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Can't get off my silly 90's mood so here's what I created XD
I was inspired by wonderful pixels done by King-Lulu-Deer (you HAVE to check out this profile!)
You can use this wherever you want, just please tell so I know Rainbow heart 
and remember...
it's all in your head ラぢ押ン医

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hello there!

so i've been making an intro for my youtube video and i was hoping to use your artwork!

let me know if that's okay :)) i'll credit you in the description bar of the video as well.

youtube channel ( so you can check it out if you like!

thanks and have a lovely day!


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Thanks so much for faving my drawing of Medusa holding a cockatrice!

I just wanted to let you know that I posted a sped-up video of my drawing it on Youtube, in case you were interested in checking it out.

[+Video] Medusa and her pet Cockatrice by shellpresto

Thanks again for the fave, and hope you have an awesome day!
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I'm running late here but hey! this looks really cool!! I really like how you did the animations. I wouldn't have had the patience to do that hahaha. oh btw, do these come in Red or Black? XD
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thanks dear friend!
Believe it or not, the animation was the funniest part to do this time XD It wasn't a very complicated one btw, I recall less than 20 photograms ;) i just kept adding random symbols and colouring them in different colours XD
Ahahaha what do you mean red or black? the mobile cover? XD Ah, don't know what's wrong with pretty pink Tiny Heart  LOL
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You're welcome, my friend!
oh, I see! haha nothing wrong with pink lol. Red and black and my favs that's why ;P
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Rainbow heart thank you!  
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Ahh 90s for the win! ^^ This pixel is so cute. :3 I might make some 90s pixels cuz I've been meaning to make them for a while. TwT
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ahaha you should definitely try it!! so much fun!LOL 
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