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xDonnervogelx Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Ah this one could help me with an OC that got no appearance tho it exists since years lolz. Maybe i find a way to describe him better than "eeh blue eyes and idk."
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Sounds good! I hope it helps. Though the articles are more generated towards teaching people to describe conservatively. Anti-purple prose, and some lists I think in there are for traits.

I like purple prose though for some reason, I never had an issue reading it myself and love books with flowery language. As long as it doesn't hurt the plot and stifle the scene I see no issue with it, but modern trends don't care for it. Editors will toss you into the slush pile for it, from what I've gathered online. Its a dying art in my opinion. Books like that are about language and written word as much as it is about the story. In the modern age people like clear and concise language, which makes it hard for a lot of writers in my opinion to show and not tell. Clear and concise sacrifices some creativity to a degree. Although, I think what people are referring to as purple prose being a negative thing comes from the romance genre mostly. In a sexually free age, people don't like hearing flowery words in erotica or romance. Its almost in the new generations eyes offensive to not be blunt.… They refer to H.P. Lovecraft there using purple, I haven't read his stuff though. So its obvious is can work if done right. Its possible to get published writing like that. When you do a search Twilight comes up, and even 50 Shades of Grey. Hahah Steven King even shows up in the results...
Its unavoidable...

Point being with those articles is to not make the plot take a back seat to describers.
xDonnervogelx Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Student Interface Designer
Yea or "rosa Prosa" as in my language a tutorial I once read told. I halfawy forgot the topic but I do it right I guess. Not everything idealistic and complete with pink glasses. I remember a sentence "So why should there be blooming trees and sunshine and all, you can as well have a wonderful time at a bench between apple trees where the fruits are rotting and it's very foggy."
I heard of that, yes. I neither got a problem with it since I am also a poeth at some point. I hope to self-publish my stuff since I do not want that editors force me to overdo the whole beginning of it. I know the establishing lines are a bit cringey but I want to frame that 13-year-olf self of mine and not silence it by overdoing what I once confidently wrote down. 

Of course the society is one of the things that always changes its opinions and often things that used to be dope are out of the way a while later. I sometimes use weird descriptions though there are easier words, sometimes you can just repeat it, but I try to mix both aspects to neither really lean over to either side too much for my personal taste. We should not forget that we still also write for ourselves in the first place, and sometimes it's so much better to just be naturally how you would form the words for the situation that pop up in your mind intuitively, not what academicly or in society is most accepted. Literature is still kind of art, design maybe, and those aspects cannot really be measured. Everyone should be able to give their work their special handwriting, just as how we speak, walk, mimic and gesture. Some things are copied from others, some are because you just are behaving like you yourself. So I agree, it is not really a profound rule for me, but I take it as an advice to not stress the language too much. Sometimes, too many adjectives just take out all the power a sentence could uphold. 

Still; I can sometimes gain a bit of inspiration from this; description of a character itself is not my problem, but I often just don't get enough ideas to complete the image I want to get for myself to put it into design and words later on. 

God... My replies tend to get so darned long. Sorry haha.
LadySeshiiria Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Actually that was well written and painted quite the image. You should keep that sentence!
Sometimes is cool to see how an artist progresses. I know not everyone is interested in the history of art, but for those that love to walk through the lives of others and see where they came from whether its family, friends, or a even a stranger, its all worth it for them. It's for the people who can appreciate, think, criticize, or critique thoughtfully. A legacy for one to live and learn from be it positive or negative, fantasy, or non-fiction, they are experiences that can hold vast opportunity.

"Sometimes, too many adjectives just take out all the power a sentence could uphold." Very true. A great example of that is when you are writing a persuasive piece, or when you are writing thought provoking poetry, or even something philosophical. Everything has its place. 

lol no problem. No worries :D

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