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Character Development Arc's
    Here is a small resource to help you analyze character development from the positive, negative, and flat character arc pov's. It is also good for understanding plot structure as well! Have fun. :) The more you read, the more you learn, the more you can apply to your own writing.
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Mature content
Writing Fight Scenes :iconladyseshiiria:LadySeshiiria 4 3
To Publish or Not to Publish Online
    This is a very complicated subject, so I ask you not to take what I have to say literally but with a grain of salt. I have been trying to formulate a decision online myself, and in person with others about publishing your work online.
    It sounds like a good idea, right? How else will you build a following. Many of these publishing house's seem to want you the author to build a following and market your own work before you take it to them. A bonus to them, right? When you get right down to it is more for them than you. You do the work (most of the work, the hard part,) and then they sit back and expect you to market too? But what about the very fact that, that is there job? It's hard to spend time building a platform and all of these popular household name authors you see online, chances are they have entire teams devoted to managing their site. They probably post the blog material for their author, since they need to devote time to their work not a
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Writing Continuity
Other Links to check out:
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Ladyseshiiria By Andrewki-dc5g1f8 by LadySeshiiria Ladyseshiiria By Andrewki-dc5g1f8 :iconladyseshiiria:LadySeshiiria 8 0


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