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How far will we go with altering what mother earth has worked so long with getting right?

Will we one day step outside and see this flower as a natural growth? Which btw would be pretty cool tho hehe.

It's not many things in our daily society that we haven't/don't manipulate(d). Some things are for good and some of course for worse.
First we had drinks, then drinks with sugar came. Then we thought, wait! we can't have sugar in there, it's not healthy so we replace it with aspartame, which is EVEN worse than regular sugar... where will this madness end?

The photo is a pretty ordinary shot of a sunflower which I altered with some heavy colors for a neat effect as well as a symolic message to the idea behind the actual photo.
I didn't want to post "just another sunflower", here it is, my Manipulation- version.

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This photo-manipulation has been featured here: [link] To show an example for one of our contests we have going on right now. :D
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THanks mate, I'm glad you wanted to support it, chers.

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it is possible to cause a flower to pigment like this..
maybe not quite so perfectly..
but if you cut up the bottom of the stem and dip the different parts into different colored dyes...
it will do something like this.
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Which would be kinda cool in a way, still wrong. Don't mess with nature :D
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i luv the colors...
very beautiful...
luv it a lot
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Pretty picture but I'm thinking that that blue pedal in the corner is too bright. My eye doesn’t go full circle around the picture; it sort of just zooms to that bright blue petal. Either way though, the other colors are really perfect, they catch me because they look abnormal but real at the same time like enhanced beauty. It's cool.
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I'm really glad you'v taken the time to really look at the image.
The colors, yea I managed to get a pretty good flow between them.

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That's so cool:D I love the colours:) I like light blue one and how it stand out:)
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Did you manipulate more than the colour? I can't recall having ever seen such large petels on any sunflower.
The point you make is a good one. Manipulation is common now and has both a beautiful, useful side and a terrible side.
Medicens for example are manipulation of natural chemicals into something man made without which people would die. As for all these artifical chemicals they just seem to cause more trouble than they're worth.
The flower itself is beautiful but so strange. The bright colours make it look like it belongs at a child's birthday party. But it's still real, something we still made and need to learn to take the rap for even if it's not a possitive result.
Nice image and a powerful message to go with it.
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Thank you =).
All I did was to alter the colour of the flower, nothing else.

I really like this shot actually, it's not just a good photo, it's a neat one as well =)
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You're welcome. ^_^
Really? It seems I need to look up more about sunflowers.
You're right about it being a neat shot though.
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wtf is "de blanche" - I know that's not your last name.
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I'm the chosen one :D.

It's a very old family name. It's been numeros varietys and this is the one my great,great,great,great,great,great.... Great grandfather came up with.
I have a family backtracked to around year 850, that's pretty cool.

A few royalties in the line as well during the years.

That's wtf de Blanche is.
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Search ART : (manipulation) :reading:
amazed of what I found..I loved the idea and pictuer! well done!
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Thank you, I'm glad you like it.
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