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Age doesn't mean shit

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I'm sooo sick of people thinking that all kids are bratty devils and all adults are perfect angels who can do no wrong. FYI, I've seen a lot of bratty adults, and oh boy, they are just as bad as bratty children. Most of them can't take criticism and will resort to BAWWWlocking when someone calls them put. And its not just on the internet, adults can act bratty in real life too. So the next time you think bratty adults are fictional, think again because age doesn't mean maturity.
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This is pretty much the SJW'S and antiSJW's

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*cough* ImJayStation *cough*.


DarksydePhil and Low Tier God are examples of this. DarksydePhil plays horribly in a game, then blames the company, its devs and the game for his mistakes. He even goes as far as making racist slurs in his playthroughs, threating companies, gets butthurt and even salty, amd once fapped live in front of many people watching him live. Low Tier God gets salty and butthurt when he is losing in Street Fighter or Smash, then rage quits. It all started when Viscant beat him in a set in Ultra Street Fighter IV back in 2014. He talks negitive about blacks despite him being black, makes racist comments toward a foreign player he was playing against (and PC players too.) He even went as far as insulting BrolyLegs (a disabled Street Fighter player, his legs never grow, he uses his mouth to play. he's pretty good!) because of his disabities!

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menslady125Hobbyist Filmographer
*cough cough* SJWs *cough cough*
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Another one *cough* Steven Anderson 
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SapphireSonicmasterHobbyist Traditional Artist
My cousins are a good example of this
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*cough* Tekashi69 *cough*
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katamariluvHobbyist General Artist
*Cough, justicesquad, cough, Jekyllandhydechannel, cough*
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MosoTokyo88Hobbyist Digital Artist

JekyllAndHydeChannel should be banned

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Varian4evesHobbyist General Artist
Like the Kardashian-Jenner family. They're the worst.
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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist
The Powerpuff Girls, despite being 5 years old, are more mature than the Mayor of Townsville (who is, case in point, a grown man).
Now, IRL, there was somebody on this site, YouTube and others who was an immature troll and rabid fan of Teen Titans GO!, whom I won't name. He sent death threats and insults to people (including TheMysteriousMrEnter) who said one teeny-weeny negative aspect of TTG!, and supported the troll of the cartoon fandom, Clay Claymore. However, the rabid TTG! fan was 30 years old and yet acted like a 5-year-old, towards people who didn't like what he liked. Therefore he gave Disney a bad name, simply by having it in his username.
This means I have to agree.
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MosoTokyo88Hobbyist Digital Artist

MrEnter's hypocrisy regarding nice and mean characters was shown by his patronization towards Squidward

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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist

He's moved on from that. And as for you, you're such a troll. JekyllAndHydeChannel told me all about you. Don't try to wriggle out of it.

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Oh, yes.  I know exactly who you're talking about.

I mean, I know I've tended to get upset at opposing opinions, though not because they were opposing opinions, but because they didn't seem to understand where my opinion, or even the opinions of others who shared my opinion, were coming from (and I'm sure you know what I mean by that).

Just the same, I still intend to make it a point to not repeatedly rant anymore, at least not in public.
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DanTEHMan2001 Traditional Artist
Yes, sir.
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 If anything, bratty adults are more common than bratty children. I'll admit that I'm a brat at times too.
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But a brat means a badly behaved child
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DwaynimationsProfessional General Artist
*cough* Uwe Boll *cough*
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chibiuverworldHobbyist General Artist
I've seen a lot of emotionally-immature adults and I noticed most of them happen to be millennials. Not saying all millennials are immature.
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ThunderSnowolfProfessional Filmographer
Brat Definition by ThunderSnowolf  
  1. "a child, typically a badly behaved one."
    synonyms:badly behaved child, spoiled child
Sorry, but this word is limited to children. The only other definition is "a bratwurst sausage".
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HeartStorm4everHobbyist General Artist
True, but some adults act like bratty children. 
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LoL this is perfect ty for pointing this out
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FriendlyHougenHobbyist General Artist
I've seen this shit five million times. I know this is true.
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