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By LadyRuckus
WARNING: Do NOT buy any props from this guy.

Alright, so let me tell you all something here.

David Winant, AKA Jim Logan/Iam Logan/I am your heroes/Outlaw Produx Snikt shop [he keeps changing his name so people will think this is not associated with him, his most current shop is labeled "Logan Props"] is one of the most unprofessional persons I know. He is using your money you send to him for personal expenses and not meeting deadlines/keeping your money without giving you the prop you paid for, and refusing to communicate. He is also ripping you all off and making shitty props that look great when he takes pictures on his low quality webcam, then look like crap when you get them in the mail. Let me tell you what he did for me.

Last year in June 2011, John Castillo paid him $150 to make my weapons for Lady Ezio. Wizard World was in August, and I did not get them in time. Logan told me he would make them for me for C2E2 2012. When John asked him in October why I didn't have my blades yet, Logan went on a huge tirade on his public facebook about how shitty his own paying customer was for asking a simple question, then blew up my cell phone with angry texts about John and how he "doesn't do refunds" More on this later.

In the first week of September, I message him and ask him to make me my Black Widow Shooters and belt in time for Halloween. He says sure, but it will be extra charge for a rush order so he asked me for $100. I decided to be nice and help him out, since he seemed down in financial life and tossed him $125.

A month goes by. No shooters. I'm watching him on facebook, no shooters, nothing. THREE DAYS before Halloween he cranks them out and ships them to me. No big deal, right? As long as they are done, they are done, right? Not with this guy. He did them last minute, and shipped them while the paint was still wet. The front of the belt was all chipped, cracked and jank looking because of it. My shooters? Not even finished. They only went halfway around my wrist, but I wore them anyway and juked the camera for Halloween.

So I paid for shipping to send the shooters back to him and asked him to finish them and send them back to me, since I didn't pay for half shooters. 5 months go by, with me sending him multiple messages, texts, and emails in between with no response, or a 1 sentence like "I'm working on them." He finally sends them back to me, after all that time –They were still way too short to fit my wrist, and this time he just fucking hot glued them to a strip of pleather with Velcro on it. The shooters literally just peeled right off the wristband. I was so upset. 

Marvel Knight also paid last year in 2011 for props he needed last week for ECCC[End of March, 2012] and as of April 5th, NEVER GOT THEM. Logan kept telling him he would get his props soon and that it would be shipped at the end of the week, but they never came. He ended up having to use last minute, cheap looking props because he didn't have what he paid for over a year ago.

Now apparently Logan is still ignoring his messages about the props he never got and has been making snide, passive aggressive facebook statuses about his customers and people bitching about him not answering their messages –Well news flash buddy, if you can get on facebook every 5-10 minutes to update something or complain about someone, you can certainly check your messages and keep up with your business/customers that pay your bills. And we all have EVERY right to be pissed off at you for taking our money and not giving us what we paid for.

[Keep in mind, the only reason I put up with him and played nice for so long is because John PAID him to make props for me, and since he "doesn't do refunds" and deleted John, I had to play nice until he finished my props.] So here comes C2E2, April 12th 2012. When I last spoke to Logan, he told me I would have them for sure on March 24th, because I need time to make the sheathes for them. I posted on his wall several weeks ago, asking if I was still going to have the weapons by then, and he messages me asking me if we could "postpone them until April 1st". ….Okay, sure guy. Let's do this again.

April 1st comes and goes. He sends me a text message on April 5th of a picture of my props ready to go in the mail. So even if I was planning on doing Lady Ezio at C2E2 2012 I would not have enough time to make the sheathes for the weapons, since he was 3 weeks late. They came in the mail Saturday April 7th. I have to admit, I am pleased with the throwing knives, they look good. However, he used to same materials to make the sword, which is 30 inches long- resulting in cheap-o looking sword and boot knife. The sword wobbles with the slightest movement, I'm afraid it's going to snap in half if I move it too fast.

Bottom line is, sure it seems like Logan makes awesome props with all the pictures he posts on facebook, but he has the worst customer service I have ever had the displeasure to deal with, the things he make are not nearly high quality enough for the outrageous prices he charges, and he is completely unprofessional. I would rather carry a shit covered stick around as a prop than deal with him again for any other services.

Buyers beware.


Edit: May 17th 2013: More Proof of how much of a scumbag this guy is:

Gotham Public Works customer complaint: www.facebook.com/gothampublicw…

League of heroes customer complaint: theleagueofheroes.yuku.com/top…

Proof that he is re-casting another prop makers work and selling it as his own design: www.therpf.com/f9/another-reca…

Mugshot and arrest record for theft:

Better Business Bureau information, not nearly enough complaints here: www.bbb.org/south-east-florida…

Imgur album from another cosplayer he scammed: imgur.com/gallery/K8UGp/new

Please keep spreading the word against his business. It astounds me that I still get messages about him and people are still falling for his crap.


UPDATE: I've been notified he has changed his name for like the 7th time, he is now going as "Logan props". The length this guy is going to to avoid all his bad publicity is ridiculous.

Edit: November 4th 2014- Visit this website for more info, again. Apparently I was the lucky one who actually received props, even though they were poor quality. Disgusting. www.ilikecomicstoo.com/jim-log…

Also just learned he even managed to scam Meg Turney! She's a pretty big name in the cosplay community. twitter.com/megturney/status/5…


Edit: 11/5/14- Almost all of his websites were taken down. He is probably going to rebrand again, change his name to avoid bad publicity. If anyone figures out what his next Alias is, please let me know so I can update this blog to reflect it (for the 8th time).

Edit: 11/10/14- GUYS. Paypal just announced that they would re-open any claims related to "Jim Logan" after listening to a radio show about the whole thing!! IF HE HAS SCAMMED YOU, GO OPEN YOUR CLAIM AND GET YOUR MONEY BACK!!!
© 2012 - 2021 LadyRuckus
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TheComixCartoonist's avatar
I almost bought from him until I realized what kind of person he actually is. LadyRuckus, thanks to you and everybody else who gave me the heads up about that so I could avoid the trouble he causes for people. Doing your research about a seller pays off. And just so everybody knows, he's got a new Ebay account open: www.ebay.com/usr/jimloganfx

And yeah, whatever you do, do not buy from him.
Testeagle's avatar
Been sharing his bad practices around on FB, Tumblr and Twitter, I've share this post as well to highlight Paypals willingness to reopen claims.
It sickens me that this guy continues to rip people off and make money and props for himself off the backs of others.
I don't think there's any way he can escape this now. The story has become too big.  Shame he's been stealing and committing fraud all these years. I was reading a blog from a 2011 where he'd taken a guy's payment and three years later he still has no order. 

He's trying to play it like this is good for him, but he's ruined. He knows it, and it's a long time coming. 
We can only hope. This Paypal thing is huge.
nx20's avatar
After a day of keeping low, most of his sites are back up and he's still as arrogant and annoying as fuck as ever.  How the hell does he still have backers with all this accumulating mounts of evidence? 
Because he is moderately attractive, good at playing the victim, and very manipulative. People never want to think someone who isn't ugly is the bad guy. When all they see is pictures of him and don't see or interact with him as an actual person, it's easier to want to defend him.
NellBattolli's avatar
What a scumbag.
As a business owner myself I know how hard it is to fulfill orders in a timely manner if they keep pouring in. HOWEVER, this does not excuse him for his shitty responses when and if he does respond at all. If I'm behind deadline, my client knows at least once a week if not more on the status of their order (also comes with profusely apologizing).
Right? There is a difference between falling behind and still delivering and then just not delivering at all and keeping their money. It's because he spends the money we send him on personal expenses (his own costumes, his rent, going to conventions), waits until it's too late to file a claim with Paypal, and then "can't refund it" because he is so broke. 
theshyfox's avatar
All his sites went dark. I think he's getting ready to "rebrand"
Thanks for the heads up! I'll keep an eye for his new name so I can keep this blog relevant.
Regina-Serpentium's avatar
Report all his FB pages as scams!
Frostian-Guardian's avatar
It appears that "Logan Props" and "Outlaw FX" :facebook: pages no longer exists. 
"I Am Your Heroes" is the only page that remains. 
LunarDragonCosplay's avatar
Thank you for the advice
Imouto-Cosplay's avatar
Oh my lord... I am kinda glad that I look into doing my own props (mainly due to money and wanting to improve my skills). I am so sorry to anyone who has unfortunately had to deal with this man.
Frostian-Guardian's avatar
Thank you so much for this. I posted this on my cosplay :facebook: page as well as the other group pages I admin to keep my followers aware. 
GOOD! I can't believe 2 years later this is still going on! I'm glad he is finally getting all the negative publicity he deserves. People should know about this. Thank you for reposting.
Frostian-Guardian's avatar
I'm a prop maker myself and I'm rather appalled. 
You're most welcome. :thumbsup: 
JohnM1911's avatar
Me and a few people are already on a road to report him to the FBI. 
cheers for this I was about to order a helmet off him after seeing this on the front page of cosplay life cheezburger.com/8130227456 and followed the link to his etsy store www.etsy.com/listing/184662077… he seems to of cut back on his items for etsy but it accepts etsy gift cards meaning that etsy will listen to complaints if he doesnt respond to them (something at least) also the female cosplayer on his page..... she is a bloody con maker to she created items for my friend last year under a name like... medusa creations? my friend needed those props for work (She was promoing the red daughter of krypton green lantern series at london comicon) and she charged over £200 for a full costume and lantern as well as ring stating it would be done in two weeks, three months later no costume no return of contacts until she said she needed £80 for tracked shipping my friend refused because that was not the origonal arrangement, she finally got the money to dscover that in 2 days she had sold the props and costume and if she wanted anther she'd have to pay £500
Thankfully you actually googled him. This is the 2nd result when you google his name/shop. I'm glad you avoided his scummy business. Spread the word!
Always google someone you want to commision if theres even one complaint ask the person about it after looking into it if your not sure, if they avoid the question/dont talk about it then do not commision them, someone like this just avoid a rule of three should be applied over three complaints and steer well clear, this guy claims to have made the captain america armour used in the batinthesun production of Captain america versus masterchief one comparison and the armours are nothing alike, also if you guys have been conned in the past I am using a Studio called Grifter Custom Creations for all future items, no problems so far and thhey are more than happy to make new items
Cadmus130's avatar
Thank You for the shout out :)
no problems man I know you've had some problems yourself but you've at least explained the situation and are working to catch up on everything, I apologise about the blow up I did on your page was very silly of me just had a friend who ended up £2000 down because she had trusted a cosplay company that had sterling reviews only to discover she had been conned.

Also Update on the Red daughter of Krypton issue: my friend was promoting the series on behalf of DC UK they have in partnership with the US division not only got her the refund but also the female cosplayer on Logans page has now finished a 6 month sentence for theft, sadly its so short because its her first offence but also because its only my friends case DC was able to prove, she however is acting under several studio names and seems to be leaving out why shes been missing for 6 months.

BatintheSun have contacted me in regards to the Captain America video and logans claims to of worked with them, stating "We did contact Logan props in regards to a Captain America costume, when Logan props was more than happy to make the costume for us, however on first day of filming we received his costume to discover he had ignored our measurements and had built it to his exact specifications, Logan Props then apologised for his mistake and suggested he could do the Captain America scenes so we did not waste a day of filming, understandably our director refused because we had paid the actor already and refused to pay Logan props for the costume as he had also increased the price, insensed Logan Props had to be escorted by a security member off set as he had put his foot through one of our master chief helmets (luckily we had several available for filming) we were able to loan a general suit off a local props company for some of the shots same day and received a replacement captain America costume from another prop maker who we had previously worked with and were able to film, however during the entire duration of filming Logan Props constantly harassed our crew on site, as well as having a female friend who we believe is operating under the studio name Medusa Creations contact us several times in regards to a replacement Master Chief helmet mysteriously hearing ours had become damaged.

We hope you have no intention of working with Logan as he is now blacklisted amongst the Youtuber community and is banned from any Machinima and Polaris associated filming locales or features"

Also in regards to Cosplay Heroes the reason for Logan Props still being on the show, I approached the filmmaker at London Comic Con when he was filming he stated "Unfortunatley Logan Props and Medusa Creations actually funded a large amount of the project on kickstarter and have voluntarily agreed to meet at several conventions with other cosplayers allowing me to get a large amount of footage I was otherwise worried I would come up short on, I have not been bribed to have them on in other regards to them backing my project and being forced to keep my promise to my backers, I am aware of the two companies reputation and plan to put a disclaimer in episodes in which they feature if they state anything about being prop makers and will attempt as best he can to edit out any dialogue where they attempt to plug their studios" 

I was also contacted by both Logan and Medusa in regards to my contacting people they claimed to of worked for, in short the emails were both offensive and in parts implied attempted violence against me.

I have also been speaking with the UK Comic Con organisers and they feel based on the evidence against them that Logan and Medusa are now banned from all UK Comic Con Events either attending, selling or advertising their fraudulent work.

The only thing that makes it difficult to shut these two down is they are constantly changing names or have several shops open at once and are also moving states as soon as trouble is linked to them to avoid a bad name on a google search, please follow the cosplaying blacklist for updates on makers to avoid/be wary of and keep updating when they raise their head and attempt to start up again.

They are charging extortionate amounts for flimsy and useless props and using your money to make show pieces in an attempt to worm themselves into high positions in the cosplaying world and using your money to travel up and down the country to events to promote the items they do not sell to anyone but close friends.
Cadmus130's avatar
That Bat In The Sun stuff is bullshit.

They just used him on two more projects...
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