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How far will we go with altering what mother earth has worked so long with getting right?

Will we one day step outside and see this flower as a natural growth? Which btw would be pretty cool tho hehe.

It's not many things in our daily society that we haven't/don't manipulate(d). Some things are for good and some of course for worse.
First we had drinks, then drinks with sugar came. Then we thought, wait! we can't have sugar in there, it's not healthy so we replace it with aspartame, which is EVEN worse than regular sugar... where will this madness end?

The photo is a pretty ordinary shot of a sunflower which I altered with some heavy colors for a neat effect as well as a symolic message to the idea behind the actual photo.
I didn't want to post "just another sunflower", here it is, my Manipulation- version.

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