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UPDATE [2009-06-19]
This is the first piece of a bunch that I'll be modify a bit and alter for the better to fresh it up. This piece I couldn't add/change too much since it would only ruin the original concept.

* added rich starscape
* new size for wallpapers
* more contrast
* light on asteroids
* darkened areas in background
* couple more ships


New celestial piece right up!

Been workin on this sucker for quite some time now. Main reason this never finished before is that I didn't have a clear view on how I wanted to build it up, I kinda went on as I went by really hehe.

The asteroid that hits the planet is NOT suppose to be aligned to hit the center, it's ment to hit a bit off.

Nebula brushin is combined freehand and private stock.
This is, for what I know, the first way to present an asteroid belt, with the suggestion to be wrapped around a planet and swirl on ;). Took a bit of work to get it right with colour, position 'n light etc etc.

Title speaks for itself.


Available wallpapers via download (6,90 MB):
For bigger resolution, notify me

1024 x 768
1280 x 1024
1440 x 900
1600 x 1200
1680 x 1050
1920 x 1200


100% Photoshop 7.0
Time: Around 15 hours spread over 2 weeks.

Enjoy, C&C appreciated.
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Copyright © 2008, Robin de Blanche. All rights reserved. My images may not be reproduced in any form without my written permission.
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Love the colors on this.
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Stop stealing art off Google images and claiming them as your own. I ran into this trying to find the original. How can you even feel good when you don't make these works at all?
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Haha, mate, this IS the original and I'm the creator. Anything else you have some questions about?
Madmaxz24's avatar
If you made this then why is the white line still on the very right hand side and I have the original without the Twilight mark? Why would such a good artist leave a disgusting edge on the piece? Where is the modifications? Any old versions? All I see is the same picture I've had as my computer background forever but with a new mark on it.
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I don't know where you've got your version from. But I can say this, people have stolen my piece for years and years and it's been republished all over the net from various artists claiming their artwork. I've also seen versions where people have cloned away my watermark and all kinds of modifications. This is my artwork and this version you see right here is the same as the one I uploaded 11 years ago. What differs is that the different wallpaper versions have different crops, that's all.

Madmaxz24's avatar
Look man I'm sorry if you are the actual creator, just I got suspicious as ever. If I'm wrong then so be it and everyone can call me ignorant.
PaintedWarrior70's avatar
My first impression was that this was the Earth and Sun around 3.5 billion years from now. Very nice.
archangeltidusx's avatar
Just set as my desktop background :) Beautiful
SweetxSour1707's avatar
i love pictures from space and this is beautiful
NurBoyXVI's avatar
How about a 4K res?
:icon4khaven: Welcomz U. :D
Rabenkopf's avatar
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It's being filled up with astal love!
Rawglor's avatar
Awesome. The colors are great. I love the asteroid impact.
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ThIsBaNdGeEkLuVsZIM's avatar
I think this is amazing, it's quite beautiful, i love the astronomical-ness of it=)
PaNdAbEaRxoxox's avatar
WOW im speechless :D
ladyrapid's avatar
Want to know a little secret. I just got my new Wacom and I'll be doing a celebration piece to my old Sci-fi artworks just for fun. Don't tell anyone since it's a big secret so schhhhhhh, not a word!
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