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late bloom

Like life, nature doesn't always follow the schedule by the point. Things stray away and other things get added to the cycle.
I found a couple of late bloomers all by themselves warming in the glimmering light from the lowering sun.


Photo information: Canon 400D l Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4.5 l ISO 100 l f/4,5 l 1/800 s l 70mm

CS4 for typo and levels

Photograph taken: Sweden/Karlshamn - 2009


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Copyright © 2009, Robin de Blanche. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my permission.
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This is actually quite nice!

Love that subtle pastel like color in this shot, especially in the bokeh, really adds some great atmosphere. The depth is done very nicely!

The color speak for themselves and is a highlight, along with the exposure and light itself, the focus is nice, maybe could be a tad more on the exact center of the flower itself?

Nice watermark too, it certainly isn't detracting any at all from the shot, and works nicely, good placement.

Overall a great shot and quite refreshing. Shots like this are a dime a dozen, nice to see a different take on one
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Thanks for the feedback John, much appreciated!

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Very nice picture ! :clap:
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You should make more flower shots: they're exquisite!
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Yea I've been thinkin lately on doing some more flower shots next year, it's been a while since before, we'll see :).
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Gorgeous capture :) truly amazing :thumbsup:
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Chers, nature do give us nice views
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And old pic I see, I was wondering what was a flower doing blooming during Winter :lol:

Late bloomers are never in a rush, they know when they're ready and don't let the general rule of the masses tell them they are when they aren't. I'm like that, I usually don't like attempting things until I'm sure I can do it right. Apparently I took a long time to start walking, but when I did I was very careful (unlike my battered and bruised brother ;p who from day one was always in a hurry to grow up :()
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yea, just puttin some old prints on requests. I'm gonna go through a lot of devs 'n prints to arrange some things. Even deviantart needs a good cleaning from time to time. Don't want it to be too crowded =).

Your comment here is almost like your previous one you laid down a while back when I posted this sucker hehe, nice one Matt :thumbsup:
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Ahh! I had a feeling I might have made a similar comment on a similar pic before, goes to show it was from the heart, since most comments I forget what I said 5 minutes after saying it :slow:
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hehe. I can put together a compilation for you =)
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Hello! :iconhellothereplz: You have been featured here! :)
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i love the move blue to pink left to right - yet how you pick the blue out with the very same pink of the flower on the left. This piece is a great hang it on the wall flower, and as ^kkart said, nice to see something a bit different in the midst of samey sameyness
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thank you for a nice comment and feedback, much appreciated
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feature in my journal
your good photo :) and :+fav:
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