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Nebula Brushing Tutorial

Rapid's Nebula Brushing Tutorial per request is up!

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(Edit- Spelling errors, I hope ;))
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(Edit2-) When brushing a nebula you can variate numbers of layres you work on. In the end you can play aroudn with different blending modes for effects besides the brushing, a good starter tip to get going)
* * * * *
I'v received tons and tons of notes and comments/mail regarding me making a nebula tutorial and a planet tutorial. Well, here's one of them. A detailed and very in depth planet tutorial WILL Come, when? I can't say I'm sorry but further on Yes.

All I can say here is thank You for the support and I hope by this tutorial I can give something back to you all out there who so desperatly wanted for me to make this :).

Thank you, enjoy!

- Rob
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Thanks a lot for the helpful tutorial!
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Nearly ten years later and this tutorial is still gold :)

it's you - you're on me by preimpression
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Thanks a lot for this tutorial - especially for confining it to normal brushes! I'm working with Corel Painter, yet the most tutorials are for Photoshop. And most of the time very early in the steps comes something like "now I use texture brush XYZ" or "here I apply filter X or effect Y" - and that's where I end, since I haven't got the texture brushes and Painter's got very little in terms of filters/effects.

I'll have a try with this - thanks a lot!
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Im used tutorial again thanks for shared :)
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Im used someone explain your tutorial here ty sorry someone parts not understand because my english is poor excuse me.
Fantastic !
I've made my own Nebula thanks to your tutorial and it looks great !
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great tutorial. thank you
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thanks for sharing
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I am sorry to say but I cannot use this efficiently. I cannot understand the message that you are trying to get across. It is too vague.
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Thank you for trying it out.
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You are welcome.
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Nice one:) I've got tired of people that tell us just to throw in some clouds and use a gradient over them! By the way, too much reading looses readers only when there is nothing interesting or nice, and here I can say it's just awesome!:clap::clap:

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Thanks for sharing this and spreading creativity. 
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Thanks, that would be helpful :D
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Great tutorial!
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Ack, been doing this with a wonky mouse for the past couple hours. Surprisingly since my mouse is spoilt and makes random jerking motions with the cursor, it actually helps make realistic lightning. ^^
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My only recommendation, save up for a wacom. If you're serious about doing digital design there's no other tool to use. Mice works only thus far, a wacom will take you in and beyond!
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I had a Wacom Intuos, but it broke. Don't even ask. It involved a lot of alcohol and a bad case of wrong place and wrong time. So for now I'm using my mouse until I can afford another tablet.
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Alcohol and tablets usually ends up in very interesting creations
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now that's a great advice! :)
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big thanks for this great tutorial ladyrapid
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