life #4 by LauraMegara

    And finally Oboudiart :iconoboudiart: This is some interesting and different artwork. You can definitely see it sticking out in a crowd. I feel too much of our time is focused on cartooning and certain disciplines of digital art. Seeing people experiment with ideas like this is so refreshing! He is also looking for critiques on a few of his pieces.

oboudiart 3054 by oboudiart   oboudiart3223   1 by oboudiart  ART 2848 by oboudiart  oboudiart3159 by oboudiart  oboudiart3229 by oboudiart  frame art 1919 by oboudiart  Frame 595 by oboudiart  Egyptians Art Frame 448 by oboudiart

Thank you, guys! And let's see if you can guess who the secret feature will be! I'll give you a hint its a member 
of :iconnetwork-with-us:


Journal Entry: Thu Dec 7, 2017, 5:59 PM
  I felt like there are a few people I need to sponsor. Some of them, I've talked to and gotten to know, others have just stricken me with the power of their art! I was going to take a break from this for a while, but I feel like since its getting close to Christmas this would be a great way to inspire people, and spread love and holiday cheer.

  Plus doing these cheers me up! :) I like seeing people respond to these and find others to talk too and befriend. 

  Please check out :icon100millionpoints: She is a very generous person, if you need points or are looking to sponsor other artists this is another great place to go. She was kind and gave me some points to put towards our super group for :iconwritersresources:

:iconpeeterora1: This is some amazing and striking artwork to me! It's not often that I get to see something like this. So I wanted to share it with you guys! Give them a watch!
Say Farewell... Don`t Follow! by PeeterOra1  I Am Your Home by PeeterOra1  The Roses For My Love by PeeterOra1   The Sigh... by PeeterOra1  In White by PeeterOra1  The Dotted by PeeterOra1

Is a friend of mine and a fellow writer. His work is really good. Please check him out and watch him! He would like to do a watchers raffle/contest!

A Matter of Honour: Vengeance
    Somewhere in the Westwatch Mountains, The Frozen North.
    210 Ait Siochanta (207th year under the seal)
    "Well," Xerix muttered to himself ruefully as he trudged doggedly through a snowbank "this is probably the quietest snowstorm I've ever been in."
    The giant fluffy flakes of snow gently floated downwards in nearly straight lines with no wind to disturb them, almost making the traveller feel as if he were walking through curtains of soft clouds whenever there was a break in the foliage overhead. The forest itself was eerily quiet; all sound was instantly muffled by the snowflakes in the air, making the Xerix feel like he was the only being in existence as he slowly crunched his way through the underbrush.
    However tranquil the storm was, Xerix still felt like cursing it. The men he had been tracking for almost six days had been exceptionally hard to follow before, but now he had absolu
  A Matter of Honour: The Nuisance
Somewhere in the Eastern wilds, The High Elven Empire.
506th year under the seal.
    The crude word sounded strange and foreign on the young girls' tongue, jarring William from his thoughts abruptly.
    Hey, enough of that. I've got enough on my mind right now without you cursing all the time.
    "Oh, Sorry."
    The girl shook her head, kicking idly at a rock as they wandered down the dirt path. Her dark blue-black skin shone a bit as the high afternoon sun beat down upon their heads, a trickle of sweat running it's way down her neck to soak into the filthy torn fabric that had once been a very expensive set of clothing. Now the tunic and trousers hung to her young frame like moss on a stone, torn and frayed all over.
    William panted as they marched on, the heat pressing down on his small furry body like an anvil. He paused and sniffed at the side of the road,

Sharing an art raffle contest

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 6, 2017, 7:06 PM
Are you looking for a chance at free artwork check this out!

If anybody knows of any free art contests like this tag me in or send them my way, I really need a new Id and I want it to be one of my characters. I also want to use it to give exposure to other artists out their kind of like a feature journal.

Sharing an art raffle contest!
RAFFLE ENDS AT DECEMBER 25th @ 11:59PM PHT - Extended time...

Here are the rules to join:

1) So first off you must be a watcher Wink/Razz+fav   but for those who aren't you can watch me to join the raffle. (just a note, please don't unwatch me after doing the contest it really breaks my heart </3 and this discourages me to make anymore contests in the future~)
2) Fave this journal (important step)
3) Then please make a journal about this art raffle by adding this "journal" to the one you made and must be titled "Sharing an art raffle contest"

Secret Santa Contest!
[WINNER Result!] Enmoire's Secret Santa Event 2017
Join my Discord Server :





Number of individual participants so far : 100
Raffle numbers count : 416

Hello, everyone!! I'm back again with another Secret Santa Event ! :3

For thi

What To Expect

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 5, 2017, 1:08 PM
    Other than the To-Do List on my front page, I want to let you know what I am up to for the holiday season. As you know I am working on several holiday projects. Well, more than several. You can expect things to be uploaded from time to time as they become finished. I've become very busy, to say the least. So I apologize in advance if you are trying to get ahold of me or if your comments or activity on my profile seem to go unnoticed. 

    Aside from what is already in the works or is planned. I will try to upload a few more art pieces from my portfolio. I also have some fashion sketches in the works. I'm planning on eventually making some of these, I just need to get the funds available. (Haha yeah right XD Good Luck with that!)

    Anyway, I also have one last thing I need to tell you. I have some main characters I need to post that are from my story. I'm a little nervous though. As I've gone around I've noticed that the way I've designed them they look unoriginal and derivative. Which makes me sad. I don't spend a lot of time looking at character art myself for those reasons. Nor do I watch a lot of anime or read comics. A lot of what I draw off of is fashion in the real world. I try to create my own designs. I've come to terms that as an artist most everything has been done and or copied. So it's hard to be original. I've picked up this thought process from my writing.

    So here comes the unveiling of one of four main protagonists. A female. (I chose my username on here for a reason. I was branding my story and universe.) So keep an eye out for LadySeshiiria. Her name is subject to change in the final draft, though.

Merry Christmas by Reioko  Stamp: Happy Holidays by FantasyStockAvatars

Trying To Be Professional

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 5, 2017, 12:09 PM
   I'm not going to name names, but I have been talking with someone for a few days and it went from pleasant conversation to weird really quickly. I just want everyone to know though you may know my name, I do not give out personal information like addresses and phone numbers. I ask that people respect this. If you want to send gifts, money is preferred. There is a ko-fi account here: for doing that. 
  I bring this to your attention because one should never assume this is a safe place to be. The internet is not a great place. There are tons of great and good people on here. For all, I know this person was being nice. It is bad practice to assume that it is safe to share information like personal addresses, phone numbers, and bank accounts. 

  The reason I blocked them was that I made a firm stance and politely declined. They decided to become manipulative with me by using a certain sympathy tactic. I will not go into details on what was said. This person is also shopping for a girlfriend which makes the situation doubly weird. For me, this is a red flag. Looking on a site like this puts a red flag up for me, asking for addresses seconds this.

   Please be safe while using the internet and social media. I want to promote professional and safe internet practices. If you have questions about how to become safer online, or what to watch for with others, please don't hesitate to ask me!  I know there are a lot of you who may be afraid to talk to your parents about certain subjects, I've been there and done that. As a parent myself I can give you some guidance.

Thank you and have a wonderful holiday! 

Break Out The Champagne

Journal Entry: Sun Dec 3, 2017, 10:55 AM
I'm made it 100 watchers! And to top it I'm made it to 10,000 views! I need to celebrate! Thank you guys for all of your support, I really do appreciate it! I think its more important to have a few dedicated watchers than to have a ton of page views of course, but I also think its important for an artist to reach their audience. If any of you have questions about how to reach your audience or build a better profile, I can certainly shoot you a few tips. I've definitely learned a lot and I don't want to squander it!

  For those of you who are supporting me and sending in points and donations, I am greatly indebted to your kindness! I wish you a Merry Christmas, Yule, Holiday! Thank you!

   Now, this situation poses a question. What should I do to celebrate? Should I do a piece of artwork? What kinds of things would you guys like to see?… I have a poll up if you haven't taken it that asks this question. It's called: What kinds of things would you like to see more from me? It will give me a good idea of what to try to shoot for. At least whatever may be feasible for now.

   I'm going to add 2 more items to that list. Since there isn't any room on there I'm posting it here. If you would like to see a small sample excerpt from my WIP story post a comment here!

  The second thing, to reward my friends and watchers lets have a contest. Send in two pieces of your best work and I will do a random draw and whoever wins will be featured in a journal. You have until Christmas to send in your artwork. Just link the thumbnails here to enter!

    "Don't forget to send in your art for a Feature!"

Holiday Christmas Raffle

Journal Entry: Sat Dec 2, 2017, 8:01 PM
Check out GoldenTree's Artwork, It is amazing. If you are looking for contests to enter that award a piece of artwork, this is a great contest to try for.

<da:thumb id="715244948"/>

    I just created a Ko-fi account you can check it out here. Buy Me a Coffee
    Please support me! I look forward to not only helping the community here on DA but furthering my artistic ventures! Most of my art will stay on here but in the future, I would love to upload video how to's on some of my projects.

Christmas Wishlist

Journal Entry: Tue Nov 28, 2017, 9:00 PM
I know some of these aren't even going to be feasible with our money situation, but here it goes.

Books on Writing:
Creating Characters The Complete Guide To Populating Your Fiction…
Help! For Writers…

A new computer my desktop crapped out on us, and this laptop sounds awful, I'm expecting it to die soon as well.
A scanner for scanning artwork.

Money for fabric to start my next project.
Eyelets and Boning
Pinking shears
Self-Healing Mat
Rotary Cutter
Another Dressform Regular to Plus (Currently I have a petite sized one. Sizes 84/33 to 39.5/100 I'm no longer petite since I had a kid. If I got another one I could have to work with and would have a larger range of sizes to work with.)

What I'd like to do is build this cosplay I've been slowly gathering materials for, but I'm still missing a lot. I was going to create an Aela the Huntress but getting the materials has proven to be rather expensive. Most of these tools will be great investments in other projects.

Materials: **What I still need
Faux Fur 1 yard
Wonderflex 3 yards to be safe
AMACO Friendly Plastic Pellets
Craft Foam
12 Gauge Wire
Muslin (Practice Prototype)
Spray Foam (The Can Kind, the one that grows and is used for insulation.)
PVC Pipes and Joints (Making a rig for painting)
PVC Glue

Materials: *What I have so far
Faux Leather Suede Light Brown
Micro Suede Green

Notions: **What I still need
Brown Thread
Green Thread

Notions: *What I have so far
Suede Craft Leather Lace Toast Color
D rings
Tube Beads
15mm Turquoise Round Flat Beads
18mm Turquoise Round Flat Beads

Tools: **What I still need
Trauma Scissors
Sanding Sponges
Clay Sculpting Tools
Heat Gun (Paint Stripper Gun)
X-acto Knives Kit
Eye Protection
Alligator Clips
Marking Pencils
Marking Pens
French Curves (Stencils) *Missing a few
Bucks and Forms
Spray Paint Hammered Iron
Spray Paint Iron Base
Acrylic Rusts (Detail)
Acrylic Irons (Detail)
Testers Rust Colors (Detail)
Clear Coat

Tools: *What I have so far
Leather Needles
Leather Punch
Metal Awl
Long Screw Driver
French Curves

Fashion Project:
Lining fabrics
Lace by the yard 10
Corset Findings

Maybe I'll post up my fashion sketch of what I'm planning on doing. I have all the beads I need for it. Its gonna be like really elegant and over the top. I'm also planning on a variant a simple lace.

So obviously that's probably asking too much. So here's a lite duty list. 

Points for future core, watchers, favorites, llamas, points for super group, points for contests, and artworks.

    Hey guys! Thank you again for the support! I would also like the take the time again to thank the anonymous deviant who gave me the core! Here's a reminder of the Christmas Contest. I want you guys to DIY your own ornament for your tree this year or windows or house. The skies the limit on this one. As long as its Christmas themed it can be anything you want. You can make it out of any materials you want as long as it's not one of those premade package fun boxes. Those are the only rules. Anybody who participates must have their entries in by December 25th! To make things fun, I will choose three winners and host them in a journal on my personal page and in my group :iconnetwork-with-us:! You will be able to pick 5 pieces of artwork you would like me to feature in these journals, I will also post your ornament! First place winner will also be featured in the featured folder on Network-With-Us! It will be a great way to gain exposure! If you are curious as to how to enter your project just shoot me a pm with a link subject description Ornament!

    Good Luck and Have Fun!

    In other news we are looking for art tutorials to be added to our group :iconwritersresources: these art tutorials must pertain to map making, world-building, and character creation, or concept art. We are building a huge database for tutorials on writing and the story process. I found it difficult to find an active writing reference/resource group on here. I think we can now honestly boast having the most resources. Please stop by if you are interested! Please donate if you like what you see we would like to go super group as well. If I can gain more members I will be looking for more contributors and admins.

    :iconnetwork-with-us: Is still an active group. We will not go out with a whimper! I refuse! I'm trying really hard to push activity into the group. The group is about gaining exposure for lesser known deviants on here. Feel free to join. Network with each other and make friends. If you wish to post contests or commission info please note (Me) LadySeshiiria in the Group. I would like to return this group to its glory! So please help us. Give us suggestions for changes and fixes! Send your friends.

    Here are this week's features! A lot of these people I found using the random deviant feature found on the menu. Some are very new to DA so be sure to give them a warm welcome!

:iconmkconan: :icondenisbarbe: :iconilantiis: :icon3dmadscience: :icondasfarbspiel: :iconrosie-chi: :iconcharmedstudio: :iconbabzooka:

Thanks to :iconmkconan: for contributing to :iconwritersresources:

oak by DenisBarbe  boy and dog by DenisBarbe  king lich by DenisBarbe

    She does adopts, if anyone is interested.
ACEO 2017-11 by iLantiis  OPEN DTA Shy Blue Scrouse by iLantiis  CLOSED OTA Adopt: Beauty Blue by iLantiis

Colour Experimentation by 3DMadScience  Mr. Peppy by 3DMadScience  3D Space Garage (Wireframe) by 3DMadScience

Penguins by DasFarbspiel  Christmas kitsch by DasFarbspiel  Wait up! by DasFarbspiel

<da:thumb id="713312688"/> <da:thumb id="715661981"/> <da:thumb id="709033331"/>

Bobcat Skull Dome Assemblage by charmedstudio  Public Art Wall 3rd Eye Chick by charmedstudio  LEAVES IN STREAM TO MIRROR LAKE by charmedstudio

    This person does commissions. 

    I will be taking a break from features for a bit. If you are interested in a future feature please donate 2 points for a mention and 5 points per piece of art you want to be featured. If you would like to be featured in my group :iconnetwork-with-us: Please donate 20 points and we will feature you in our journal! Have a wonderful day guys!

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