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Today I saw this documentary about politician groups with very special grounds of politics and ways of carrying themselves as a party. They were racists and it made me sick.
Upcoming general election is just around the corner so all different parties starting to show their true colors.

Seriously, what da hell is wrong when WE STILL have these F'CKERS who tries to bash irrelevant bullshit into the head of our young ones?
Respect is something everyone has, the thing is to whom and on what grounds.

Everybody knows about racism, it's nothing new, sadly.
I always think about why we can't ever get away from it...
Sure there will always be idiots, all over, but one has to belive that sometime even those people might have their light turned on, if there's a switch...

I thought we left stoneage, haven't we?



Opinions are for everyone to have, make sure you can stand behind yours and that it's valid and correct.

The features this time, many of them anyways, really don't need the feature since they're already well known and fav'ed but most of these works are just damn fine artwork and deserves it, that's it!

Turimetta Pinks by timbodon     Blood Red by Dee-T     Driftwood by Philippe-Albanel

Just goosey by Antram444     Forgotten sentinel. by pmd1138

Where We Meet by novelhill     The Sunset of Boracay by SniperOfSiberia

Tourmalet by Panomenal     Fresh Look by mauro-goncalo

Downhill by JeRoenMurre     out there by arbebuk    

Nightfall by Jules1983     Never Just Another Day by actonephotos  

Skiing to the unknown by guyalt11     agnes ages by sassaputzin

Routine quotidienne by Sblourg     Flower by KespeadooksitAgain

Cya later, /Rob

:bulletblue:Thank you all for the daily support and feedback, I'm very grateful and appreciate it highly.:bulletblue:
You help me become a better artist. Thank You

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Yea, I'd swing that.
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Unfortunately racism is a LEARNED thing. There in lies the problem. Well that and no one takes to being wrong very well. The only way to change what you've learned is to accept that it may be wrong, and people have such a hard time with that. Even on things less important than all humans living peacefully together. I've always said it will take an alien invasion to bring us all together as the one race that we are: Human. I hope it is way sooner than that though.
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Yea, most of the bad behaviour we have are things we learn, sadly.

Tho, in my perfect world things would flip to war instantly I think. Prople would be just exploding with not having anything to complain about hehe.
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we're just not evolved enough for peace yet... :shrug:
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Elaborate please =D
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Its a sad, sad truth man. Its just like the saying goes: Old habits die hard
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Yea sure they die hard but come AN, die already! :D
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Use fire and salt. :D
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Fire and salt you say... :D
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I got it....

C4!! :evillaugh:
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Nah, too predictable.

Ah, Thermite!
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