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Hello guys!~

Just little rules and prices of my commission c:

Characters: max 3 at one picture
References: Than more the better c:
Type of commission:
Poses: (If you'd like me to reference from stock, please link me)

What I draw:

:bulletblue: Transformers

:bulletblue: Mechas

:bulletblue: Humans

:bulletblue: Some fantasy character which are similar to humans (elves, demons, etc.)

:bulletblue: Pairings (OC X OC, OC X Canon, Canon X Canon)

:bulletblue: Furry (I not very good with this)

Also I draw the OC character

What I CAN'T draw:

:bulletred: Animals
:bulletred: Violence
:bulletred: Gore
:bulletred: Sex scenes (maybe in future)
:bulletred: Backgrounds


Basic categories:


Sketch - 150 :points:
Add character +75 :points:

Lineart - 250 :points:
Add character +125 :points:

Falt color - 350 :points:
Add character +175 :points:

Full coloring - 500 :points:
Add character +250 :points:

  Alyona by LadySeeker  Request - Rodimus Prime by LadySeeker  Gift - Black Vortex by LadySeeker  Gift - Zela by LadySeeker

Half body:

Sketch - 350 :points:

Add character + 175 :points:

Lineart - 500 :points:
Add character + 250 :points:

Flat color - 750 :points:
Add character +375 :points:

Full coloring - 1000 :points:
Add character + 500 :points:

  Bone by LadySeeker  Christmas spirit by LadySeeker  Nikki dodles 3 by LadySeeker  Starlight by LadySeeker

Full body:

Sketch - 700 :points:

Add character +350 :points:

Lineart - 1000 :points:
Add character +500 :points:

Flat color - 1500 :points:
Add character +750 :points:

Full coloring- 2000 :points:
Add character +1000 :points:

Illusion by LadySeeker  Dance of knives (redraw) by LadySeeker  Request - Fallen Angel by LadySeeker  Challenge - Day 16 by LadySeeker


Sketch - 500 :points:

Add character +250 :points:

Lineart - 750 :points:
Add character +375 :points:

Flat color - 1000 :points:
Add character +500 :points:

Full coloring - 1500 :points:
Add character + 750 :points:

Gift - Makentosh (chibi) by LadySeeker  My sweety by LadySeeker   HB Gift for Pchilka by LadySeeker  Chibi Annabel by LadySeeker

Some Rules Work Process:

- I have the right to reject an order if I think I can't do it.
- No limited time for working , Please don't rush me I do have a life
But I usually try to work as quickly as possible, please try to be a bit more patient.
- I will however do my best to make sure your commission turns out the best
- if I'm stuck when drawing your work, may I switch to drawing someone else's until I feel ready to get back to you
I'll try to follow the order rank. I'm so sorry
- I have the right to post the picture in my blogs and DA gallery, but I won't do it if you don't want to.
- I reserve the right to change the pricing how I see fit.
However, I will not change the pricing of a commission you have already confirmed to me

Working progress:
- You order a commission.
- We discuss order details with you.
- I make a sketch, coordinate it with you (maximum of five simple edits or three radical edits of the work).
- When all the clarifications are made, you send the payment, and I begin to finalize the drawing.
- In some cases, I may accept payment after completion of drawing.

If you are interested in commissioning me, please send me a note c:
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