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I'm looking at you, rabid TTG haters

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Seriously, disliking a show is one thing, but if you wish DEATH on the people who write them, it makes you look like a pathetic asshole. Heck, I've seen one person wish SUICIDE on the people who write Teen Titans Go :stare: 
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I would highly suggest these kind of people who hate on such insignificant show to try to take a watch on some live action shows and movies.

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*cough cough* Amy Rose haters in a nutshell *cough*

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Why do they hate Amy Rose so much? I think she's cute.

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Because she's a rabid fangirl, but she is cute, you're right.

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I don't care about that anyway.

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Same here, I'm not in the Sonic fandom anymore.

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I graduated to the Lucifer(DC/Netflix Series) fandom.

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Hey! I'm kind of into that fandom, too. I am willing to try more live action shows and movies, lately, in fact, since eighth grade, at the beginning of the age of fourteen.

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*cough cough* Teen titans go haters in a nutshell *cough*

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The Voltron fandom should see this stamp.

One fan actually stole the script of a major episode, and held it ransom in a public incident, putting the networks and companies in jeopardy.

What was the fan's demand? That they make a particular ship that he liked canon. Seriously.

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I’m looking at you mha fandom

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I agree! I heard that there are people in the fanbase who sent death threats to the creators over the fact that their personal headcanons and the anime canon don't match.

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Also they harass the author for drawing a art of them in bikinis

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I agree that sending threat/death threat to someone is not okay.
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Not on the topic, but close.
Jim Miller and the rest of the crew got death threats because in the Series finale and epilogue of MLP:FIM:
Discord was revealed to be Grogar this whole time trying to get Twilight Sparkle to be a great leader,
and Pinkie Pie was a mommy while the rest of the mane 6 didn't have kids,.
And Jim Miller closed his Twitter account for a little bit, because of the and death threats he got, and he closed his email account too because he got hate mail!
People need to grow up!
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I say instead of wishing death to the writers of cartoons I hate, they should get fired because wishing death to them is WAY TOO FAR!!!!!
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*Cough* *Cough* ToonEGuy *Cough* *Cough*
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Yes He did...
He sent death threats to the people at disney on, Cause he hates 3d animations and want the old animations back
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Yep.He sent death threats and blackmailed people at Disney on Twitter.

All of that because he hates 3D animations.
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i hate breadwinners, even though brendon small (creator of metalocalypse) worked on it. i'm a huge fan of brendon small and i really don't care if he works on a shitty cartoon or not.
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TTG haters are nothing compared to what people said back in 2014/2015 to the creator of Naruto...Here’s what someone said due to Kishimoto not doing the couple the person wanted:

"I'm sorry to say but why couldn't Kishi be around during Hiroshima and Nagasaki? Then we wouldn't have to bother with this abomination of a ending."

This is why I’m embarrassed to be in certain fandoms and just don’t like interacting with other fans of something in general.
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