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The 7th Hour



The 7th Hour - Is a time when old spirits awakens and walks the earth, one more time, before they face the doombringer on to decide eternal rest or living hell.
Dark skies rolling in, darkness grasping the ground to never let go. One can feel death approach, it was time, The 7th Hour had once again, awakend the dead.

This is a MASSIVE piece, even if it doesn't look like it. It's actually 12 shots, 6x2. I wanted to capture the whole shabby barn/house so I had to snap a bunch of shots. Just behind me in the photo there is another house so it was just 3-4m between 'em.

A little dark and horror-isch style here. It's processed a little as HRD. I wanted to create a "horror"-isch effect and by taking such wide panorama to get the fish-eye effect I think it shows a good moody feeling.


Photo information: Canon 400D l Sigma 17-70 F2.8-4.5 l ISO 100 l f/11 l x l 17,0 mm

Photograph taken in Sweden/Dalarna/Falun->Hosjö

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