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GONE! Follow me here!
As you could tell, I'm no longer active on this account! Feel free to contact me (aka read my new fics and such) on either my tumblr, a03, wattpad, or quotev though! All are linked below!
Hope to see you there!
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Enouement (BNHA x Reader) UPDATE
So... I've tried my best to keep using DA as a site to publish my writing, but it's gotten to the point where I just find uploading here to be a bit of a drag.
So from here on out, I'll no longer to publishing on DA or even very active on DA. The site just really has no appeal to me anymore and it's hard to get exposure as an author.
I'll still be writing, I assure you, but from now on it'll be on my Tumblr or A03 accounts. I've linked both below, so I hope to see everyone who's reading Enouement or anything else there.
Even if you don't have an account on A03, I'm pretty sure you can still subscribe to the story and get notifications for when I update, plus it's all together in one place. I've just learned that A03  is really the best place for writers and I should stop trying to write on a site that gets me upset at myself and doubting myself.
This is for me to hopefully be able to continue to write. Thank you for understanding, and I hope to see your comments, kudos, etc on A03
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Mature content
The Ones Left Behind (BNHA OC Commission) :iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 2 2
Amarante Chiyo (BNHA OC)
Larger Version of Character Sheet Found Here:
General Information
Name:  Chiyo Amarante
   Nicknames: Chi-chan, Ama-chan
   Alias: None
Gender:  female
Age:  17
Birth date: August 30
Astrological sign: Virgo
Nationality: Japanese
Affiliation:  UA, Support Class
Class- 2-H (Department of Support)
Student Number- 07
Hair color:  Raven Black
Hairstyle: Short and straight (hairstyle example here)
Eye color: Purple
Eye shape:  almond
Height: 5’0’’
Weight: 110 lbs
Build: Small but average.
Complexion: Fair
Cup size:  B
Blood type:  AB-
Handedness: Ambidextrous
Movement: Swift, clean, precise
Posture: Orderly and near perfect.
Voice: soft-spoken, and somewhat monotone
Uniform: Standard UA uniform. Sh
:iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 17 12
Amelia Makas (BNHA OC)
(NOTE: Taken from my Old Account)
Large Character Reference can be found here-
General Information
Name: Amelia Makas
    Nicknames: Shrimp, Pipsqueak, Night Light, Half Pint.
    Alias: Stardust (Current), Darkstar (Former)
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Birth date: October 9
Astrological sign: Libra
Nationality: America
Affiliation: Yuuei, Inhuman Rebels Organization (former)
Class- 1-A
Student Number- 21
Hair color: Maroon red (Something that's a mix between these two shades if u need a color code.)
(…) or (
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Bitterness and Sweetness (Kaminari Denki x Reader)
The hum of the coffee machine in the cozy little shop was the only consistent sound of this afternoon, aside from the casual talk of the barista behind the counter and the soft ring of the cash register.
It was a soft cushioned seat that he found himself upon, a hot cup of bitter liquid facing him, waiting to be drank and enjoyed by the consumer who had decided to purchase himself a cup. Yet, as he sat there, staring at the cup and the rise of steam from the hot beverage, he could not help but attempt to make sense of why he bought it in the first place.
Kaminari Denki was not a fan of bitter tasting things, as he much rather prefers sweet tasting foods over bitter ones. He had never even had a cup of coffee before, let alone knew how to order one. He struggled immensely as the barista waited with a worried smile for him to make his decision.
But why all the trouble for something he didn't even like? It was simple: the barista behind the counter had caught his eye. She had for some tim
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Mature content
Isolation (Kirishima Eijiro x Reader) :iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 17 1
Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto x Villain!Reader) 3
Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader
How does obsession turn into depression?
Possibly from when you make a stupid mistake, only to realize that all along the feelings you had assumed them to be… were not that all.
He sulked over the paperwork at his agency, ignoring the other heroes chatting about. He had alread not been the most social butterfly of them all, but everyone could tell he was feeling less talkative than ever before.
“I heard he got his heart broken.” Was the rumor going around the office.
While the rumor before of having romantic feelings had made him roll his eyes and ignore them, now that he realized the truth… he had also realized that this obsession with capturing a thief- was not because he wanted to serve justice.
It was because he enjoyed their little game. He liked playing the big hero trying to capture the naughty villain. He liked the rush when she appeared and even more so the adrenaline when she would taunt him before escaping
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Mature content
Flashover (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) 3/3 :iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 28 14
Mature content
Flashover (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) 2/3 :iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 24 10
Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto x Villain!Reader) 2
Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader

“You want to talk?” Todoroki’s voice held a tone of disbelief.
“Is there a problem with that?” You smirked back, taking a sip from the glass of water you had helped yourself too.
“Maybe the fact that you broke into my home and are casually sitting on my chair like you’re not a wanted criminal?”
“I only want to ask you a few things, maybe answer a few of yours in return. And then we can resume or game of cat and mouse. You can chase me a little bit, only for me to get away yet again, how does that sound?”
“I would much rather arrest you right now on the spot.” He flatlined his voice.
“And I have no issue with that if you're capable of doing that… but at least humor me for a moment.”
He narrowed his eyes, an internal battle occurring in his form. His left side sternly ordering him to grab the girl and throw a pair of cuffs at her at this moment, she di
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Mature content
Flashover (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) 1/3 :iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 32 6
Music Recommendation (Jirou Kyouka x Male!Reader)
Music Recommendation
Jirou Kyoka x Male!Reader
Contest Prize
Mulling over the selection he could not decide what CD looked good. On one hand that new CD from that current rising K-Pop group seemed like a good choice, but that new indie punk group might be a better fit.
Oh why did this have to be so hard! Just pick one out already, he scolded himself. He quickly checked the price tags on each and sighed. They were both already pretty pricy, meaning he would have to pick one. No but one get one specials for this boy.
“Having trouble selecting a CD?” Her voice caught him off guard, the items in his hands nearly slipping and falling to the floor.
He caught them and reaffirmed his grip luckily, then turned to look at the girl who was watching him. She chuckled a single time, having not know she would have spooked him so much from her just asking him a question out of the blue.
“J-Jirou-san!” He called out, face lighting up in a soft tone of pink. “W-what are yo
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Animal Shelter (Aizawa Shota x Reader)
Animal Shelter
Aizawa Shota x Reader
Contest Prize
Working at the local animal shelter was quote the relaxing and self enlightening job believe it or not. For the most part, people would come in to adopt an animal and give it a second chance to be loved or cared for, warming your heart.
Others would stop by and ask if there were any possible volunteer hours, as they wanted to give back and give some much needed love to a few of the cute shelter animals that were desperately needing it.
You had quickly gotten used to a few of the regulars who entered the shelter: the group of school kids here to fulfill a requirement, the elderly couple who volunteered to brush and pet a few abandoned kittens and puppies and of course the overly zealous mothers who would come with their eager children to bring home a new friend.
It was an easy job to get lost in as well. Seeing all the warm, bright smiling faces deciding on which animal would become their new best friend. Even better was the react of th
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Nodus Tollens (Todoroki Shouto x Villain!Reader) 1
Nodus Tollens
Todoroki x Villain!Reader
⅓ - Contest Prize
There were only 2 sounds that could compete with the loud booming of your feet along the pavement at this very moment. Each connection of your worn out sneakers to the very cracked and much older pavement echoing through the air.
The first sound was that of the rain itself. The millions of droplets falling, hitting and cascading down the buildings and objects along the streets. The water making the ground more slick than usual, your mind having to take an extra precaution because of such. One wrong step and you could easily slip into a bench or trashcan.
The second sound was that of sirens. The flashing lights reminding you that you were not exactly model citizen number one, or any for that matter. Instead you had been on the high alert list for not only the police department, but also various hero agencies across Tokyo.
The pitter patter of your feet, mixing in with the torrential downpour and ear pitching sirens were not
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Mature content
Quirk Manifestation (Bakugou Katsuki x Reader) :iconladysdaze-moved:LadysDaze-Moved 49 2


Ophelias eyes, fanart by EeveeXora Ophelias eyes, fanart :iconeeveexora:EeveeXora 1 0
CONTEST OVER! (prizes early!)
I decided to end the contest here! I've already decided the winners, so without further ado, here they are!
3rd place goes to LadysDaze-Moved , with their Beautiful and character-accurate writing piece!

2nd Place goes to Tacky-tella , with their heartwarming, and adorable entry!

and the first place prize goes to...
Kitsumarii and their enrty!! Congrats!!!

Please send me a note so i can discuss how you want your prizes!
Thank you all for entering! (now I have to get to the tags i got-)
:iconomorip:OmoriP 2 4
Ashido Mina Plush by Nikicus Ashido Mina Plush :iconnikicus:Nikicus 58 6
EDIT 3: If you want you can donate in my profile for extend my core! If I have core, the commissions prices will still the same as now :3
EDIT 2: Perhaps I'll open some slots of commissions next week.
EDIT 1: I'll be working with the commissions from the list this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
I didn't want to do it, but it's necessary ;n; I closed commissions.
Next week I'll start school practices in a mental health residence in the mornings, and I have class time in the afternoon, so that means I'll only can draw in some weekends.
But don't worry, I'll open commission when I'll finish the current commission list, and it will be five commissions maximum.
.:Pastel pink star:. CURRENT COMMISSION LIST .:Pastel pink star:. 
:iconmyheartgold:MyHeartGold 4 14
(OPEN YCH) Family Outing (PAYPAL ONLY) by JCTheDawn (OPEN YCH) Family Outing (PAYPAL ONLY) :iconjcthedawn:JCTheDawn 32 0 [OPEN|YCH 192} Stop Looking by SeraphicMayin [OPEN|YCH 192} Stop Looking :iconseraphicmayin:SeraphicMayin 146 12 [OPEN|YCH 189] The Fun One by SeraphicMayin [OPEN|YCH 189] The Fun One :iconseraphicmayin:SeraphicMayin 116 1 BNHA::. To love and kiss to sweetly hold by Prissmon BNHA::. To love and kiss to sweetly hold :iconprissmon:Prissmon 175 25 Uravity by RaphLula Uravity :iconraphlula:RaphLula 53 3 Realistic Shouto by fantasydreamtima Realistic Shouto :iconfantasydreamtima:fantasydreamtima 67 22 Todoroki by yanaraika Todoroki :iconyanaraika:yanaraika 18 0 Katsketchy by donuttouch Katsketchy :icondonuttouch:donuttouch 7 2 Boku No Hero Academia: Bakugou vs Midoriya by AlexanJ Boku No Hero Academia: Bakugou vs Midoriya :iconalexanj:AlexanJ 209 5 Dabi by Hebes-drawings Dabi :iconhebes-drawings:Hebes-drawings 142 10 Tomura Shigaraki by akiya-emi Tomura Shigaraki :iconakiya-emi:akiya-emi 83 10 His Hero Costume by Reishichi His Hero Costume :iconreishichi:Reishichi 122 14



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