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Wedding atop a skyscraper

Wedding atop a skyscraper.
Concept from a job in early August.


Wedding shot in early August.

Original shot

Photo information
Background replace
Graphics add - Photoshop
Photograph taken: Sweden/Gothenburg


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Copyright © 2011, Robin de Blanche. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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Remarkable work. It so looks like the 20's. I like it.
ladyrapid's avatar
Chers, glad you like it.
aileen's avatar
The black and white works really well here.
ladyrapid's avatar
Kibikayuki's avatar
Interesting concept you have here! It threw me for a loop for a second until I read "background replace". Great work with that!! It sure left an impact!! :lol:
ladyrapid's avatar
The impact is all that matters :)
Burning-Liquid's avatar
Wow classic and awesome!
cool effect m8:)
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Feanor79's avatar
Just being flashed by this picture.
Unlike *Nishaja I wasn't relieved when I read that the background has been replaced - I was glad! :-)

But, I'm curious about, how the image looks like before the changes are made with Photoshop.... :-)
ladyrapid's avatar
You can see the original footage included in the description, I forgot to add it from the beginning.

Glad you like it, cheers mate!
Feanor79's avatar
I love it! :-)

NyanQueen's avatar
For a minute there I was like "Are these people nuts??!!" And then I read "Background replace" and I was ooooohhhh, right... um, yeah :sheepish:... obviously insanely good job! And an extremely good impact! The little boy's face really made me believe they were that high up :XD:
ladyrapid's avatar
Thank you for the feedback mate
RawPoetry's avatar
wow, now there's a unique idea! This is very well executed, certainly has an immediate impact, nice job! :clap:
ladyrapid's avatar
Cheers mate, glad you like it :D. I've got great feedback on it and already bookings for more!
Su5anLee's avatar
I would be so terrified if I was up that high on a skyscraper... :o
ladyrapid's avatar
Well, imagine all the beautiful things you'll have time to see on the way down If you fall, so either way you flip it it'll be awesome hehe
Su5anLee's avatar
True, but I'd still wanna live long to see more of the beauties of the world and not die by falling from sheer height. :XD:
Raeikon's avatar
Quality of this work is just stunning! :)
ladyrapid's avatar
Glad you like it. It looks very good on the 24x33" print I can ensure you
Nishaja's avatar
Wow, it looks amazing! I was kind of relieved when I read "background replaced"... :giggle: ;)
ladyrapid's avatar
I would've done it if I'd had the chance anytime!
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