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Fetishes :(

Tue Aug 28, 2018, 7:25 PM
    Is anyone else on here disturbed by the fat or inflation fetishes that repeatedly hit the popular page? It makes me uncomfortable. I'm not fat shaming because I am fat but it makes me have a low opinion of myself. I already have low self-esteem as it is and even more so now that I am heavier. It makes me feel objectified and gross. People are causing others emotional damage. By fat fetishizing you devalue someone who is thin, and you devalue someone who is fat at the same time. Same goes for the reverse. It should be about the inner person not the outward appearance, but society has been teaching us that to be beautiful we most conform to fashion fads and body fads. Not saying that appearance doesn't play a role in attraction and isn't important because biologically it is, but this carbon cut out Hollywood or internet fetish standard of beauty needs to stop.

    I used to be skinny and after I had my kid went from a size 3 to a 15, I don't get out much lately and I'm always busy, but I've been trying. I don't eat fast food, I eat healthy, and I've even cut the soda almost completely. I have to or I will damage my intestines further and end up with a bag attached to me (genetic) since I have a form of IBD now. I have to lose the weight or I will end up with knee surgery so I've been working on strengthening my legs and doing therapy exercises so I can work up to being able to doing squats and harder stuff. I don't want to blow my knees out. I went from a very active life style (fishing, hiking, camping, hunting) to being stuck inside all the time raising a small child. It has been a hard transition for me. 
    I see all of the many justifications on here for some of these fetishes and it makes me sad. And that's all they are is justifications. Just like excessive skinny is bad the same goes for being heavy. Its unhealthy and if anything people should be encouraged to feel healthy (their healthy) for me I don't mind being a bit overweight like around 125 a size 5-7 I can handle that. I don't care, everyone has what they FEEL good at. But many are deluding these poor people into thinking they feel good and that is rather insidious. Being overweight or underweight is not something that feels good both sexually, or physically. It can cause irreversible damage to bones, and joints, and its super hard on the heart. Emotionally it can cause feelings of inadequacy. It will also shorten ones life span. How will you enjoy life to the fullest if you have repeated injuries, heart attacks, or can't catch your breath while trying to enjoy being outside. Being stationary brings depression and mental health issues. I find myself struggling more than I have in my entire life from being inside all the time. I've gone through abuse too. For me its worse to be stuck inside bored and broke. I live in a small town with not a lot to offer as well and you have to travel to find places to legally hike around. I still try to get out though.

    When I was skinny, I was skinny shamed and often made fun of for not having boobs. I was pretty flat but was blessed with a butt. Now I feel awful and even though I feel I have an awesome rack now. I would trade it to prevent the damage to my joints that being overweight is going to cause. I've been working with my doctor to slowly fix my health. It's been a long road. We should seek a healthy norm in society not these awful extremes. 

    If I don't feel attractive for being too skinny or overweight I don't want someone to delude me into thinking I do. You can't change me and my opinion of my body and you shouldn't from an unhealthy perspective. Only I can. Only I can work on myself and feel great. People should feel ashamed at the damage they are causing on both sides of the spectrum.

    I will never have a hot beach bod. I accept that. With all of my pregnancy scars and stretchmarks from both pregnancy and post partum weight I will not be able to run around in bikinis, or belly shirts, or short shorts. I have a limited closet to work with. I don't need someone making me feel even more ashamed of my body either direction I take.

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Attention: Massive DA Security Issues

Mon Jun 11, 2018, 12:27 PM

Attention DA Followers/Watchers: There is a security leak and copyright infringement issue running rampant on DA. This is not a joke. I was affected.

    I am not here to cause drama but this is important. A month ago I reported this issue to DA and got the typical b.s. response. We can't handle this issue because its not on our site.But it IS their issue. Even if they can't handle the copyright issue it is still their issue. Its a matter of security. So why do they not do anything about it? If they can do this whats stopping them from getting at your credit card information? Core users?

    I should have noticed the issue and took heed to it sooner. I started noticing a trend on here about October and on other forums and sites I run with. The issue is with bot spam and scams. Have you noticed how the quality of the forums have gone down? Its gotten worse since October. We are hit daily with ads and fake ID inquiries, illegal selling of data, and all manner of weird suspicious sales tactics. One person contacted me directly and gave me a story about how they could help me sell my art and I visited their page and they bragged about being a hacker, and a prison bird. It got reported.

    Now  a month-ish ago, in order to track down where all I've posted my art in threads to hide old art posts and protect thumbs, I find out I too fell victim to this security issue along with tons of other artists. When I reported this issue to DA and they did nothing I tried to take it to Google Legal Team to have it shut down. I'm still awaiting a reply.

    Well a few more weeks go by and I felt prompted to go into a certain chatroom to see if I could get some more help, or change someones mind and get them to look at the issue. Its where I have been hanging out on and off and rubbing elbows with some of the mods. I was hoping to become a community volunteer eventually and had hoped to be able to help with some of the sites many issues this way. To improve a community I've been a part of since 2005, a community that I loved.

    So if anyone is curious about my inactivity on here as of late. This issue/problem has caused me some huge amount grief and I have taken a hard dent to my emotional/spiritual health as a result of it. I have found DA to be more of a depression trigger for me lately and here's why:

    I was scraped and my art and my images where posted and plastered to a faux thread with many sick and disturbing words/things (pornographic) and falsely claiming me to be a child predator... I don't really have many followers and I may not carry a lot of weight or have a huge reputation but it still mattered to me. I tore all of my artwork down from DA because it was posted in this scraped porn malware phishing site which is a form of copyright infringement and its utterly killed me. I do not have the money to register my art and receive reparation for damages, and it kills me someone may be making profit on it now. This site was a test for a much larger issue. Refer here: [link] and here:… (I posted in the forums a month-ish ago to warn everyone. I even tagged some artists to rally them to the cause people who had been affected by this. This is the original thread that got hit:… For your safety I will not be linking the first scrape/theft site since its malware/phishing.

    I have found the new site and it has stolen all of my artwork, and even images of me myself and is pasting them on Iphone covers. Images of me....This is wrong. Please don't visit the site though I took a risk and looked on there. People are saying that it maybe malware launching. I'm taking a gamble to prove a point to DA. The site is but you can search yourself and see if these bastards are plastering your face, art, and family photos on Iphones, and some how all my art... they got the originals without the watermarks. How the hell did they do that? I blame DA's poor security.

    Anyway on with it... Recapping: 
I reported it to DA which is the site that was scraped. (The original test scrape the first one.) They acknowledged it and decided it warranted no action. I took it to Google Legal Team and have heard nothing. I tried to ply some further "unofficial" help/ideas from DA staff in aforementioned chatroom and things got ugly quickly on their end. I feel I  remained polite and I feel even though I was frustrated at the situation and was seeking continued help on a case, it didn't warrant what was said to me. For a site that claims to be tolerant and loving, and against hate speech its admins sure do not uphold this. The admins are supposed to be the beacons of the community the paragon of example. (I will not be mentioning which three rudely bullied me. Harassed is more like it. They should be fired...But it is against policy to make call out journals and I find it immature.)

I was belittled, I was told my reputation didn't matter, I was told I must be a religious nut case because if anything porn would be a good attachment to my name and drive curious viewership... My art was pulled into the discussion and I was told my art looked liked shitty kid art. By the same person who Favorited several pieces of mine and had been so willing and loving to give amazing feedback in the past. I was so taken aback by this and shocked I  said I didn't come here to be insulted. Yet they denied insulting me, and when I replied that I didn't think I wanted to be part of a site that treated its members like this. I got told no one will care if you leave, your not a professional artist. That my reputation doesn't matter. EVERYONE MATTERS. 

Now I do understand that I don't have a large following, and I do not carry that much weight in that community, and I do have a decent amount of followers, but honestly I am still leaving DA. I made this descion after this happened but it is not a knee jerk reaction. This was the straw that broke the camels back.

    They haven't won by encouraging me to leave. It will look this way but I have my integrity and this is a matter of INTEGRITY because I will not stand for a site that treats its customers and users poorly. The site can't even protect its users. I can stand firm in my decision that this site is no longer interested in its "community" its artists, its people, and the management of the site or the protection of copyrights, or security. If I was scraped, you were more than likely too.

To have ones art, intelligence, spirituality, and morals laughed at and insulted really hurts, and I know they know that, but what hurts the most is that my spirituality was attacked. So much for tolerance. I said I would still continue to strive forward in my art though- In an email that I sent to some of you. But in all honesty this has affected me so deeply I have no desire to draw or make art anymore. I am feeling horridly depressed and I don't see myself making art for a while. I need some time to heal. They cannot stop me in my art progression or discourage me. I may leave the account up and have it redirect to another site or blog when I have decided on a place to migrate too. I have not decided where to go yet and I am screening places for security issues and policys. Until then, I will not be posting anything art wise. I will be slowly taking stuff down, saying farewell to my groups and shutting them down. I have already shut Network-with-us down. If some of you have noticed. I am sorry, but the traffic was to small to justify leaving it up anyway.  Again this isn't a knee-jerk response. This was the straw that broke the camels back with Deviant-Art. After being here for 13 years I can say I am not proud of what it has become. 

    To the Deviantart Staff:

    From the overwhelming amounts of pornography (Not talking classy artistic nudes), even the  child pornography that won't be removed due to  the shitty excuses of some of these artists on here, to the really sick stuff I will not mention that I have reported and has gone ignored. I have decided to walk away from it. I didn't abuse the report function or harass people with it. I tried to aim my attacks at spam and scammer bots. In other words, site disruption. It is a haven for pedophiles and bad people, trolls, scammers, spammers, liars, hackers, and all sorts of bad behavior. Every time a site allows its users on its site to use bots to regulate the site it becomes an eventual security problem. We have seen this on Geo-cities, and other sites. This is your security leak. Ban the BOT. Ban it! It is no longer safe to allow them on the site YOU have created the security issue. YOU left a gaping hole for people to get into. If you want to fix this issue this is the way to fix it. Disallow them.

    Secondly its time to purge the old admins and find new one's that aren't jaded and find ones that will help and do there jobs. I am aware of the "LOAD" you guys work with, and it is a poor excuse. You are public now with wix, hire more people. YOU can afford it. Especially with all these people paying through the nose with core. What about all of the paid ad space? Every click on someones profile generates you money. I have almost 18,000 hits on my page couple that with the other million users. Its an excuses for the ignorant. Some of you do work hard and I thank you, but some of you have become as rude and immature as some of the children on this site. Well in some cases even worse most of the kids on this site have better sense and manners.

    Third of all I warned you. I reported a problem and it fell on deaf ears. Now it is worse. That practice scrape just became a way for someone to print art like :iconwlop: and others on Iphone cases, and it also may not be actually giving out said merchandise but taking the money and running. Either way its escalated and it is your problem because you have a bunch of pissed of customers and users. 

    Fourth I do understand that the forums and chatrooms are not the place to ask for official help. But I think when dealing with issues like this people should be allowed to crowd source ideas to help a situation. Talk with others and gain insight. You have a complaints forum, a political forum, and all kinds of stuff that would suggest talking about our problems. It isn't wrong nor drama inducing to ask for help. It's drama inducing because you make it that way, because you can't be bothered to take a few minutes to help someone rationally.

     To My Fellow Deviants/Watchers:

    Granted I will miss the inspiring artists (the good artists) and the good people that are the few gems here and there off of this site, but its not worth the stress, the depression, the anger, or the time. Most of it is poison. I will leave the option for people to sign up for a personal email/friends list for those of you who wish to remain in contact. We can exchange feedback in other ways too. We can still grow together, just not here.

    Requests/Commissions will be finished and full resolution images un-watermarked will be sent to those I have promised.
    For now my page will remain up to spread to word around that I am leaving, until I find a place to rest my head. I may drop by and check up on you guys from time to time as well for the time being. 

Thank you

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April Easter Theme Game Anyone?

Thu Apr 5, 2018, 4:59 PM
I have to apologize to everyone. I'm sorry if I've been a basket case. I really appreciate everything you guys have done for me. The comments, faves, the feedback, and the conversations. I really do appreciate you guys. I'm sorry that this whole thing has me stressed out. I want to find a way to help strengthen us and I want to find a way to better protect each other. I also have been stashing points away from some really wonderful people and still would like to do a literature contest in WritersResources as well as do something on my profile. I may not have a lot of points to distribute but we can still make it fun!

On another note:
I'm doing an Easter theme game to entice people in our group to become more active.

"It will be an Easter Hunt. Here is how to play. I will post a word and description here on DA to get us started. Then you guys can post an art piece you think best matches the word/description. Any art style, piece, you feel works best it doesn't have to be religious. Give me a short comment as to why you feel it fits the word and why you think it should win. The winner(s) will receive a literature and/or art feature here on my page!

The Word: 

reparation for a wrong or injury.
"she wanted to make atonement for her husband's behavior"
(in religious contexts) reparation or expiation for sin.
"an annual ceremony of confession and atonement for sin"
the reconciliation of God and humankind through Jesus Christ.
noun: Atonement; noun: the Atonement" Quoted from group blog

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Nothing is safe online... *NSFW L*

Wed Apr 4, 2018, 9:24 PM
    After my recent encounter with my profile name being misrepresented and linked to a malicious phishing and porn site I have reported it to Google Legal Team to have it taken down. This also gave me a chance to start deleting my online presence. I am sickened by Google and Facebook's abuse of power. I had no idea how other sites have my information on display like my phone numbers and other personal information. Including sites I've never been on before or never knew existed. Its a no wonder why people call us with scams all the time. This is a egregious amount of information leaking. I found way too much online and I made an effort to delete my activity and change my preferences through both profiles. Its also probably how a bot got a hold of my information. I made an effort over the years to be careful in not sharing my information online and I come to find out companies have sold information around, not only that but they have also taken security measures and used them against us. Like Google or Yahoo account recovery phone number system which is supposed to be private by the way. Everyone online can see your phone number... This is wrong. Where does it stop?

    I highly suggest everyone do they same. Go through your preferences. Search your name, search your profile name. Find out just how much has been leaked and delete what you can or hide it better. The biggest one that will protect and save you was also your ruin. Google. Go into your Google account preferences change stuff now. Delete your info, delete your numbers, change your settings. They auto set to target ads at you through your browsing history through various sites. I get targeted ads, I mean I get it. Its easy to go off of cookies and cache, but taking private information and splattering it online for people to potentially steal and defraud you? WHY? For the all mighty dollar. Fuck Societies Values. You know the whole you don't get rich unless you screw a few people over along the way? Well Google and FB have screwed a few million possible a few billion... 

    I hope that we see changes since they are both being brought up before the supreme court on oversight. I highly doubt it though. I hope we see an anti-social media revolution soon. If I had known this was the kind of damage this could do, I would have never joined sites like FB, or DA, or even signed up for gmail. Any right to privacy is gone. We were taught when I was in high school that we needed to brand ourselves, make an online presence for ourselves so that we were visible to employers and possible prospects. Heck even the college taught us that. BLOGS! Social Media interlinking. Its all a SCAM, a LIE. And for what, your identity can be sold for money.

    And we also have another issue online. The rampant plagiarism and copyright infringement to add on top of it... The people out there that are literally so vain and want to be popular online and go around and steal other peoples hard work. FUCK People...… and…

    Now I come to find out more and more that we can't protect ourselves anymore and that the justice system is broken. The people who infringe on us have more rights than we do. Slanders have more rights than we do. Don't believe me here's a link:…
He shouldn't have had to pay to take slander and libel down that should have been the violators penalty cost.

    Lets not get started on the FBI as of recently and the amount of corruption from them as well and how they are tied up in so much paper work they don't actually do there jobs. I reported a cyber crime last year and still have yet to have them get back to me... What's wrong with this picture?

    I hope that I can encourage you to minimize your online footprint. Please I beg of you to protect yourselves better. Start reading the EULA's. Read the Terms of use and Privacy. And most of all if I can I want to encourage people to pull away from social media as much as possible. I know sites like this are hard because we don't want to isolate ourselves from our peers in the field and their is much good to be had but DA was bought by WIX. I just found out about this recently, so who knows what they are doing to us now. I hope DA doesn't decide to step on its users, because I love this place.

    I say enough is enough.


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Research Progress Journal

Thu Mar 29, 2018, 7:43 PM
    So much to do and so little time! Wow I am so glad I decided to do a refresher on period history, inventions, and all sorts of subjects. This is so much better than looking for crap online! It would seem every time I go online I get distracted by something else that doesn't have to do with my research.(We live in an advertising and click-bait world with false leads.) I have noticed there is a lot of miss-information out there. I forgot how amazing non-fiction books are. As for the internet it would seem tag abuse and agenda or "who pays to be up front in the search results:" just muddies up research too much. I feel more grounded in what to look for online when it comes to search parameters based off of what terminology I find in books.

    Like for example in this book Castles by Sean Sheehan, I am starting to pick up little things I didn't know about in the first place. For one how England or Europe in general likes to think they pioneered a lot of these inventions but in fact they were imported from the middle east.  I have seen too many documentaries claiming the former and not crediting the latter.  One invention I can pull immediately from the text is that they got the idea to start building more fortified structures from stone from the Muslims during the first crusades. Even trying to expand and improve upon designs. Originally most of Europe's castles were made of wood in a crude manner.

    Another example from a book called Science and Technology in the Middle Ages, is the Astrolabe or a device used to measure celestial bodies or the heavens, and to calculate altitudes and longitudes during navigation. Another invention coming from the middle east. Here is an image:… Or how about spinning wheels which originate from India?

    One last one that may blow your mind... So everyone knows who plays video games or pays attention to world-building in literature that in the middle ages we had water-powered wheel for gristmills and such. No biggie, but I wonder how many of you know we had water wheel powered barges or boats during that time period? I know I didn't, I always associated wheel barges with the steam age... Turns out in this book I'm reading it wasn't exactly documented or noted as a separate important impacting invention. Just sort of lopped into the water wheel invention on many a books timelines. Here I found an article that talks about the barges sort of like the book I'm reading.…

    And for the hilarious part of my research. I had to ask a religious question. I won't go into detail but I can see why certain members of my family think elves are demons. The idea or the myth stems from the dark ages and a bit before in some instances. Depends on the culture, but it all revolves around the Catholic churches adaptations. There was a book produced called Demonology and in it elves from many a culture were describe as being (like the more modern ideas) like the incubus or the succubus. Well I got reading and ran into various superstitions. Some of which were just down right hilarious. I want to share them but I want to use them in my series as a comedy device. I have to say though, wow its fantasy and if people are still buying into that crap, well that's sad... I don't think demons have horns, or gnashing teeth. Many of those designs are designs of man that where adopted by the Catholic church to scare people into submissive believe. (Scare tactics are awesome for forcing people to do what you want...) For example Dante's Inferno was a comedy poking fun at the Catholic churches leaders and they turned around and adopted it. If anything I believe "demons" are the one third host of heaven that was cast down. Body-less beings whispering in our ears tempting man. Well I guess whatever everyone is entitled to their opinion and beliefs. By the way I will give you a hint... the superstition has to do with peeing. XD Hahahah lame...

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Updates on Works in Progress

Sun Mar 25, 2018, 8:20 PM
    Okay so I know I wrote up a status letting everyone know I'm back. Thank you for all of your well wishes and hello's. I however forgot to write this journal yesterday. I made sure to place one up writersresources, but got busy with this one. So I have a few things I'm going to run down really quick just to get everyone in the loop.
    While I was on my vacation I wanted to work on my writing, and requests. I also wanted to jump into watercolor so I can add that to possible requests or commissions in the future as well as develop my landscaping skills. Through that medium I also wanted to try learning about layering and utilize that knowledge towards digital art. CreativeCommunity mentioned something a while back to me in a note that really resonated with me. She told me if I really work at my traditional art skills it will help pioneer my learning in digital and speed up that process. In essence she said my traditional skills will translate to my digital in no time. I can't help but feel like I need to refresh myself on some things so this year will be a great opportunity for that. I already committed myself to a few themes for the year and have been trying to work on them as I go. 
    However, my vacation didn't go at all as I was planning it too. I never got the chance to work on my writing or on my requests. I do apologize to Ravens-Crow I will be getting to them now that I am home again. Things got rather hectic while we were there. My husband was supposed to help with a school assignment for his dad, a play- short scene. We got some rather bad news and found out his mom's sister is dying from a rare and rapid spreading cancer. It started in her uterus and spread through out her liver, lungs, and it is now fracturing her bones by just being there and in only a few short months from its start. We are not expecting her to be with us for much longer. I am really sad for everyone. I didn't get to know Susan that well, but from what I have observed she is a selfless and giving person. A person of good work ethic and charitable service. She helped her mother feel some measure of comfort by assisting in her care before she died. She works hard to take care of her family, and helps pay to keep people that are in hardship in her family going. I am very sad to see her go out of this life without getting a much needed break. 

    I will be continuing on my requests. I have also had some major success today in my writing project. I have been searching the library website to see what kind of materials I can find. I picked up a book and read it before we left. It was a much needed reminder for me on fortresses and castles. I renewed terminology I had forgotten about and decided I need to refresh even more knowledge so it will better help my world development and word choice while writing. So today's search yielded more than I could have ever dreamed of. I will be going down to the library some time tomorrow or Tuesday and pick up some much needed reads. I know I have been dissing on my local library and its lack of non-fiction and I decided to try something a little well... odd? unorthodox? I decided to stop searching by adult non-fiction topics. As per recommendation from a published author online. They said that even if you have to check out a juniors book on a subject it will at least give you a starting point, and boy did this kids book on castles ever do that... *Laughs* So it would seem most of the topics I need a refreshing coarse on are only in the children's or juniors section. Sadly adult non-fiction is sparce in my library. Speaking of sparce I couldn't find much on villains in our history. There was only one book on Hitler and nothing on other dictators or war intrigue and warfare... (Any suggestions on books about warfare and political/religious intrigue would be great!)

    So to recap, I will be working on those requests, my writing, and continuing my skill advancement in art. Mother of Charity is on hold for a bit till I can decide a background and color scheme. Suggestions and thoughts are welcome. I loved Kim's lighting suggestion!

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Hello guys! I just wanted to let everyone know how amazing :iconandrewki: is. He made this for me.

Ladyseshiiria By Andrewki-dc5g1f8 by LadySeshiiria

If anybody is looking for commissions to be done or looking for gifts for the Christmas and Holiday Season please consider him! He works really hard and would appreciate your business! Also if you didn't know this :iconandrewki: is a donor for :icon100millionpoints: a group the gifts points to deserving and hard working deviants. So please watch and support him! He is very generous and skilled!

Here is a link to his gallery as well as a few examples of his artwork! You can find commission and adoptables info below as well.…  

(OPEN 3/3) Christmas SPECIAL PACK! LAST OFFER! by AndrewKi Yoonbum by AndrewKi  Commision: Pikachu and Charmander by AndrewKi (OPEN) Adoptable #3 | Forest Elf (Lowered price) by KillhoneyAdoptables


Getting To Know You

Journal Entry: Wed Mar 7, 2018, 1:50 PM
    I was tagged, I usually ignore these, but I saw a question on here that A LOT of people ask me all the time so I thought I'd do this one.

**What does your username mean?

    My username started off as a gamer profile/character profile. I play a lot of rpg and action adventure dungeon crawler games. It started out as Seshiri and slowly changed over time to Lady Seshiri and then to Lady Seshiiria. The name was chosen for a character I had created for my story series which I always liked throwing in video games to roleplay, she and another male I have done this with in my games. What it did was help me further develop them through out the years. It may sound weird but stepping outside of yourself and playing your characters on screen helps to define them in a more tangible way. (I will sometimes also sit in my room and dialogue with myself to create better and real dialogue.) With games like Skyrim, one can choose dialogue options and play how they choose. I always used these kinds of games as an opportunity to learn new ways to make characters behave, create new ones/personalities I hadn't thought to try, and better flesh ideas out. Like for instance I recently have been trying out the lady ***** bastard route. An arrogant character type. Its been fun stepping out of my comfort zone and seeing how new situations can play out. Its also given me an idea of how to make a character act in story. Though when it comes time to fix my manuscript for publishing, I will be tossing the name out for something that will fit to the world better.

How long have you been on Deviantart?

    Since 2005 in high school, I joined earlier than the site allowed. I didn't know this at the time though, and didn't understand the terms on policy well. I really strongly suggest following policy even if you have a parent permission.

Do you speak multiple languages?

    No. I tried to learn German in high school though. Its been too long to remember any of it though.

Where is your favorite place to hang out?

    I no longer have one since I have had a kid, I've sort of become a shut in. My day revolves around him, and long before I had him many of my friends moved or I cut ties with them for many reasons. One being drugs. Anyway when I had friends I actively hung out with, I would hang out at the park or their houses.

The person or place do you want to visit?

    I would like to go to Germany one day, but I would like to settle with having enough money to go fishing and camping again around the state.

Do you have any pets?

    Not any more. I live in an apartment that charges an extra $70.00 a month to have one. They no longer allow them too. Unless you already had one when they changed policy and can afford the new deposit on one. There is a really great reason why they did this though. We had a neighbor get kicked out for letting her dog shit all over the house and they never cleaned it up. It smelled bad and the health department got involved.

What is your favorite art medium to use?

    Graphite, and colored pencil. Though I am learning to do digital, and will be retrying watercolor and mixed mediums again.

What do you like about your art?

    Its not fanart. That its original and not something that already exists. I hope that doesn't sound pretentious. I like fanart, but I would rather expend energy creating my own stuff.

What do you dislike about it?

    I feel like I can't draw hands, feet, and facial features really well. I get told I do really well all the time. But deep down I feel like I'm not diversifying enough. Also my style, I feel like anime has influenced m art to a large degree, despite doing everything in my power to avoid that influence. I would much rather inject heavy metal fantasy influences into my artwork.

What inspires your art?

    Heavy Metal Fantasy. Um growing up my anger, depression, and boredom. I tried to create pretty things when I was frustrated angry or sad. Instead of dwelling on the negative and drawing negative things I felt inspired to recreate my fantasy worlds and characters.
    Heavy Metal Music, well any genre really.

What are your goals for the future?

    Learn to diversify in my art, both in terms of styles, and subjects, as well as mediums. Major goal is to learn digital art and learn to draw males.

Add your favorite piece from your gallery: 

    That's a hard one... Just one? :/

<da:thumb id="468861346"/> <da:thumb id="468862544"/>

    I hand drafted the pattern, remeasuring and testing to make sure it was perfect before using my materials. I spent about 2 weeks in designing, planning and drafting stages. Spent about $80.00 in material and spent another week sewing and hand beading this piece. I feel like its my greatest fashion accomplishment. If I had more money, I would have boned and lined it. Ran out of funds so I did what I could with what I had.

If we're talking art as in drawing: 

Pick someone else's deviation to feature: 

A Moment of Rest by FrerinHagsolb and  Beneath the Old Oak by FrerinHagsolb

Link a song: 
    A random one? :D Okay

Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda :navi: Commissions Trades and Requests :navi: Free - Navi Fairy from Legend of Zelda 

Please read the full information before noting me. Application is at the bottom.


What I can do:

Please take a look at my traditional art gallery to get an idea of what I do.

Fashion Sketches

Female Character Concept Art

Some Designs and Logos

Graphite Black and White Detailed Pictures

Colored Pencil Pictures

Basic Poses

I will do OC’s. References preferred but not required, if you do not have a character reference to work from a detailed explanation with human reference trait images will help. (Face claim or whatever they call it.)


What I can’t do or working to rectify:

I am rusty or not yet skilled to accomplish.

Animals and Creatures (Not skilled enough.

Group Pictures (Rusty check back later)

Realistic Self-Portraits (Way too rusty.)

***Male Character Concept Art (I need some work before I feel comfortable enough to do commissions on this.)

***Digital Art (I’m not skilled enough to accomplish this at this time.)


What I absolutely won’t do:

Sexually Explicit or Pornographic Artworks

Fetish Artwork:
Bondage, Furry, S and M, BDSM, ABSD, Exploitation of Children or Adults in any manner, BBW or SBBW Artwork for Fetish.

Shipping Artworks

Nudes (This area of artwork can easily cross the line into NSFW)

Write your stories for you, but I can provide feedback or critiques.


Sizes, Types, and Prices:

    **Prices are set according to digital file prices. Shipping and handling and physical copy prices are yet be added.

Sizes: Small, Medium, and Large. *Prices may vary on paper sizes. Sizes may vary according to manufacturing/brand tolerances. Sizing chart was made to give you a base idea.

Small: Standard A4 or 8” by 10” $1.00

Medium: A3 11” by 16” or 18” by 12” $3.00

Large: A2 16.5” by 23.4” or 18” by 23” $5.00 *Currently Unavailable


Media: Graphite, and Colored Pencil.

    ·         (Busts) Sketch Portrait - Lineart $25.00

    ·         (Busts) Detailed Portrait - Lineart Simple Shading $30.00 or B&W $40.00, Flat Color $40.00, and Shaded Color $50.00

    ·         Character Half Body W/O Background - Lineart $25.00, Lineart Simple Shade $30.00, B&W $35.00, Flat Color $40.00, Shaded Color $45.00

    ·         Character Half Body With Simple Background - Lineart $35.00, Lineart Simple Shade $40.00, B&W $50.00, Flat Color $45.00, Shaded Color $60.00

    ·         Character Full Body W/O Background - Lineart $35.00, Lineart Simple Shade $40.00, B&W $50.00, Flat Color $45.00, and Shaded Color $60.00

    ·         Character Full Body With Simple Background - Lineart $40.00, Lineart Simple Shade $45.00, B&W $80.00, Flat Color $90.00, Shaded Color $100.00

    ·         Logos or Tattoo’s - Lineart $25.00 Lineart Simple Shade $35.00 Flat Color $45.00 Shaded Color $60.00 *Higher Detail or Complex Images may require re-negotiation.

    ·         *Fashion Adopts (Currently Unavailable - Waiting on Digital Improvement.)
    ·         *Commissions with complex backgrounds will require negotiation more than likely resulting in a higher fee.

*I reserve the right to refuse a commission without an explanation. Please respect this.


Licenses: Private and Commercial

*Work in progress…

For now I am only accepting personal private use requests. All work shall be credited to the creator. I do not own your ideas, characters, or designs. I however take credit for my work. You may credit me by linking to my profile here: or :iconladyseshiiria:

Commission Approval and Payment Agreement

  1. By sending Payment for a Commission, you agree to the terms of this policy and you will follow the Code of Conduct in regards of payment, refunds and handling of commissions.
  2. You must digitally sign the application below showing that you understand the Terms of Service and the refund policy before I will consider the commission.
  3. There are no refunds. Except under special circumstances. Continue reading below to find out.
  4. Half payment will be required upfront, half of this will be non-refundable deposit. The last of the payment will be required upon the basic sketch approval stage. This is to ensure that the buyer is serious and to prevent any scams on either part of the business transaction.
  5. Refunds will not be granted under any circumstance after the the basic sketch approval phase.
  6. DA FAQ: "Artists should always consider issuing a refund in the case of a Buyer who is unhappy, however artists are not required to provide a refund. Upon receiving a refund, the buyer should return the digital file or provide the artist with confirmation that the file has been destroyed." Because I cannot verify that a file has been destroyed once the commission is near completion or completed, there will be no refunds.  
  7. Refunds will be permitted during the basic sketch phase. If you are at all unsatisfied with the results of the basic sketch phase and until after we have exhausted all options, you may ask for a refund minus the deposit. Please understand that artists work hard to please their clients. This is why there is a non-refundable deposit.
  8. I ask that you do not send points or money before the approval stage. I will consider them a donation. I am doing this to prevent people from assuming, harassing me, pushing me, or bribing me into a commission. If you send points or money before I agree to do a commission and before we agree on what you are looking for. I will consider this ass hole tax. Sorry.
  9. Please respect my way of conducting business. I will not tolerate harassment of any kind. I ask that you remain professional and if you have a dispute I expect you to handle it like an adult. In other words politely message me. Anyone who harasses me, threatens me, bullies me, tries to scam me, sends friends to bully me, or uses call out journals will be reported and blocked as well as anyone who helps them. I abide by DA policy and I do use the reporting system. If harassment continues, I will press the point further. Cyber-bullying is a federal crime. This means the police and FBI will be involved.
  10. I will not accept paid commissions from minors (under 18) for safety reasons. Please understand this is not because I don't want your business but because I want to protect you. There have been issues on DA recently where minors have paid for things without their parents permission and with their parents money. Refunds have been demanded and it hurts the artist. I would ask that you take advantage of the raffles, and free art requests when they are available, they will be your best chance. Plus its free, and no one gets hurt.
  11. I reserve the right to refuse a commission without an explanation. Please respect this.
  12. Terms of Service and prices are subject to change.
  13. If you want to give a no-stings attached donation please either donate points to my widget or my Ko-fi account here:        

What do I receive? *WIP*

  1. Digital copy information
  2. Physical copy information and shipping info.

Commission Application:

A separate one needs to be filled out for every new/separate commission.

    1.      Type of commission: Example: Character Full Body W/O Background - Lineart $35.00


    2.      Logo or Tattoo: Description of what you would like. References are really appreciated! (Leave blank if not pursuing this type of commission.)


    3.      Pose: Static or Dynamic (References are welcome and appreciated.)


    4.      Character: A short appearance description (References are welcome and mega appreciated.)


    5.      Outfit: Description of the designs and elements of the clothing. (References are welcome and mega appreciated.)


    6.      Background: If you chose a background, a simple design or gradient background is included. If not leave this area blank.


    7.      Paper Sizes: Please check out what is available.


    8.      Preferred Deadline: If none, you will get a small discount, but finishing the commission may take longer. Please also be reasonable I have a young child to take care of.


    9.      Additional important information and suggestions: Examples: Colors, mood, expression etc.


    10.    License: Leave Blank *WIP Only Private Personal Use is Available Currently.

    ·        Private or commercial use? Please state clearly what the intended purpose of the requested image will be. If it will be used commercially please be aware there will be an additional fee. If you are part of a company, then the fee will be a percentage and contract.

  • I understand the refund policy and agree to the Terms of Service.
    Digital Signature: 

Update on Projects

Sun Mar 4, 2018, 9:44 PM
   I used to speed through drawings a lot growing up. I'm trying to break some habits, slow down, and learn to work on things over a coarse of time instead of having an OCD it needs to be done on the day I start it. I have to say I really like how this request is coming along. I have been methodical and I am taking my time on it. It is starting to really look good. I have done one side of this character design concept in a dynamic pose and the other side will be a bit simpler. I think it will be a good good fashion piece. I am still crafting the poses and I am in lineart phase as we speak. I will be trying to determine if I want to color it traditionally or digitally. I haven't decided yet. If I do it digitally it can be split into to different images like I did with my fashion dress.
  Please be patient with me. I am finding myself rather rusty on traditional art so the practice is very much welcomed. So if I find myself getting stuck I switch to another image. This has been a good experience for me as a confidence booster.
    This request was made before I opened request so it isn't or won't be a surprise. Img 20180304 225921

  Digital Art:
  Candyland is taking a backseat for a bit. I am feeling how shall I say... My heart isn't in it any more. I will finish it though. I am sad, I really want to see Candyland finished and realized but I feel like I am not doing it the justice it deserves. If it doesn't turn out right, it will still be a good learning experience for me and I can always do it over again later. I had envisioned a really colorful piece, and I had also envisioned a monochromatic piece. I saw so many ways in my head of how it could be colored and how it could be executed lighting and texture wise. It would seem it could be a very dynamic piece. I think my problem with this piece while I am trying not to overthink it... I am. I feel I am struggling to realize the composition of the piece and the correct values.

  Traditional Art and Story:
  As for my current traditional work in progress, I am slowing myself down as well and being methodical about design. Mother of Charity will be one piece of many that will be designed for a church or temple for a religion in my story series. I welcome any input on the background design. Right now this is just a concept I am looking at later it will probably scan it in and make a stained glass version of it. To keep with theme though I would like to see a stained glass background, if not a window border for the basic shape. As I am looking at this piece I see myself embodying the popular color scheme of Mary in many paintings. The blue shawl on white dress theme. The inspiration for this piece came as I was working on the mechanics of one of my religions. I had wondered as I was free writing to describe a scene with a character entering said church or temple and seeing its beauty, the design work; the world building so to speak.
  I found myself doing research on renaissance and church paintings as well as stained glass in general. Upon my research I found sculptures I liked and paintings that helped me better visualize what I wanted, The one I was most inspired by is called Daughters of Danaus

  Take a look at how it is coming along. It is skewed a bit from the camera on my phone so I do apologize. Like I said feel free to pitch in ideas for the stained glass background.

Skin by illiyah

WritersResources Chat Is Open!!!

Sat Mar 3, 2018, 1:54 PM
    We opened the chatroom up at the beginning of this month, today we are doing a meet and greet if anyone wants to stop by, it will also give me a chance to meet some of you who I haven't yet had the opportunity.

    I am running behind on a few things but it is important that we kick this chatroom off so we can do activities and such! For one I would like to start seeking more donations for a contest to get people more interested in group activities. So far I have 120 points in my donation pool that were given to me for this event. If you would like to donate art or literature services that would be appreciated. I am in the middle of working on the outline for the contest. I will be looking for judges as well. So if you aren't interested in participating as a entry, perhaps you would be interested in voting?

Skin by illiyah

Requests Are Closed

Tue Feb 27, 2018, 12:26 PM
  Okay requests are now closed. So many people expressed and interest in commissions that I opened a tester request journal for people and not many showed an interest so I am going to work on what I have chosen and I will be closing the requests for now. 

  Sorry if you missed out on the chance, I'm going work on my projects for now. My art for my story and my series is more important currently. I am still working on securing a new computer and scanner, and I can be sure the core reason there is not a lot of interest is because of the scanner issue.

  Thank you for participating.

You can donate here:

Skin by illiyah

Update and Taking Requests

Tue Feb 6, 2018, 2:48 PM
  So I have a few things I am working on at the moment. For one I have a lot going on currently in the literature community. :iconwritersresources: is answering the call, to help other lit groups out that are in major need. We will be launching an ads journal from time to time, encouraging group members to check out our veteran groups here or help encouraging people to hop on admin/contributor invites to push the community forward.

  I am currently working on a few pieces of art myself, one of which is a digital piece - Candyland and I am taking my time so that I can learn brushes and layering more effectively. If you would like to join the process, I welcome you to come join me here:

  I also have signed up for a few art contests to see if we can't get some points our way for group/contest endeavors. I have also accepted a few commissions in real life for a Shakespearean play, so we will see if it pays off or falls through, since I am still awaiting several questions to be answered. 
I have accepted a request from a friend who has helped me out a lot for some art clothing designs and I will be working on those as well.

  So with all of this said, for those of you interested in commissions, I have decided to open up requests for two purposes. Purpose one, to see what kinds of things may be wanted by my watchers. So market research, essentially, and two, to give me something to work on for online experience. Bare in mind that image quality will not be at its highest resolution due to my phone camera. If you would like to donate to my ko-fi so that I can get a scanner quicker it would be mega appreciated!
Rules for the requests:
  If you are interested in a request, you must be a current watcher to participate.
  Placing a request doesn't necessarily guarantee that I will pick yours, so please don't take this as a rejection. I will be choosing what I can handle at the moment. Remember you can attract more flies with honey not vinegar! 
  I will not be accepting requests for NSFW, LGBT, Intimate Couples, Anthro, Mecha, Fetishes, Anything illegal or potential works that will violate DA policy. However, I may consider mild suggestive themes. If you are not sure of what I am capable of please, take a look at my gallery.…
  I may not accept digital requests, since this is a new territory for me. Not completely out the window though.
  I don't particularly like doing fanart, but I can. Mainly because I do not want to learn manga-ka disciplines. I would much prefer bringing original creations and designs to fruition.
  To make a request comment below with what you are looking for or would like to see, if you have reference images be sure to include them in the comment. 

  Like with all of my other art please be aware that:
  My artworks may not be reproduced, copied, edited, transmitted, published, or uploaded in any way without my written permission.© All rights reserved
  So to clarify, I do not own your character or ideas. I am merely just a vessel for art. I just want to be sure that permissions are followed, and that I receive proper credit for the work. 

  I will not be notifying anyone on what I have chosen until submission. I want to keep it a surprise so please keep an eye out here or in your mentions. Everyone will have an equal chance at being chosen! Good Luck and Have an Awesome Day!

ETA: There is an obvious difference between camera phone and scanner quality. 

<da:thumb id="719997460"/> <da:thumb id="472031896"/>  
<da:thumb id="720100087"/> <da:thumb id="720099915"/> <da:thumb id="719531328"/>
<da:thumb id="361426387"/> 
<da:thumb id="718683172"/> <da:thumb id="717313484"/>
<da:thumb id="721577187"/> <da:thumb id="721667866"/> <da:thumb id="721668343"/> <da:thumb id="706877037"/> 

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Thank you Everyone!

Fri Feb 2, 2018, 3:25 PM
        I just want to take the time to thank all of my friends on here again for supporting me. To everyone who faves, watches silently, comments, or gives me constructive feedback. Thank you! I love talking with all of you and I am wishing you all a great year! So far I feel we all are at an amazing start!

        I want to take a moment to provide a special thank you to certain individuals.
:iconjesusfreakblue: :iconjonwassing: :iconmercenaryblade: :iconmkconan: :iconmariaenzianiakober: :icon1marz:  :iconravens-crow: :iconfrerinhagsolb: :iconavistella: :iconcreativecommunity: :iconsaturdaystorytellers: :icondiosrubra: :iconanniecoleptic: :iconsealweal11: :iconsia-adopts:

        I also want to share a few things with you as well. For starters... I have won a few raffles, or have been given art for free by some amazing people on here and I can't express my gratitude enough for it.

:iconjesusfreakblue: Has some awesome stuff going on. She has a series she is writing called the House Of Aoikasai- Table Of Contents. Please check it out she is an amazing writer. She also does commissions for character art in her really cool chibi style. Reminds me of a sort of caricature chibi mix.

 <da:thumb id="720247286"/> 

Also a few piece I'd like to share.

<da:thumb id="657574761"/> <da:thumb id="713592840"/><da:thumb id="721393836"/>

:iconravens-crow: For helping me create core decor. I don't know if I can post up thumbs yet, and I'm still working on construction with the profile. I will also be helping her to see if we can create some of these for journal css. :) Thank you for collaborating with me it has been awesome! Here I will just be sharing some of here works since files don't thumb in journals and I have not asked for the permission yet to share/show it.

Target by Ravens-Crow  Butterfly Fun by Ravens-Crow   Lily Drawing by Ravens-Crow Butterfly by Ravens-Crow 

:icon1marz:  request: seshiiria by 1MarZ

:iconsealweal11: or :iconsia-adopts: Is a very talented adopts artist. She creates some fascinating works of creatures and aliens! She also has a lot of written sci-fi works with her aliens, please check them out! You will enjoy her creativity! Here are some things I have won or adopted.

Raffle prize for LadySeshiiria by sealweal11 Separarted 1 by Sia-Adopts Separarted 2 by Sia-Adopts Separarted 3 by Sia-Adopts

:iconfrerinhagsolb: I won this from a raffle and I made a super awesome friend in the process! She is so multi-talented/skilled in many traditional mediums as well as digital art. I for one would like to see someone donate a core account to her because she deserves it.
You can check out my group feature here to get to know her more! This Month's Featured Artist!!! Or you can go to her page! Please give her a watch! If your a LOTR Fan I really suggest going over there for many surprises!

Relations (500+ watcher request) by FrerinHagsolb

And... Character art that was done for my series so far.

Relations (500+ watcher request) by FrerinHagsolb  request: seshiiria by 1MarZ

        I would actually like to hold a raffle or a contest at some time but I do not have a lot to offer, and with poor camera resolution and no scanner I would offer artwork, but I am not sure if anyone would be interested. I would of coarse update the winners images when I get a scanner so they can have a higher quality that is if I do see an interest in it. I would also ask a favor, if anyone is willing to donate points, or art, or anything no matter how small it is to this it would be mega appreciated. I would like to use the contest/raffle to somehow promote WritersResources or Network-With-Us I have not figured out what I want to do yet, or how to conduct it. (Really all depends on reward tiers.)

         All I know is I want to start earning some donations for a super group for WritersResources I would also like to host contests and raffles in each group to boost and encourage activity. I want to add one more thing to this as well, with all of these benevolent goals in mind for others (groups/members) I would like to some how also use this to promote myself and hopefully gain some more exposure. I want to continue to help others and positively impact this site to make it better. On that note: I would also like to start doing more of what I love and I can't do that without your help! If you would like to support my art endeavors and help me get a scanner please consider donating to my ko-fi:

        One last thing while I'm here: There is a chance to win points from :iconsaturdaystorytellers: raffle. Please check it out here. Spreading a Little Positivity (and some DA Points)

Thank you again everyone and I love you all! 
Pixel by PixelMizu
TLoZ SS Piece of Heart icon by pixelMizu

Skin by illiyah

Wish List

Wed Jan 31, 2018, 3:26 PM
    I really want to start commissions and such but I can't seem to decide on what I want to do for certain tool. I also still do not have the funds. I have been told to do commissions to earn money for scanners but no one wants a crap image quality from a phone. Since having a kid and being a stay at home mom I have lost my local connections which I feel I'm going to need to re-establish at some point.

    So If I get a scanner I don't want it to be cheap and crap out on me like my last one, but I don't want to go too expensive either. What are some of you guys using out there in terms of scanners? Also what do you think of these two? I kind of need a printer too to a degree so a  combo one would be ideal, but I am told they break down easier and my last one didn't last long.……

    I'm also looking for ways to better display my art or store it. I have those carry brown protectors but I only store big stuff in them. I've used clear binders and inserts over the years, but I'm not sure I'm liking that. I may stick with it though. What are your thoughts? How do some of you protect your art? Or portfolio if?

    When it comes to commissions and ideas of what people want I've posted  several polls to get ideas. I posted a poll on what people wanted to see from me more this year, what people watch me for and such. I even posted a poll to see how many people would be interested. I have nine potential interested watchers. I guess even aside the polls I'd like to hear from you guys comments wise what you would want if you were commissioning me, to gain an idea on how to tailor my ToS. If I'm going to be setting this up this year I need to make sure I'm fully ready with a scanner, a ToS, and a Commissions Price Guide. I want to be sure all of my eggs are in a basket. 

    I also have questions for online commission money handling. If I use ko-fi then they take a percentage for running the site and then from there if I transfer it to paypal they also take a percentage. So is it better to ko-fi to paypal or go straight to paypal? Points to paypal? Should I do points? I recently I found out that you can convert them. Is there a rate for which I need to watch out for on points converting to money and vise-versa? It would seem that 10 points equals less than ten cents? In real life things of this nature are easier, building a contract and receiving payment and such are smoother. When handling money and clients I've thought about making it an 18 or older so that parents do not get upset at their kids for such interactions, I know some parents that don't want that kind of information being passed around and I completely agree with and understand internet safety. In paypal when people transfer money I can see their name and email address, so this is sensitive information and I wish to keep my clients safe! Is it best to do 18 or older clients online for safety precautions?

    Just some things I have been thinking about, feel free to pitch in if you commission or are interested in commissions and what topics/subject you would like to commission. Knowing is half the battle! Thank you for reading and stopping by to give your input!

    Edit: I apologize for scaring anyone I was up way too late last night working on Candyland, reading tutorials, and writing this out. I myself do not have a business paypal but a personal one so I do not see your home addresses. I am doing some research into the differences between the personal and business paypals. For now I am set to personal because I am not sure how successful commissions will be and will probably not need a w2. In the US w2's will be needed for business or jobs for tax purposes and if you come under a certain amount it is not required to file from my understanding. Though I always have and its beneficial to file even if you come under because you can get tax credits and returns. I think if you donated straight to my paypal and not through the third part site you can actually see my information, because I use google, I will have to look more into it. It is why I haven't selected the option to do direct paypal donation but the use of a third party site. 

    *I have changed the paragraph to reflect email address instead of address.* All though if I do handle commissions where I ship the original pieces I will be using addresses so this is why I have talked about safety and security. I may or may not offer original pieces based on my research on here. For yours and my safety. If I decide on not shipping originals I will provide a high resolution file for prints. Prices will obviously be reflected in that for fairness. Please forgive me and be patient with me. Online is a new learning experience for me, and this is why I am not rushing into online commissions as fast as possible. I am taking my time so I can protect myself and you from fraud and harm! 

    If anyone else has questions on internet safety, fraud prevention, and commissions, I will be sharing what I know either sometime today or later this week in a well written document for your enjoyment. I will also be uploading them to WritersResources and Network-With-Us for multiple platform access.

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Profile Decor Woes

Sun Jan 28, 2018, 10:44 PM
        While I really like this theme... 
        I seriously can't seem to find anything that really speaks to me in the css profile decor. :/ When I do its broken. :( The votes came in and the poll stated people wanted to see a blue theme. Fantasy was second so I thought I'd combine the two. Even the one I made while really cool, for some reason it isn't speaking to me doesn't seem to feel right. :/ If anyone if willing to pitch ideas I'm game. I don't have money or points to spare since we are saving up for :iconwritersresources: super-group, but if anyone is willing to create something for me I will definitely advertise you on my profile! A permanent spot on my widget and a journal feature, and also  advertise you in my group :iconnetwork-with-us.

        I'm honestly not sure what widgets to keep up or which to take down. I know a lot of people say to leave the profile sparce, since it seems to be the new trend on here, but it feels weird to me. I grew up in an old fart generation where you had to sell yourself. XD I guess while sparce forces you to check out their gallery out of curiosity. It is a potential for hit and miss so having something up to showcase seems like a must. First impressions are vital, in work, play, and art. In everything, unfortunately its what defines us. A study came out a while back while I was working my first job out of high school. I took this seminar that our local DWS was offering. It would seem in a literal 7 seconds a person makes their first initial impression of you. This is why its important in the workforce to be clean and professional.

        Seems like a lot to live up to, when it comes to marketing yourself as an artist online. I guess I want my profile to be is honest, clean, professional, and speak volumes about what I love and what I'm doing. That is why I posted a potential for fantasy and my story theme in the poll, favorite colors...etc.... I guess what I'm saying is even though anonymity is important online for safety, I still want to be me, not be like the trend I see these days. A lot of people use their online presence to make a new persona. I just want to be myself. I think I spent too many years in my childhood and in high school trying to invent a new me and not wanting to be me, running like we all do at certain times in our lives. In simplest of terms I guess I feel like people don't need to lie to cut it. :/ (Holy cow, I think I grew up.... XD  Just kidding I grew up along time ago this wasn't overnight... I just like poking fun at myself.)

        If you are curious as to what I am doing I am working on a piece in Gimp right now. I am being kind of slow though, so apologies. I'm a mom so I have a great excuse. :) Anyway, if you guys want in on the process here is my link in a small journal. Here's Your Chance To Get In On The Action! While I am not very good at digital art yet. I would rate myself a novice at best. I would love your guys' input from time to time. I also created a poll here:…  for potential color palettes. So if you haven't voted yet, go do it! 

        Thank you for taking the time to read this. Sorry this one was a bit long.

Skin by illiyah
  So do you remember those polls I put out about being part of another persons process? Well since I am learning digital art I am opening my first real piece up to you guys for live feedback and potential direction. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas. I posted in a status around 10pm to get the motion started, but I will link it here as well for sake of ease.

The image I will be working on is this:

   I will probably post up a poll with a few possible color schemes. I have a few ideas in but they aren't completely settled on. I will come up with more ideas and let you guys know when I have a better idea on them. 

I hope to see you around!

ETA: I have posted up a poll for potential color schemes. If you are interested in helping with the direction of this piece please check it out!

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Thu Jan 25, 2018, 9:13 PM
    I know this happens to countless people all the time but damn... I was working on a digital art piece and now I can't find it. I've come to the conclusion that its lost or I never saved. I'm kind of pissed I had the whole outline worked and ready to go. I was going to do a higher quality and had an  anatomy fixed version of one of my traditional pieces. I had fixed the legs, face, and hands. Well I guess I have to start over. :/ Well anyway since that happened I'm going to work on a landscape via a tutorial. 
    The piece I wanted to work on:
<da:thumb id="718681198"/>
    Here's some recent favorites since I'm here:
<da:thumb id="722698566"/> <da:thumb id="719916824"/> <da:thumb id="711690739"/>

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Skin by illiyah

Digital Art Questions

Wed Jan 24, 2018, 5:40 PM
    I have a bunch of questions when it comes to digital art yet I can't find answers online to them. One is on brushes. I was asking in a chatroom about brushes. There are a lot of free brushes on here that still ask for attribution which is fine. No problem there, but then if you want to use them commercially like in a commission or something, you need to pay for the license for it. Okay I get that. Then I was told to make my own brushes, I don't even have clue one as how to approach something like that, but I guess I will look for tutorials online. I was told its better to make and use your own brushes and avoid using other peoples brushes. So why is that? Is it cheating?
    Second question, I honestly think the reason I quit digital art several times was because I pigeon holed myself into using stock brushes in program. Am I deluding myself here? Can high quality art be achieved with 15 - 20 brushes? Now I know there aren't a lot of people who do digital that watch me. So for those of you who do whats your thoughts on this?
    Is it cheating to go from this:
 <da:thumb id="727234262"/> <da:thumb id="727234267"/> <da:thumb id="721577187"/> <da:thumb id="721667866"/> <da:thumb id="721668343"/> <da:thumb id="706877037"/>
    To this: *Using non-stock brushes*
<da:thumb id="727342752"/> <da:thumb id="727342779"/> <da:thumb id="727270887"/>
    Third question: I was told there are tons of free brushes online, I have found tons, but they still require licensing fee's to be used commercially. Am I missing something? Is there no such thing as a free brush and that is why people make their own?
    Fourth and last question for now: Can you show me pieces that were done using stock brushes verses made brushes? What are your thoughts on quality there?

Skin by illiyah

Lost in the Noise?

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 22, 2018, 4:12 PM
I posted a status but I don't think anyone caught it. I sometimes think they get lost in the noise. Anyway I was saying why is it when writing at times we feel we are writing complete garbage? I felt like I was grasping for straws last night and words for narration. I feel even though this scene is completely plotted out on paper and I know exactly what I want from the scene. Which is character development and a relationship developing, why can't I write. Bangs head on keyboard.  Steph Banging Head Didn't there used to be a gif for this? Bang your head into keyboard till bloody stump the eye even fly's out of the dudes head? It would be more appropriate for the occasion.
The Innocence of Children            The breeze was cool and the sun shone bright over a calm lake. Despite the grass being cold and wet from the rain the day before ****** was sitting on the edge of the bank waiting for *** while tossing stones into the water. The splashes flicked cold water on her legs, but she didn’t mind. There was a sad look on her face and she quickly got bored. She looked around momentarily to see if she could spot him before slumping into herself. Holding onto her knees tightly, staring into the grass underneath her, it was everything she could do to occupy herself and not cry. Things were hard back home, and there was no pleasing anyone. Despite her training which was going well, it was like no one noticed anything unless she screwed up.
            I will wait for you… as long as it takes…  
            His little feet were